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Pure Skin Talk
Pure Skin Talk
Licensed Esthetician talking about all things skin. From acne to anti-aging and everything in between. Join me each week as I discuss various topics related to skin. www.PureSkinOC.com
Tables are Turned! Part 2
Part of the interview with Devyn. Follow Pure Skin OC on Instagram @pureskinoc
Nov 9
21 min
Tables are Turned! Part one
Another esthetician, Stacy, interviews Devyn.
Oct 29
14 min
Makeup Mistakes
7 tips on how to save your skin from your makeup. Follow Pure Skin on social media @pureskinoc and shop online at PureSkinOC.com
Oct 26
12 min
Grapeseed Oil
The oil everyone should be using! Find out why. Shop online: PureSkinOC.com and follow on social media: @pureskinoc
Oct 22
7 min
From the treatment room...
A few things that have been hot topics in the treatment lately. Should you wash your face in the shower? Find out now! Follow Devyn @pureskinoc or visit the website: PureSkinOC.com
Oct 20
21 min
This is the One Product I Will Never Use!
What is that product? Take a listen to find out what it is and why! PureSkinOC.com @pureskinoc
Oct 3
11 min
Broken Capillaries
What causes them, how to prevent them and best of all, how to treat them. Follow me on social media @pureskinoc
Sep 16
10 min
Why is it happening? I discuss why, what and ways to help it and/stop it. Follow Pure Skin Talk on social media @pureskinoc. Shop online: pureskinoc.com
Sep 9
13 min
Your questions, answered.
I answer your skin care questions.
Aug 31
24 min
My Covid Experience
My journey with Covid-19.
Jul 28
25 min
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