Puppy Training Principles
Puppy Training Principles
Cornerstone Dog Training
Puppy and dog training principles that will help solve your dog’s behavior problems before they start, or fix them after they have, even if it wasn’t your idea to get a dog in the first place!
4th of July Fireworks!
How to teach a dog not to be scared of loud noises such as fireworks, gunshots, thunder, etc.
Jul 2
15 min
Puppy Walks
Some secrets to obtaining an amazing heel.
Jun 18
14 min
Socialization Secrets!
We discuss some of the big secrets of what the world calls “socialization” and give a plethora of socialization ideas.
Jun 8
21 min
The Pain is Gone!
How changing your emotions and mechanics can alleviate emotional Dog Training pain.
Jun 1
14 min
Cornerstone Puppy/Dog Update
Just a quick update on our online Puppy Training program, and everything else we do around here.
May 27
12 min
The Art? Of Kennel Training
A step-by-step process of the very first hours after getting a puppy.
May 25
29 min
Talking with a world renowned breeder
Hanging out with a bunch of beautiful pups at Sunnysidegoldens in Eden, Utah about nutrition and other fun stuff.
May 20
19 min
My dog incessantly jumps on people- HELP!
A discussion on the root cause of why dogs incessantly jump on people.
Apr 10
12 min
Hindsight’s 20/20
Since it’s the year 2020, perhaps a good time for the phrase in principle hindsight’s 20/20.
Mar 30
12 min
Building Resilience in your Dog
Craziness of craziness! There was an earthquake this morning! The value of building resilience in your dog.
Mar 18
9 min
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