Psychedelic Salon
Psychedelic Salon
Lorenzo Hagerty
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What happened to the old episodes?
So glad I still have my iPod classic with some of the first episodes. It seems to be deteriorating, why can’t I get the old ones anymore?
joey jojo sr?
The digital Library of Alexandria
Lorenzo’s given the world a great gift by amassing and freely publishing this trove of insightful information and entertainment. Infinite thanks Lorenzo!!!
Great Show
Just happens to find this show, loved it!
What. A. Game changer.
Thank you for all you do and share. Turned me on and tuned me in. i owe a LOT to this podcast. like shape and colorfully uncountable how much and how many i owe'ya for the knowledge and wisdom i've tapped into via the here and now. so again, THANK YOU! ✌🏽💚😊
Willy Wander
Episode 643
Listened occasionally over the years but ever since episode 643 dropped I can’t stop replaying it. Leonard is one of the most influential characters that helped shape many lives in the 90s and his reading of chapter 1 of his book puts me in a relaxed, meditative state. This book is medicine! Thanks for the awesome series and can’t wait to hear more. Also really hoping some of Sasha’s crew comes back on.
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A MUST for any psychonaut! Best psychedelic podcast out there!!!
Great Show
What an amazing show, keep up the good work.
Lorenzo the King!
Found this podcast looking for Terrence recordings, and stayed for Lorenzo’s capability to put together and archive all of these wonderful talks! Thank you!!
Bomb dot com
I just found this podcast and I’m so happy I did!
parah daux
Support Lorenzo
Thank you Lorenzo, for this wonderful, interesting, informative podcast! So glad I found this!
i. keyes
great information
Thank you!
Awesome podcast
Lorenzo is the man!
Rare and extraordinary podcast
It’s remarkable what is made available to us through this podcast. Thank you Lorenzo. This is important work.
jellybean silly sally
Sweet Lorenzo brings us awesome digestible lectures and conversations from a variety of supersmart, poetic people on the alluring world of psychedelics. Very accesible and fascinating even if you aren't a burning man nerds. Many hours of Terrance Mckenna await you.
penny nico
Invaluable Resource!
Simply the best on the subject! Don’t always agree with the socialist politics and don’t think all psychedelic people should automatically think this way, but can easily overlook in favor of the sheer wealth of content available here. Thanks, Lorenzo and friends!
Vincent Jenks
Captivating and informative
I found this show just a few weeks back and in the time between then and now I have listened to many an episode. It has elements of entertainment, education, captivation and comfort in a chaotic world.I plan on supporting on Patreon when I’ve got the funding to put toward it. Thanks Lorenzo , see you at the Burn this year.
Yesterdaze Winterson
Love this show..
Lorenzo, I love you and your podcast. That's why I was caught off guard when in your Sept 5th intro when you compared the use of the "p" word (psychedelic) to someone using the "n" word. From where I stand I see no comparison to a word that is used to oppress an entire race of people. I could see the potential for a person to find this comparison ignorant. Please take this into consideration for the future. Peace and love
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Thank you
This is obviously one of the best podcasts I have ever come across. Continue spreading this wisdom and love. Thank you thank you
This is singlehandedly the most wonderful and important podcast I have listened to in my life. Very complete collection 🙏🏻🛸🦄🌈🚀
Heart and Mind
Lorenzo has a heart of gold. Combine that with the mind of Terrance McKenna, who was one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century, as well as other compelling voices, and you have one hell of a psychedelic podcast.
Thank you
Fantastic repository of cosmic knowledge and a few earthly psychedelic laughs. Huge amount of material about Terence. Thank you Lorenzo. I discovered the podcast in 2012.
Enlightening beyond measure
One of my all-time favorite podcasts for 5 or 6 years now. I recomend you open your mind to it and it will open yours. Terrence McKenna is someone whom everyone needs to have a listen. This podcasts not only features mind blowing archived lectures from Terrence but lectures from other psychonauts, plant healers, lectures from buring man, experts in related fields or people doing important work in the field of psychadelics and healing. This podcast is the best!
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Worth While
Exploration of advancing our human existence 'as a whole' in a 'positive' way!
Its All About Love and Funny Ideas, importamt too
Lorenzo is one of the people I've waited for my whole life! Up until 3-5yrs(?) ago I had nowhere to turn to for this subject of mind manifesting ideas save for the rare inebriated convorsation with a buddy. In fact Lorenzo is the Canival Barker that Harkens to the Most Influential Thinkers that lead to the Future Officials on the Matters of the Abilities, Potential and Freedom to our "Felt moment of imediate experience" and ability to change our own mind. With a library of legends of the fringe of thought, a comunity with silent devotion and ran by two of the coolest people i would hope to know, Lorenzo and Lex. I really love the recent "changes" made! Lorenzos voice always lulled me into warm relaxation before and after every talk, it still does but i loved it then too. Lex is new and his voice, energy and personality really fits like a puzzle piece you didnt know was missing. I owe all these people involed with the salon my thanks for keeping me HERE and SANE in the face of their opposite from the world.
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Ignant Scry-Baby
An extremely valuable resource
This show is a treasure trove of wisdom and adventure. Lorenzo is a wonderful host with a great radio voice that makes one feel comfortable, accepted and encouraged. I highly recommend.
Psychedelic salon will open your mind
This podcast has an amazing archive of the most interesting psychonaut thinkers and activists, including a huge archive of Terrence McKenna.
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