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Post Military Employment Radio
Post Military Employment Radio
Post Military Employment Radio is dedicated to providing the latest, clear, and concise information to assist the transitioning or veteran personnel apply their unique skills in the civilian employment sector.
How to attend a job fair
This feature podcast expands on Tony Palm's Blog "How to attend a Job Fair" and provides additional tips and insight to get you ready. To read Tony's blog go to to get the complete list. We look forward to your career success!
Aug 5, 2012
20 min
6 - ToW - Got ur Victor Mike Echo Tango?
Tip of the Week #6 talks about the one document that is available for all military personnel and veterans. Get your VMET today - it's FREE!
Jul 22, 2012
4 min
What next?
This feature podcast is a follow up to the "Build your Swipe File" podcast. In this topic we discuss the "What next?" as you begin to compile your resume from the information in your Swipe File. Get your Post-it(tm) notes ready!We look forward to your career success!
Jul 22, 2012
11 min
FREE!!  Join Post Military Employment
Join Post Military Employment at for FREE! Growing resource providing the inside information, tips, and tactics to our transitioning military and veteran professionals.
Jul 10, 2012
31 sec
5 - Tip of the Week - Got Questions?
What is the one question you ALWAYS ask at the end of the interview? ToW #5 provides the answer to the "do you have any questions?" Give us your feedback at - Join for FREE! We look forward to your career success!
Jul 8, 2012
4 min
The 4P Principles
Discover how the "4P" Principles help you understand and embrace the challenges of seeking employment in today's environment.
Jul 7, 2012
14 min
4 - Tip of the Week - Got Scripts?
This ToW focuses on the importance of being prepared for interview questions using scripts. Includes sample script to one of the MOST difficult interview questions. Join us at - We look forward to your career success!
Jul 4, 2012
7 min
3-Tip of the Week - Network toolbox item
Follow up to Tip of the Week #2. The topic this week focuses on one item to have in your networking toolbox. Find out how to get yours today!
Jun 25, 2012
7 min
2 - Tip of the Week - The hidden network
Get the advantage!Find the hidden networking opportunities for employment outside of the mainstream.
Jun 19, 2012
5 min
Build your Swipe File
Get all of your military service history to consolidate your experience, training, and most importantly - your transferable skills.
Jun 10, 2012
8 min
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