Practically Perfect Podcast- For Nannies by Nannies!
Practically Perfect Podcast- For Nannies by Nannies!
Sue Downey and Lora Brawley
The musings of Lora Brawley of and Sue Downey of
Nannies as super spies?? Meet author Monica McGurk
In this episode, Sue talks about the new book The Agency with the author Monica McGurk. The Agency is Mary Poppins meets James Bond and is YA fiction fun for everyone. We chat about writing books, why use nannies as a subject and some more serious issues that Monica is passionate about. You can learn more about Monica at 
Mar 5, 2022
35 min
New Baby Series :: Maternity Leave
It takes good communication, good boundaries and some flexibility to support a new mom and be a great nanny during this transitional time. 
Jan 17, 2022
38 min
New Baby Series! Overview
When a new baby is added to a family, many things will change. Sue discusses her situation as a new baby is coming any day now! We will be discussing many of these issues in further episodes. 
Jan 10, 2022
33 min
Time to Renegotiate?
The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get a contact in place or renegotiate your contract to include things you may have forgotten! We discuss how to approach this. 
Dec 27, 2021
36 min
Overcoming a Bad Reference
Can you just skip over a bad reference? What can you do if you know a reference is not going to be great? How can an agency help? 
Dec 22, 2021
31 min
Blended positions- adding household duties
Household Manager. Family Assistant. Nanny Manager. These types of jobs are in high demand, but the titles used can be confusing. What does its meant to say you are a family manager? 
Dec 6, 2021
27 min
Holiday Bonus--Yep! We are talking about it again!
We discuss the hot topic of the season-bonuses! We have a few different ways to look at it- and we disagree a little too!!
Nov 29, 2021
29 min
Pay Rate Drama
We discuss how nannies get upset when parents offer super low rates. 
Nov 25, 2021
24 min
Overnight Pay!
Do you charge a flat rate for overnights or do you ask hourly? We unpack the details of negotiating an overnight rate. 
Nov 14, 2021
32 min
Spotting a GOOD Agency
What makes a great agency? What should you look for when choosing?? We discuss things to look for and what to watch out for when searching for an agency. 
Nov 9, 2021
27 min
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