Principal Matters: The School Leader's Podcast with William D. Parker
Principal Matters: The School Leader's Podcast with William D. Parker
William D. Parker: Principal, Author, Speaker and Blogger
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Thank you listeners for the the ongoing learning we are doing together. Onward!
Be Inspired!
Principal Matters has been my go-to resource for a full year. Will and his guests support and encourage both the veteran and novice instructional leader. Topics are relevant to what we as principals face on the daily. Will leads with true servant leadership with a pure vision to lift up and help those who serve in the education field. Subscribe, don’t miss, and be inspired!
Amazing and Valuable!!
I’ve been listening to Will’s podcast for going on three years and he and his guests speak directly to school leaders in a way that is relevant and rejuvenating. He knows the job we have and provides materials and resources from the veterans perspective! Point blank listened to Principal Matters and acting on what you’ve heard will make you a better school building leader!!
Listen every week!
I listen every week — practical and thought-provoking.
Too much Christian nonsense for a principal podcast
I started out enjoying this podcast but then it took a hard turn into “spirituality” aka being a Christian. It lost me there. The podcast became super preachy irrelevant to school leadership—especially public schools. School leadership done well doesn't need reliance on a higher power.
Great podcast! Practical information that can be incorporated into daily practice.
So real and so full of great ideas
I look forward to this weekly podcast because I’m always finding so many great ideas!
Chalk Full of Information
I have listened to Mr. Parker’s podcast for over a year now. It’s has helped me grow as a leader. It has even influenced my own podcast (“Educate to Elevate” available on apple podcasts or SoundCloud) and provided a guide as to how I can grow and help others. Furthermore, I have even reached out to Mr. Parker for advice and he has been more than willing to help. So if you are interested in school leadership, this podcast, and host, is something you want to subscribe to ASAP. Dr. Matt Body
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Dr. Body
A must listen!
This podcast is a treasure trove of information for school leaders. Will does an excellent job of delivering the content in a way that keeps you engaged and yearning for more. Not only does he teach good practices for educators but he does it in a way that is inspirational! He’s the best in the business of developing school leaders and just as genuine and passionate in real life as he is on the podcast!
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Love the Show!
I am a regular listener on my hour long drive to work. This show has relevant, practical topics and interesting guests. It has made me reflect and take action during my first year as principal. Thanks for providing a great professional resource for school leaders!
Great content!
I just started listening to this podcast, and every episode so far I seem to get a little bite-sized chunk of great information that I can carry with me as a teacher. Also, those interested in a leadership role above the leadership role of being a teacher, I recommend this podcast for practical leadership content. Great Job!
Random Jon
These podcasts have been outstanding. They are clear and very easy to follow! Thank you for taking the time to do these!!
Great podcast
I have been listening for a few weeks now and Have greatly enjoyed and benefited from Will's leadership insights. Keep up the good work!
Natural Storyteller
William Parker has a way to bring the listener in to the story. I would highly recommend his podcasts for anyone who is seeking to be a school leader.
First Review of PMP!
I'll be the first to say hurrah! I don't know what the future holds for PM but the first episode was a lot of fun to create! Bring on the reviews!!
William D Parker
Best podcast for school leaders.
As he has done on the blog and in the book, Will Parker provides consistent, encouraging, and very practical advice for educational leaders in this great new podcast. Each episode is just long enough to present its message directly, without unnecessary fluff, and Will's pleasant voice and engaging presentation make it a great pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended.
Timothy Moser