Practice Portuguese
Practice Portuguese
Rui Coimbra / Joel Rendall
Learn European Portuguese from Portugal
Já Somos YouTubers!
(NEW: Video and audio-only versions available) Have you been to the dentist lately? In this first-ever video podcast, we feature one of our latest Shorties and discuss useful vocabulary all about… teeth! While recording, we’re interrupted by some personal text messages that we reveal and deconstruct for your learning pleasure!
Nov 5
21 min
Os Tons do Português
We all have moments where we need some colourful language to express ourselves. (No, we’re not talking about swear words, that’s for another episode). Today we go through the whole colour spectrum while featuring the Shorty, “Um Lindo Bebé“. Do you know how to say your favourite colour in Portuguese?
Oct 6
22 min
Maratona de Leitura
Featured Shorty: “Diário de uma Quarent(o)ena II.” A lot has happened, to say the least, since we last recorded a podcast episode! We start out by challenging your comprehension with casual Portuguese conversation to get you up to speed on what’s been happening with us personally as well as in the world… since we know we are definitely your primary resource for all things COVID-19! We spend the rest of the episode tweaking the pronunciation of our brave listeners who once again contributed their recordings. (Obrigado!) We review the pronunciation of the different R, S, E, and O sounds, perfecting the cadence and flow of Portuguese sentences… plus, you’ll discover a word that even Rui has trouble pronouncing!
May 23
1 hr 11 min
Segredos da Pronúncia Nativa
In this episode, we once again analyze record audio clips from our brave listeners! We listen to the Shorty, “À Busca de Doces“, and explore how to make your Portuguese sound more native with pronunciation subtleties and word choice. We also clarify some other challenging concepts, such as the differences between “aí, ali, & lá”.
Mar 3
26 min
Como Falam os Nossos Membros?
Today, the tables have turned, because YOU, (our listeners) are the main voices of this special episode! European Portuguese learners from around the world bravely submitted recordings of themselves reading our featured Shorty, “Um Encontro“. We listen to each one, while suggesting subtle improvements for perfecting their pronunciation, including some challenging vowel sounds, and rules of the letter “S”, and more. A BIG “thank you” to everyone who bravely submitted their recordings. Let us know if you enjoy this and we’ll do more of this in future episodes! (Learn more about the pronunciation of the letter “S” here: The Letters “S” and “C”)
Jan 27
38 min
Ninguém Quer Esparguete Doce
‘Tis the season… to spread misinformation about the origins of Christmas and Santa Claus! In this special holiday episode, Rui and Joel explore the food and other traditions of Christmas in Portugal, while featuring one of our latest Shorties, “a Consoada“. Boas festas a todos! 🎄
Dec 21, 2019
25 min
Dona Amélia Vai À Farmácia
Dona Amélia, an old-fashioned woman who only believes in natural remedies, pays a visit to the pharmacy. Will the pharmacist be able to help her, despite her hearing difficulties?
Nov 18, 2019
10 min
Carro Alugado, Caos Instalado
Cláudio and Joana are a Portuguese couple who decide to take a trip to Tomar in a rental car. When it comes to driving, they can’t seem to agree on anything. Will they make it to their destination without driving each other crazy?
Nov 11, 2019
8 min
As Senhoras Que Bebem Cerveja
In this episode, we deconstruct one of our latest “Shorties”. We go through some useful food vocabulary, discuss verb and tense choices, and Rui irons out Joel and Molly’s “estrangeiro” pronunciation! There’s also some exciting news about Practice Portuguese, especially for those of you who might be in the Algarve next weekend.
Oct 7, 2019
33 min
Dona Gertrudes e a Conta do Gás
Dona Gertrudes, a retired 65-year-old woman, has just a received a surprisingly large bill from her gas company. Upset and nervous, she attempts to sort the matter out on the phone.
Jun 16, 2019
3 min
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