The Psychology of Eating Podcast
The Psychology of Eating Podcast
Marc David
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Almost there
I like a lot of the message in this podcast I just wish there were more language around Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating. I don’t think it’s necessary to ask specific weight since those numbers can be triggering for people with disordered eating which I imagine a lot of the audience has.
Love Marc David. He helps you discover the WHY and helps you dig into your thoughts and emotions to discover the problem and the solution.
Native Nutritional Therapy
An Abudance of Information
This podcast is remarkable in so many ways: 1) no matter the topic, Marc is able to make the podcast relevant for many; 2) the topics are interesting and not redundant; 3) he knows how to make people feel comfortable even through a podcast; and 4) he has so much wisdom to share that I have been able to garner many lessons even though I might not have the same exact issue as the person being interviewed. I am learning so much and hope that others take a moment to listen. It's eye-opening, but could also be life-changing. I know it has been for me.
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I love the podcasts. Whatever the topic, it always seems to hit home with me in some way and is always helpful. It is so calming to know that I am not the only one with issues around food. Marc explains things in a very understandable way and his advice for how to change the way we think about certain issues makes sense.Please keep the podcasts coming. After listening, I feel like I've just had a great therapy session.
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anxious L
Mind Body Nutrition Coach
I find these podcasts very enlightening, interesting and packed with information. They offer different topics and offer a detailed learning experience for the listener. I am a graduate of the Institute of the Psychology of Eating and I consider these podcasts live an extension of my training with Marc David. Thank you Marc!
Rodriguez, Raquel
Nourishing wisdom (:
As a grad of this transformative program, I feel it is such a joy & honor to hear Marc in action & hear his wisdom & insight as he connects with so many terrific & honest guests—by way of an easily accessible podcast, no less! Great thanks to these “expert guests” (as someone appropriately said in another comment) for being willing to be so open & discuss such vulnerabilities: it’s such a powerful tool, for I find I can —as I’m sure all of us can— relate in one way or another. It is a real gift to be able to tune into these very authentic conversations where we can witness others in their own process as well as shift to our own awareness, mental processing & inner dialogues, too. So much gratitude for this podcast! 💗
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Best therapy for emotional eating
This podcast is my current favorite for ongoing personal therapy for emotional eating that had plagued me my whole life. The interviews are very connective and inspiring and the talks by Marc David himself are paramount to my ongoing healing. I listen to and from my commute from work and this is one of my favorite times of day as a result. A
Raw, Relatable, Insightful
I can’t say enough about the wisdom and kindness Marc exudes during these episodes. His knowledge and insight is so helpful and powerful - no matter your relationship with food and yourself!
Mary Kate Schutt
The BEST Food Psych Podcast, hands down
I’ve listened to so many nutrition, health and food psychology podcasts over the past several years, and nobody’s content comes close to the sound advice and expertise of Mark and The Psychology of Eating podcast. As a fitness professional, I find incredible personal healing for myself as well as insights to help others. Mark talks to the heart of our relationship with food with so many relevant applications to our daily health journey.
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Like No Other
I love Marc David’s work - and this podcast is like a masterclass each time. His approach to the ideas around the complicated topics of food and body is unique. I love his open-mindedness and non-judgey approach. Absolutely one of my faves!!
Very inspirational
I really like each one of your sessions. They are very inspirational to live a healthy lifestyle. Yeny
Y Carolina
Psychology of eating is amazing
Marc David’s work with psychology of eating changed my entire life. Thank you for sharing this podcast with the world. It has power to transform lives.
Jen Seiter, Eating Coach
It’s like Free counseling and coaching!
I’ve only heard 2 episodes and already I am reaping the rewards and mind-shifts to help me level up in my mindset towards my health and weight loss goals. Thank you Dr. Mark for sharing your gifts abs offering tremendous value.
Runnin Rhan
This podcast changed my life
This podcast really opened my eyes in the way of why we over eat or have eating disorders and why we can’t lose or gain weight literally the most important necessity is food and why do have so much trouble with it . This podcast is one of my all time favorites I’m so thankful ❤️
Mrs. seokjin
Awesome Podcast!!!
Marc & Emily, hosts of the Psychology of Eating podcast, highlight all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Love this❤️
I listened to this religiously for about a year. It totally changed how I see myself and helped me recognize the unhealthy ways I was thinking. It was so wonderful to hear so many dozens of stories— all so different but I could almost always relate in one way or another. It has been an empowering journey and this podcast was really a tool for healing.
Aubrey Chaves
Click bait
Seems like a lot of this is click bait. In the weight loss series specifically he claims the missing piece is spirituality. While an interesting take, ultimately he hangs the same old carrot on a stick and implies that weight loss will when... and then describes the missing piece. However you word this type of argument, you are placing blame on the individual. Fat is not a moral failure. It is biology. Stigma and stress and restriction often lead to weight gain and to blame it on the individual seems to miss the message in his own podcast. It is the social context that should impart patience and love etc. The only way to overcome our national eating disorder is to accept what is and embody the fact that true health will never be determined by the number on a scale or body shape/size.
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Becca phd soon to be MD
On Point
Insightful. Visceral truths. Compassionate. Logical. Practical.
Lose the music while talking! Like a car ad!
Lose the music while speaking! It is sooooo freaking annoying!
So glad this podcast is back! Incredibly helpful.
This podcast is just what I needed!
I have struggled with body image, and food issues since I was very young. I recently found The Psychology of Eating podcast, and it’s really helping me understand the root of some of my issues. I love the phone sessions with all different kinds of people. Marc offers great insight and advice to help overcome issues around food.
Thank You !
Insightful and helpful - anyone with weight issues give this a listen.
s a r a h l I s t e n s
Changing my life
Amazing podcast, thank you
This guy is awesome. Love the high level logic and emotional progress here!
Thank you for your service for the common good!
Thank you for your service for the common good! You are kind to share your wisdom and expertise with those suffering from poor eating habits and you are helping to make the world a healthier and happier place by training health coaches.
Marc is sharp, sensitive, and profoundly compassionate. He really gets it! Preach on, Marc!!
Different perspective on food
This podcast gives a totally different perspective of food, a part from the nutrition, shows how much the perspective of the one eating impacts the nutrition that is absorbed. It addresses the food relationships but the lessons learned can be applied to every aspect of life.
Archetypes in us all
Thank you for this podcast. I have found it invaluable in learning about myself through others' stories about their relationship to food and the external world. This is a unique and powerful podcast format that feels so deeply effective that I have to listen to every one! I also take something out of everyone's story that relates to my own. I appreciate you giving voice to the archetypes in in us all.
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very informative.
jackass phyo
So Supportive!!!!!
The coaching sessions with Marc are so supportive. I download them & listen over & over to deeply digest the insights. His coaching is direct & soothing at the same time. I can feel his authenticity, natural intuition & care coming thru in unique ways for each client. Nourishment for the soul. It has supported my personal growth with my own relationship with my body, health & food. Thank you so much for your amazing work!!!
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Marc's communication style, the deeply nourishing discussions, and the aha moments. Lots of wisdom to be learned here.
stumbled on this podcast and have benefitted by it, eating disorders are very complex, multilayered and individualized, the directors take a very compassionate approach.
Relatable and Real
Really helpful and enlightening, addressing a variety of issues related to food, eating and psychology. First sessions are relatable and real, and follow-ups tend to be less serious (in a good way) and positive. I have to say I hope Emily to sound like she's actually talking though; she sounds monotonous and unnatural.
Very engaging and insightful!
I really enjoy and learn from this podcast. It's helpful to me on many levels. Appreciate the sharing others do and the work!
Great insights!
This podcast is so easy to listen to and gives valuable insight into what's behind some of my own habits.
Erika Ohh
Excellent Coaching and insights!
Marc has a great understanding of why food gets in the way of our happiness. It does not have to be, thank you for helping us looking at our body in a different manner!
Getting repetitive, same advice to everyone
I have listened to every one of these for a few months and the advice is all starting to sound the same. My summary of the advice given to most callers: 1. Don't weigh yourself for at least three months 2. Put your weight loss goal aside and just love yourself unconditionally. 3. Nobody,knows what you are supposed to weigh anyhow so quit worrying about it. 4. If you are a fast eater, slow down and enjoy your food. Of all that advice, it's hard to argue with the ideas that we should slow down and eat mindfully, and that we should love our bodies. The rest of the advice seems more questionable. It sounds like Marc tells most callers to give up on their weight loss goals. Perhaps some people need to do just that, but doubtless others are experiencing real consequences from being overweight and truly need to do more than just "love on" themselves. If you are looking for advice on how to actually shed pounds this won't hep much. It seems like most callers (and most reviewers here) are in some way associated without the "Institute for the Psychology of Eating". I do enjoy the brief information-packed segments from Emily Rosen, and wish there was a way to subscribe to just those. Questions: - why are all of the callers women? Are women the only ones with food issues? - why does Marc say in every session that he is fitting six months to a year of coaching advice into an hour? That's just not possible. If a coach is taking six months to a year to deliver the content found in one of these podcasts, it sounds like someone is being ripped off. - why the burst of five star reviews right after the podcast was introduced in April?
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I gave it a shot, but I just couldn't get over how repetitive the cases are on the show. The host's advice to each of them are just different ways of saying the same thing, and most of the time it truly is just "mental" advice, hardly any practical advice of what they could physically do to help their situation. Not really my thing, but may be good for some.
Can't get enough
I've told all of my friends about this secret treasure! U will learn about yourself thru the stories of others
Informational But Entertaining
I love this podcast, the counselor is always giving great advice. Other similar podcasts sometimes feel like lectures or are really boring, this one never does it is an easy listen and fun.
Extremely Helpful
I appreciate that this podcast is professionaly produced. Even more important it delivers material that I have found very, very useful. As it relates to the serious issue of weight and eating I found it so helpful that Marc and Emily come across as accepting people and in no way to take the topic lightly or treat the people interviewed in a disrespectful manner. Thank you!
The past few have been exceptional
The last two sets of client sessions and informational segments have been exceptional. I really appreciate this format that you have come up with. Thank you for the contributions that you are making.
Beyond Helpful!!!!!
I highly recommend this podcast! I've been struggling with my weight since I was six years old. By becoming a fly on the wall during a real counseling session, I found practical and compassionate advise that decreased my shame and my stress by several notches!
Excellent resource
It is a relief to listen to this podcast, which puts the final pieces into the puzzle of weight and body wisdom. Marc and Emily are so compassionate; they model the lovingkindness and acceptance they encourage in listeners. The warm fuzzies are accompanied by evidence-based mind body nutrition info which is helpful every time. I take notes during this podcast. Thank you!
Thoughtful approach to issues with food & eating
I'm very impressed with this podcast. Well produced, some episodes are interviews with people who have issues with food - about 1 hr long - and others are 4-min monologues by one of the heads of the institute. Both formats cover a wide variety of topics, different ways of thinking about food and our bodies, and offer many different techniques to deal with food & body issues. Highly recommend for those struggling with disordered eating of any kind, or anyone who knows a person who deals with these issues.
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I am so happy I stumbled upon this podcast. Marc's sessions with clients are unbelivably insightful to body image and eating issues that many women struggle with. Personally, it has been very thought provoking and comforting to know that I do not struggle with some of the topics alone. The one critic i will mention is Emily's short podcasts are not engaging. I'm not sure if its her speech rhythm and tone - but they come across as unauthentic. Content might be valuable but i dont enjoy listening to her.
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I guess men don't have issues
Wow, every single episode has an interesting take away. However, there were zero consultations with men. Please try to open up the discussion with some men. Otherwise, very helpful.
Love it!
I just discovered this wonderful podcast and I am hooked. Marc's gentle coaching touches me every time as he guides his guest on her path to feeling whole again. Emily's short reports are relevant and succinct . Thank you! Thank you! I have recommended this podcast to several friends!
Love It!
Very impressed! Love the podcast! I started to listen to it a couple of days ago and haven't been able to stop. I am a nutritionist and I'm considering entering the program, after listening to the things I can learn I can't wait to enter. It is already helping me with my clients...I'm very thankful for this podcast! Great work!
New favorite podcast
I LOVE this podcast. It is so therapeutic and full of smart insights on health, weight, and food. The episodes so far have been really helpful in shining a light on some of my own struggles. Thank you!
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