PROFIT AND BEAUTY: A Show For Salon Professionals
PROFIT AND BEAUTY: A Show For Salon Professionals
Desarie Anderson, CPA, EA
This show was created for Salon owners who have decided to start running their salon like a business rather than a hustle. The focus of the show is to help salon owners understand the numbers behind their business so they can grow and make extraordinary profits. My name is Desarie Anderson, a hair stylist turned accountant and financial guide. When salon owners have trouble understanding the finer details of their finances, they come to me. With 19 years of salon ownership experience coupled with my experience in the financial world, I know the ins and outs of both the beauty and the financial industries. Whether you want to minimize your tax bill or grow and scale your salon, I’ve got you covered.
Finances For Salon Professionals
Join The Club: Hi everyone. I am really excited to announce that my membership site for independent contractors and salon owners is finally launching in two days. I’ve been working on the site for the past six months. As I was building the site, I was trying to add to the membership program the types of services that I thought would be most beneficial to the members. The services that I eventually settled on were those that my current clients and other beauty industry professionals seem to struggle with the most. In this video, I’m going to give you an inside peek of what is currently available within the program. So here we go. Let’s see what’s behind the curtain.
Sep 7
19 min
Cash Flow Management For The Independent Stylist
Click The Link To View The Video Join My Wait List Hello again and welcome to part three of Business financial literacy for the independent stylists. In Part one I discussed the importance of picking a legal business structure for your business, in part two, I discussed why it's important for an independent stylist to set up an accounting system.  In part three, I discuss cash flow management for the independent stylist.  CASH is the lifeblood of every business.  Without cash, your business will eventually fold even if the business shows a profit each month.  One advantage that the beauty industry professional has over other businesses is that we are a cash business and as such, salon owners and independent stylists, generally speaking, do not have to worry about there income statement (profit & loss statement) showing a profit based on Accounts Receivable.  This means that most if not all the sales on your income statement is cash that you have already received.     So for independent stylists and other cash businesses, the purpose of managing your cash flow is to always know how much cash you have in reserve before you have to start worrying.   I hope you enjoy this 16-minute video that hits on some of the high notes of cash flow management.
Jul 29
19 min
Why Independent Stylists Need To Set Up A Bookkeeping or Accounting System
Click Here To Join My Wait List Hello again and welcome to part two of Business financial literacy for the independent stylists. In Part one I discussed the importance of picking a legal business structure for your business, which included the different options available to independent stylists and the importance of understanding the structure you choose. Today I’ll be talking about setting up an accounting system for your business and why it’s important When I speak to some of my independent clients about the need for them to set up and maintain a bookkeeping/accounting system some of them simply say that they don’t see the need.  And that’s because they work directly out of their bank accounts, which can prove to be quite risky if you ever start to experience cash flow problems. The first thing is your business needs to generate financial records so that you can have access to the three most important reports a business needs to make decisions. 
Jun 15
18 min
Episode 1 of 6- Picking The Right Legal Structure For The Independent Stylist
Hello everyone and welcome to my six-part series all about business financial literacy for the independent stylists Although it’s important for all business owners to be financially literate, for this series, I’ve decided to focus on the independent stylist because I want to emphasize the importance of operating your business as a legitimate business regardless of your size. Whether you are as large as coca-cola or Nike or whether you are a one-man shop, in order to successfully sustain your business, you must do the same things that the larger businesses do to succeed all be it on a smaller scale. 
Jun 7
14 min
What's The Difference Between An Independent Contractor, A Booth Renter, & An Independent Stylists?
Over the last few months, several independent stylists and salon owners have asked me what the difference is between an independent stylist, a booth renter, and an independent contractor. I explain the differences in this mini cast! Click the link below to join my the wait-list
Jun 2
6 min
PPP Loan Forgiveness For Salon Owners & Independent Stylists
Now that businesses are starting to receive their PPP loans, it's time to understand what is required in order for your loan to be forgiven. You want to try to avoid any unwelcome surprises when you apply for loan forgiveness.
May 13
20 min
How COVID19 Exposed The Importance of Choosing And Understanding Your Business Legal Structure
COVID19 has brought to the fore-front the theme of the podcast that I have been hosting for years, and that is the importance of treating your business “like a business” and not like a hobby, regardless of whether you are a full-service salon or a booth renter behind the chair. I’ve always said, If the government treats you like a business, you are a business, and therefore, you should treat yourself like a business. One of the most important decisions you make when starting your business is the legal structure you choose. When I say legal structure, I am talking about choosing between a Sole Proprietorship, S-Corp, Partnership, C-Corp and also understanding what it means to be an LLC especially a single-member LLC
May 2
4 min
The Latest PPP Loan Update For Booth Renters, Salon Owners Without Employees & Independent Contractors
On Tuesday, April 14, the Small Business Administration (SBA) issued several important clarifications to its rules regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in respect to the following: Calculation of maximum loan amount for self-employed individualsUse of PPP loan proceeds by self-employed individuals.Documentation for loan forgiveness by self-employed individuals. Website: Instagram: @desarieanderson Facebook:
Apr 19
25 min
How Do I Record Losses For Booth Rent Due To The Closure From COVID19?
I've been receiving several questions from salon owners asking how they can go about writing off the rent they are not receiving from their booth renters due to COVID19. Rather than answer each person individually, I decided to record a short video explaining how it works. SHOW MORE
Apr 10
3 min
The COVID19 CARES Act & How it Affects Beauty Industry Professionals
What is the CARES (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security) Act? The CARES Act is the largest economic stimulus package in the history of the United States. It includes approximately two trillion dollars to help people and businesses impacted by COVID-19. Many beauty professionals are asking “What does this mean for me?” How does the CARES Act impact the beauty industry? The act includes several provisions that impact citizens of the united states, businesses, and business owners including beauty industry professionals.  Beauty industry professionals consist of salon owners, booth renters, commission stylists (W2 employees), and independent contractors most of which are self-employed and/or independent contractors. On this podcast, I am only going to focus on four of the provisions that my clients ask about the most The rebate or stimulus checksThe Pandemic Unemployment InsuranceThe payroll or paycheck protection planAnd the Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Apr 5
46 min
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