Present Company
Present Company
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Great quality podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to. She asks such great questions of her guests, and I really feel like I'm getting a peak behind the curtain when I listen to my favorite talent. Keep it up!
LPF 2018
interesting and inspiring
Krista has deep relationships with everyone in Hollywood and uses her knowledge to allow her guests to open up in a way that is interesting and inspiring. A must listen!
Love this podcast
These interviews are fantastic! Krista always knows how to get her guests to open up.
Must get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came over here to listen to you interview Whitney Cummings and now I am hooked!
Thank you ♥️
Found you via your Gillian Anderson interview. Such a total masterpiece! Can’t wait to listen to more!
Kandi R
Informative & Entertaining
A podcast I didn’t know I needed! Relaxed, real, entertaining, and informative! Professional and very well done!
Great Interviewer
Krista’s interviews are insightful and well-researched. But what is really masterful about her interviews is that she, without fail, is able to connect with each and every guest on such a human level that each guest seems to respond in an equally human level, sharing aspects of their inner lives and/or life experiences that they’ve not truly shared publicly before. Now THAT’S a true interview - without any sensation but all about humanity. Not sure if this podcast was only for a short-term run...? No new episodes since August 2019 or so...?
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Relevant and on point
Really enjoy. Krista Smith is easy listening, the interviews are natural and engaging.
Present Company
Excellent podcast. Listened to it as I drive from Colorado to Massachusetts. Totally entertained .
kathleen agnes