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Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial, this podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.
Episode 66 | Responding To Pro-Choice Comments On Instagram
After the Life Dynamics Instagram account was suddenly flooded with pro-choice comments on several of our posts, we decided to have a bit of fun and do a show where we respond to some of their arguments and/or questions. Enjoy!
Jul 29
22 min
Episode 65 | Planned Parenthood’s Nazi Connections?!
This week, we discuss the often concealed connections between the Nazis and Margaret Sanger, the organization she founded, and the “birth control” movement. We confront the pro-choice claim that Hitler was pro-life. Also, we reveal details about colleagues of Sanger’s such as Eugen Fischer, Harry Laughlin, & Lothrop Stoddard and why The American Birth Control League would change its name to Planned Parenthood. Finally, we talk about Josef Mengele: the SS doctor at Auschwitz dubbed “the angel of death,” who later became an abortionist. You can leave a rating/review of our podcast here:
Jul 22
26 min
Episode 64 | Republican State Senate Candidate Exposed As An Abortionist! - Interview w/ Olivia Murray
This week, special guest Olivia Murray joins us to discuss how an abortionist is running for Arizona state senate as a REPUBLICAN. We share how Olivia exposed this, what the response has been, and the political realities of the Republican Party leadership. This episode proves why the pro-life movement should return to it’s grass roots origins. You can leave a rating/review of our podcast here:
Jul 15
32 min
Episode 63 | “Blood Doping” & Aborted Baby Parts
This week, we discuss a few news stories that has everyone talking online. First, we discuss the suspension of Olympic athlete Briana McNeal, how other athletes feel pressure to have abortions, and the little known practice of “blood doping.” Finally, we discuss how Pro-Life San Francisco exposed UC San Francisco’s harvesting of aborted baby genitalia, and the University’s connection to billionaire Warren Buffett. You can leave a rating/review of our podcast here:
Jul 8
24 min
Episode 62 | Biden Administration’s Dedication To Abortion & Other News
Recent news of Biden’s administration and his appointees makes it clear that they are dedicated to abortion. We discuss Biden’s choice for ambassador to Ireland, at a time when pro-choicers in Ireland are pushing for the expansion of legalized abortion, as well as his choice for the head of the Bureau of Land Management. We also discuss Biden’s appointee to HHS, Xavier Becerra, nixing the NIH ethics board overseeing human fetal tissue research. Plus, we share the interesting clash that happened recently between an Irish radio host and “bio-ethicist” Richard Dawkins about Dawkins’s views on aborting children with disabilities.
Jul 1
27 min
Episode 61 | Pro-Choice Converts: Who’s Winnable?
Every day, pro-lifers debate pro-choicers online and attempt to sway their opinion. We discuss the important distinctions between different subgroups of pro-choicers, why some are “un-winnable,” and why it’s important to recognize this. Plus, we discuss a major debate trap that pro-lifers need to be aware of. All of this raises the question, are public debates on college campuses a waste of time? The answer may surprise you…
Jun 24
23 min
Episode 60 | The Latest In America’s Ongoing Culture War
This week, we discuss the latest (and surreal) news stories like a North Korean defector stating that North Korea was pretty crazy,” but not as crazy as the propaganda she witnessed at Columbia University. Plus, we share how the Vatican is warning bishops not to deny communion to pro-choice politicians like Joe Biden. And finally, more data is coming out about America’s declining birth rate, that has some wondering, “How Low Can America’s Birth Rate Go Before It’s A Problem?
Jun 17
32 min
Episode 59 | “Birthing People” & More Loopy Language From The Left
This week, we discuss the latest news stories revealing the left’s love of verbal gymnastics - including the White House's new budget replacing the word mothers with “birthing people,” and a British pro-choicer’s new term for men found in their op-ed titled, “A letter to the Anti-Abortion Protestors.” Plus, we discuss the graduation speech that has literally everyone talking.
Jun 10
26 min
Episode 58 | Lubbock Tells Planned Parenthood To Hit The Road
Recently, Lubbock, Texas became the 26th city to outlaw abortion within their city limits and are a sanctuary city for the unborn. On the day that the ordinance took effect, we sat down with Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right To Life of East Texas, and pastor behind the "sanctuary city for the unborn" movement to talk about how this movement began, why it’s important, and the impact these ordinances have on the abortion industry. Special Guest: Mark Lee Dickson (Director of Right To Life of East Texas)
Jun 3
36 min
Episode 57 | CDC: A Snake Pit of Agendas
At a time when a growing number of American’s are beginning to doubt the honesty and motivations of the CDC, we reveal just what a snake pit of agendas it’s become - especially as it relates to abortion. We discuss how abortion morbidity and mortality stats have been manipulated, the CDC’s ties to the abortion industry, how the abortion lobby obscures the truth about the risks and potential aftermath of abortion and what all of this is costing taxpayers. This episode will show that when it comes to abortion industry disasters, cover-up is spelled “CDC.”
May 27
29 min
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