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Popular Outcasts
Popular Outcasts Productions
The Popular Outcasts are three Pre-Midlife Crisis gentlemen from Central Pennsylvania. United in their love of podcasts such as the Nerdist, Doug Love Movies, and WTF with Marc Maron, these three losers decided to make a podcast of their very own.
Episode 184: Where’d March Go?
Bill and Jeff try to figure out where the month of March went. Donate
Apr 11, 2016
1 hr 49 min
Episode 183: Sheila Lintott
Welcome to episdoe 183 with Sheila Lintott! Are you ready for an awesome time? You had better be! Donate
Feb 9, 2016
2 hr 51 min
Episode 182: What? With Mr. Beaver
I Literally couldn’t tell you what the hell we talked about, but Brian (Bryan? I’m guessing Brian.) Beaver is here with Bill and Mike to talk some shit about stuff. Damn it, I wish I could remember what we talked about. Donate
Jan 11, 2016
1 hr 12 min
Episode 181: Probably Star Wars
Mike, Bill, and Jeff probably talk about Star Wars. We recorded this like six weeks ago, I can’t remember. Link: Darth Jar Jar Donate
Dec 7, 2015
2 hr 3 min
Episode 180: Return of the Taken King
The hosts of the podcast relive events of the last two years for no special reason. Link: Goons Donate
Nov 9, 2015
2 hr 2 min
Episode179: Video Games and Mental Illness!
Isaac Kunkel joins Bill and Jeff to talk about video games, and mental illness! Links: Powerthirst Broken VHS Fan Guy Pit of Panga: P-Break Donate
Oct 12, 2015
2 hr 8 min
Episode 178: You’re Good, I Suck
Kevin Seibert joins Bill and Jeff to talk about Comedy, Video Games, and television shows! Links: Jeff’s referenced comedy set Donate
Sep 7, 2015
1 hr 46 min
Episode 177: Watch This
Bill and Jeff talk watches & other things. Check out the Monster Kids podcast! Donate
Aug 10, 2015
1 hr 28 min
Episode 176: Shadow of Batman III
Bill and Jeff are joined by Chris Rowe to talk about Video Games and Politics. Donate
Jul 14, 2015
1 hr 53 min
Episode 175: Studio S, with Gary Hardcastle
Bill and Jeff are joined by Gary Hardcastle in the new Studio S! Link: Gary Hardcastle on Amazon Donate
Jun 8, 2015
2 hr 7 min
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