Psych Insights for Modern Marketers
Psych Insights for Modern Marketers
Kevin Rogers & John Carlton
with John Carlton and Kevin Rogers
PI4MM33: Finding Inspiration with guests David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, Marcella Allison
The world’s laziest podcast is back! (What!? It’s only been a year and a half.) This is a special episode on finding MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION, both when you’re a new copywriter and you don’t yet have a reason to write… … and also once you’re in the thick of your career and need to STAY […]
Nov 8, 2018
26 min
PI4MM32: Writing With Rhythm
Have you noticed that you can’t talk a song lyric without hearing the melody of the song? Try it now with the Stone’s “Jumping Jack Flash” I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain You hear that riff don’t you? Weird, right? Well, there’s a powerful […]
Jul 23, 2017
40 min
PI4MM31: The Bar Conversation
The fastest way to cut through all the clutter and confusion around starting your sales copy is to simply talk it out. Alcohol also helps 🙂 In this episode of Psych Insights For Modern Marketers, John shares his famous (and endlessly proven) method for getting to the heart of your offer… … and making sure […]
Apr 25, 2017
51 min
PI4MM30: Living With Gusto
Lot’s of deep (and inspirational) “ah-ha!” moments in this one, including… 4:37 – What most marketing gurus preach religiously, but will actually make your audience flee in droves. (Instead, this 4-letter F-word is the key to turning your prospects into rabid, lifelong fans.) 7:17 – Warning: How Netflix can chill your career if you fall […]
Apr 2, 2017
58 min
PI4MM29: How Do You Want To Be Remembered When You’re Gone?
Here’s how the inspiration for this show went down through email. John Carlton                                                                                      […]
Aug 23, 2016
52 min
PI4MM28: The Pro’s Guide To Becoming A More Interesting Person. (A stunning new life awaits you. Formula included.)
PI4MM28 Show Bullets: [07:00 ] The brutally honest truth about why everyone definitely thinks you’re a boring snob [14:46] A-Lister John Carlton shares what makes people like you personally interesting to him [16:02] How both shoes dropping might be the best thing to happen to you, and how it makes you interesting as h-e-double hockey sticks […]
Jun 27, 2016
41 min
PI4MM27: The Care & Feeding Of Your Sense Of Humor
PI4MM27 Show Bullets: Why belly laughing is mandatory to your survival in life and business When to choose fun over money Why so serious? (the tale of two trips to a Greek restaurant with young gun and veteran copywriters) Why “humorless bastards” lose more than money when their business fails The critical care and feeding of […]
May 13, 2016
26 min
PI4MM26: Client War Stories
PI4MM26 Show Resources: Transference: How To Win Friends and Influence People: PRODUCER’S NOTE: You may notice a bit of noise in the early part of the show. It’s not you, it’s the recording. Happens. Every self-respecting Psych Insights listener should also… Read deeply at John’s blog, “The Rant”. Visit Kevin’s bustling new Community of Copywriters at Get signed up […]
Jan 13, 2016
PI4MM25: Why Talented People Suck At Selling Themselves
In this episode… 02:11 – Why people who boast and display extreme confidence are often the same people who screw things up beyond repair… 08:25 – The bizarre reason why many of the world’s greatest performers are painfully shy and fall to pieces in social situations. 12:10 – John’s “Hierarchy of Confidence” and the one category […]
Dec 1, 2015
PI4MM24: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs
PI4MM24 Show Bullets: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs 05:00 – Why laughing at older people will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass 06:50 – The natural cycle of App Abandonment every tech product will someday be forced to face up to 10:40 – The ‘Canaries In The Mine’ employed by smart entrepreneurs – […]
Sep 10, 2015
58 min
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