Professor Hallux: The Human Body Podcast for Kids
Professor Hallux: The Human Body Podcast for Kids
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My kid loves this show
My 6 year old loves learning about the human body. This is her favorite show to listen to in the car on our way to school. She is learning so much!
Professor hallux
Can’t stop listening❤️🤪😁🕰👍👍
lego jack
One of my favorites but make more episodes PS how old is Professor hallux
Good job
So some people might not understand😑. but I do and I get the idea but you should make more episodes. Really good podcast 👍. I like it. Keep it up. Like I said keep up the good work on health 🤒😷🤢🤮 So I gave you a 4 out of 5 rating because well some people might not understand 😑😑. It’s a good podcast The first fun kids podcast was fun kids science weekly that was also very good I like how it’s all related to fun kids. I can do it in Spanish but I don’t think I will
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Very good. Needs more humor. Still good.
Pretty good, I mean it needs work kids probably don’t understand but ok.😑 (NEEDS LOTS OF WORK) 🙄
(•_•) Girly_Girl