Psychedelic Salon
Psychedelic Salon
Lorenzo Hagerty
Podcast 658 – “Legal Questions and Answers”
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Oct 6, 2020 at 12:59 pm.
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Date this lecture was recorded: September 28, 2020
Guest speaker:
Gary Smith

Today’s podcast features attorney Gary Smith who has just published a major compendium of drug laws in the United States as well as in several other nations. In this wide-ranging interview, which took place during a live session of the Psychedelic Salon, you may be surprised at what could happen to you if the federal government finds both cannabis and a firearm in your home. Even if you have a doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and a licensed firearm you have committed a felony.

Psychedelica Lexa comprehensive survey ofthe laws governing psychedelics

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