Pull Up with CJ McCollum
Pull Up with CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum & Cadence13
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Used To Be
Used to be a solid, 5-star podcast. Now I'm just listening to bruh smack his lips and breathe heavily into the mic. Sounds like he's always eating. And get some guests again, gahhhhleeee!
Rachel Nichols
Rachel does the white power symbol with her hand at the start of most games. It broke my heart the first time I saw it at the preseason Nets game. It is hard to watch her since then. Every time I see at the beginning of games and she gives her monologue, her right hand holds the mic and the left hand goes to the symbol. It is soul crushing to see. You can go back and check. It devastated my children and I. That is horrible thing to do to children, to allow it to continue. I hope that she goes and restarts somewhere else so that she can rebuild the trust in her, to come back to do what she seemed liked she wanted to do at some point. It clearly has become something else to her. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
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Around there
Used to be great
This used to be a 5star podcast for sure. After the hiatus though cj has been doing the podcasts solo and it’s pretty much a monologue not a podcast at this point. CJs takes arent bad, but it just feels off and isn’t nearly as entertaining. It’s comes off like someone reading their essay to a class or something. If CJ wants to replace Jordan for whatever reason that’s fine, but this current product is not enjoyable.
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Shoutout Reg
Thank you for helping me become a “Pinot guy”
I’ve been a long time appreciator of CJ’s jumper and his quick wit on/off the court. This podcast has been gold so far; from the J Cole influence early on to the Durant interview, to the reactions/distractions to the ebbs and flows of an NBA season, this podcast has been a romp! The best part of it is the Wine segments however, it classes the pod up a lot and it helped me to go from a Pabst Blue Ribbon guy to a Pinot guy. Thank you CJ.
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John Manx Manx
Great Blazers/NBA recap podcast
CJ speaks so eloquently and it’s refreshing to hear his take not only on the blazers but the NBA as a whole. Highly recommend this podcast if you love basketball and follow the NBA as a whole in general (not just blazers). Very insightful thoughts from a top player who has seen it all. Thanks CJ! ❤️
Edit plz
Love the show, but it’s getting almost unlistenable now with the lip licking, smacking and deep inhales between each thought.
Dat new guy over der
Not a lot of athletes have a long form method of expressing their thoughts and opinions. He provides insights as a current player, regarding other teams, players, and occurrences around the NBA. CJ’s pod has been running for years now and I’m super glad that he started recording new episodes again! Shoutout to CJ man he’s awesome And please don't forget to PULL UP!
Best Sports Pod
Insightful Professional Entertaining If you don’t listen to this pod you need to.
Cj awesome
Love the pod great for a Portland Trail Blazers fan in Oregon love the new city jersey
2021 is already better than 2020
By far the best NBA player/podcast host in the league.
CJ is Fire
Love this podcast! CJ McCollum is fabulous. Happy you are back both podcast and on the court! Every Blazer and NBA should subscribe. 🔥
Love it!
This podcast is awesome! CJ has such good insight on the league, and i always look forward to listening to this. :)
Welcome back, CJ!
Glad to have the pod back. CJ provides great insights to life in the NBA. A must listen for NBA fans!
It’s great but
It is a great pod I have been listening for a while, I don’t support how he kneels for the flag but I get what they are standing for but you never should kneel for the flag because of what we fought and fight for i get both sides but there are other ways to support blm
Fake host
Jordan Schultz buys Instagram likes and followers. That's pretty sad and pathetic! That automatically discredits this podcast.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I was listening to the KD episode and Cj was FREAKING EATING SOMETHING! And you could hear it.
Hehe Yeet Man
Not good
Used to listen until it turned into a social justice warrior movie. Engaging in kneeling and disrespecting the great flag of America. Other ways exist to protest. Not the flag.
Love the pod
Just recently stumbled upon the pod, but I’m glad I did! I’m from Bethlehem, PA, and I live right next to Lehigh’s campus; so I’ve been rocking with CJ since the college days. I even met him once, and he was a standup guy. So it’s cool to see that he also makes quality content and is just a cool dude overall.
Giovanni_Miguel 13
Miss it soooo much
I finally got my kid so into this podcast and it disappears. Each week he asks, “Is CJ back yet?” CJ, you will get 5 stars from me when you are back.
darthvader lover
Strange times
Have really enjoyed getting to know one of my favorite players; not only when he’s playing but also during the pandemic and protests. Looking forward to hearing more from CJ as the Blazers start up again in Orlando and as we all examine who we are as a country and how we treat our fellow humans. Stay safe and best wishes in these next few month, CJ. - Neal
Cj is the wisest basketball player ever
My go to podcast all of the time
EA needs to step it up
The best podcast ever😄😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
This is interesting and the best podcast I ever listen to I give it a billion out of five and I love the part of guests
Jordan and CJ.
Great show that explains relevant topics and throws in a few jokes here and there. Definitely worth an hour listen and a subscription!
Hot Ish
One of my go to Pod’s... Legit every week
Awesome podcast!
Love CJ and Jordan and the conversations on the Pull-up Pod!
Cj+jordan = magic
Love the show. Cj and jordan have become my favorite pod, not just sports. They hit on bball, and real topics that matter and always find a way to make things relatable! Love Pull Up!
Great listen. Go Blazers!!!!!
Stay Melo
Loved the Melo interview. Pod was very insightful and he was honest about what he has gone through the year he was out of the league. Glad he had a strong mindset and support system and made it back.
Pull up is the best there is. The episode w/ Melo was all time! Jordan has perfected the reporter role while allowing CJ and their guests to shine. The trust between CJ and Jordan comes through I always listen and look forward. CJ is the man for doing this and keeping everything so real! Always Pull Up!!!
Stay Melo!
I already loved this pod—CJ is smart, funny and keeps it real. But this episode with Carmelo Anthony is just SO awesome. Hearing Melo say that the great Andre Miller was one of his favorite teammates makes me so happy...and respect Melo a thousand times more. We need CJ to interview all of his fellow Blazers, and get the inside scoops!
Stay Melo
Loved the Carmelo interview. So personal and honest about his feelings...sitting out most of last year. Made me almost cry, cuz I was feeling for him last year. Congrats to CJ and Jordan!!! Love your pod...sad for no NBA rn. Don’t know what I’m gonna do.
Hi CJ love the podcasts
Enjoyable No More
I am a Blazers fan for starters, so I had a reason for listening. I really enjoy the insights that CJ offers, but I feel as though the CJ and his co-host has too similar of ideas that it lacks a back and forth that is desired. I’m also not a fan of the wine piece at the end of every podcast. I listen to the podcast because I’m a sports fan/basketball fan, not because I like wine. Update: The podcast is stale with Jordan on it and it’s not getting any better. I’m also going to unsubscribe because of his tweets about Iggy being a legend for making a week move to not play for Memphis. Yuck.
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Best there is
Love it every week both CJ AND JORDAN are so good together! Pull up for life 👌🏻
Love the honest insight CJ gives the public about life in the league. Jordan provides knowledgeable takes from a fan’s perspective. Dynamic duo for sure!
Pull upppp
Best hoops pod there is
Favorite sports podcast out there
Love Pull Up! CJ and Jordan are always funny and down to earth with their opinions. Jordan lets him do his thing and does a great job of keeping it conversational. CJ is the man for doing this. He is eloquent and smart, but also honest. Pull up every week👍👍👍
Remove the wine section
Always skip the wine section at the end. Please remove!! Everyone literally turns off the pod when you “queue the wine music”
Pull up every week!
Favorite pod - CJ is the man and down to earth/honest. Jordan does a great job letting him be the star while offering up quality insight. I listen every week.
Great pod
Been listening to the podcast since I moved to Portland in 2016 and it’s been a great way to connect with CJ and the team. Love the pod and good luck with the rest of the season.
Favorite sports pod
Jordan and CJ are great together and the pod has gotten better and better. Try and listen every week and always enjoy it!
Best sports podcast there is. Recently came across it over the summer and haven’t missed one episode yet. Jordan is my new favorite analyst and CJ my new favorite player. They have great chemistry too. Pull up!
Keep Chris Haynes!!!
So much more knowledgeable than Jordan. Jordan constantly asks leading questions with zero original insights. Chris was a breath of fresh air!
Please Pull Up
Have become a huge fan of CJ as well as of Jordan. This podcast is a MUST for any sports fan.
kyle rig
I have become the biggest Pull Up fan over the last few months. CJ and Jordan have a special thing going! Their chemistry is real and you can tell the friendship makes CJ really comfortable to speak openly. This pod offers real insight into the life of the coolest NBA star alongside a major star in sports journalism (Schultz does The Boardroom with Kevin Durant and is also an espn insider and analyst who does espn2). Must listen every week!
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Not only do I highly enjoy studying your physical game and use it to my own play style. I love hearing the insides of what really goes on off camera for the NBA. Much respect to you and goodluck this year!
Love the Pod
CJ - I passed you on the streets recently and meant to say a quick “love the pod”... so. I really appreciate your insights and honest perspectives about being an elite athlete, as well as life balance and wine!
/hamburger lover//
CJ & Jordan are Top Drawer!
Listen to podcasts every day, this is my favorite. CJ and Jordan are informative, insightful and entertaining. I really appreciate how accessible CJ has made the Blazers and hoops. Great guests, thoughtful conversations and insider insight. I’ve become a fan of CJ the man not just CJ the Blazer. Well done. Jordan’s a great partner too.
Just saw the suns Game
You looked great in the suns preseason game. How are you goin to incorporate the new guys as that seemed to be y’all’s biggest flaw. Also if the suns shot as well as they did in this game in the entire season, what are there chances at a title? Love the pod?
The In and Out Podcast
Love the pull-up pod but if y’all trying to also listen to another basketball/sport podcast that is great and insightful go search In and Out Podcast. It talks about what it’s like to be a professional athlete who plays in the highest leagues in Europe as well as other basketball related topics for every hooper. Tune into the In and Out podcast on Apple podcast/Spotify and stitcher NOW!!
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