PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
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The best
Great chemistry
Love making fun of ROM Coms
The Twilight saga is the funniest movie review.
A Fantastic Journey into Romantic Comedies
From the mention of this podcast on Small Town Murders, I found myself drawn to the episodes about the Twilight Saga. Which was a delight to relive through the lens of it being what it is: an emotionless love story of a bland 500 year old dude who is wayyyyyy into this underage girl, and a teenage girl who is about as interesting as a bag of low-salt baked Lays. Since then, I’ve moved onto binging the podcast. It always brightens my day listening to the torture of both of the hosts as they have to sit through these movies that, seriously, should have never been made. I can’t wait for them to tackle the 50 Shades Series and hope that they also tackle Just Friends, another steaming pile from the early 2000’s!
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Is the Podcast finished? I wish someone could answer this.
farmgirl florida
Big fan of James & his peeps
Love this podcast and everything about it. Started with STM and now we’re here!
A must listen
This podcast gives sound relationship advice by dissecting movies with terribly unrealistic views on relationships.
A new favorite!
I just discovered this podcast after recently starting Small Town Murders and this has become a new favorite! Sarah and James are so funny discussing these movies. I tend to share Sarah’s appreciation (and dislikes) about the movies. Miss Congeniality and Coyote Ugly are obviously 1 Heigl’s! These movies came out when I was a teenager and I think I speak for the elder-millennial females when I say we knew good cinema and I would guarantee that most of us listened to “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” on repeat, am I right?! Hilarious commentary between two hilarious hosts! I highly recommend if you need a light topic that will definitely make you laugh! P.S……I cannot believe James is a Bullock hater! (He’s wrong, but he’s so entertaining that I won’t hold it against him.)
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The podcast I didn't know I needed!!
Thanks to these two I now either hate every single rom-com. Thanks guys!!
The BEST Podcast
Honestly-started listening and it has become my favorite podcast! Anytime I want to unwind and boost my mood, this is it. I dare you to not laugh and learn from these two incredibly entertaining people!
A great take if romcoms
A serious take on a not so serious movie genre. Plot holes, miscasting, bad writing all get blasted by the hosts who hold nothing back. Their trip through the Twilight Series is amazing and I can wait for the 50 Shades series to get its fair share.
Thank You
As a fellow opinionated, loud, brown haired woman, I appreciate Sarah’s reassurance that the women in these movies are not real. I’ll continue to be a busy business woman who only has time for business.
Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part II
This episode was amazing. My wife and I watched along with the episode and were laughing the entire time. I can’t recommend it enough.
I like pretzels
scooter mcdoogall
I couldn’t listen to even one full episode - love small town but this is an awful interaction
Love it
Cannot wait for the 50 shades commentary
this gal 912
You guys should do the big Lebowski !!
there is not a better movie-reviewing podcast out there
great commentary on making sandwiches
Always a good time
I love this show and I look forward to when they come out with a new episode each week. I love to hate on the movies they talk about. It feels like I’m watching the movie in my head when I listen, as they do a good job describing the movie as it goes in between jokes. Sarah and James are married and clearly are great for each other bc they just vibe, and it makes the show better. I know that sounds silly but I’ve heard/seen other shows with couples and sometimes it’s just awkward so it doesn’t even matter what the content is. They rib off each other, make funny jokes and I love the podcast. Check it out. A+ 🙂
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Good listen
A broad topic of discussion
working girl1553
This podcast is the poop!
The best podcast!!
I just love these two! Great content and funny! Just wish the posting of new episodes was more consistent— a lot more consistent.
I would definitely take back a sandwich if someone broke up with me right after I gave it to them. I would take it and throw it on the ground if they already bit into it
So glad I was referred to this podcast!
My fiancé got me into Small Town Murder and he told me about this one. Now one of my new favs!
I didn’t even have to sign in!
Here I am, rating and reviewing on iTunes/podcast/purple app. Thank you for making work bearable!
sara lifevest
Come for the bad movies...
...Stay for angry James
Best movie podcast
I’m not really a fan of so much vulgar language but James makes it all so hilarious I can’t stop listening. Amazing. Keep it up y’all
Hated Just friends or whatever that movie is called
It came out at the same time that a movie called no strings attached or something like that and it's the same ducking movie with different people!
Brutal romance
If you watch romance movies but secretly, or openly, think they are utterly horrid than these are your people. Being a female I'm supposed to adore this dribble but I truly think it's garbage and these two tell it like they are in my head. Hilarious and brutal, love it more than Bella is obsessed with Edward. Only drawback is the age shaming that seems to be done alot. The 40 days and 40 nights episode was difficult with the constant "45 year old gf" over and over. What's wrong with dating a 45 year old or looking 45? But I get it they are comedians and sometimes humor is at the expense of others.
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This is the worst!!!
So great!
Such an awesome podcast ! Me and my husband listen to it together and then watch the movie for an extra laugh! It never disappoints!!
Love yous guys!
Go Big Blue!!!
Love it
Huge Crime in Sports/Small Town Murder fan so this has been fun to see another side of James Pietragallo where he takes the back seat and lets someone else tell the story. You two are such an adorable couple and thank you for the entertainment!
My hubby and I love listening in the shower!
Such a funny podcast and we totally love the love of watching bad movies together❤️
5 Stars
And 0 Heigls Sarah and James are hilarious
The best
Great reviews! Love the Lacey “love after lock-up” reference
MG Says
Good chemistry
Feels like what hanging out with funny friends talking about bad movies, if I had any friends.. Love the show!
Stop saying Yeah!! You are trying to be sooooooo cute. No bueno.
usa soccer..muy mal
Movies are cool
0 heigls
I love/hate all these movies but I really love sarah and James! Need more episodes please!!
Go heigl yourself
Love it
So funny
Stolen by an eagle!!!
Really funny
Really funny
To the Heigl Meteeeer!
I give this show a negative 2020. That’s because I discovered it in 2020 and forces me to watch bad bad amazing rom-coms. Negative numbers are VERY positive btw😉
I can listen to James all day and follow all of his podcasts. Sarah is also amazing to listen to! Thanks to you both for doing what you do!!! Love Always, A devoted fan!!!!
You need this in your life
Hilarious podcast
Love the podcast but Sarah maybe should stop advertising that they do episodes “three weeks on and one week off”. Realistically, it’s the other way around. The last episode was added April 4th and it’s now April 28th. I understand life happens (like recently they moved and that’s why they were off for a month previously) but try to let us know when you’ll be returning please! That being said, I really do love the podcast. It’s great, entertaining and hilarious. The twilight saga episodes are definitely my favorite.
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Not funny
Just not a enjoyable podcast...
you two remind me that i love LOVE
RBG, notorious
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