Prime Time with Sean Mooney
Prime Time with Sean Mooney
Prime Time with Sean Mooney
Baby Heb! NWA Referee, Brian Hebner
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Dec 10, 2019 at 11:05 pm.
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Show notes
Before heading "Into the Fire" this Saturday, NWA referee Brian Hebner heads to Prime Time! Brian talks about what it was like growing up in and around the wrestling, sharing stories of his father Earl, including "twin magic" with his identical brother Dave, the Montreal Screwjob, and the impact that had on his dad. He shares memories of being backstage for big events including hanging out with Hulk Hogan, and dining with Macho Man and Elizabeth. Brian also talks about his start as a referee - what Earl thought of him becoming a referee, and his run as a WWE ref. He talks about what makes a good referee, the impact a good referee has on a match, and how refs can work their way up the ranks. Plus, Brian talks about joining the NWA and the recent success that NWA Powerrrr has experienced. That and so much more with Brian Hebner!

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