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I usually listen to podcasts before bed, but found myself staying up to finish each episode! Now I get so excited whenever there’s a new episode and make sure to find a time (during the day) to give it a listen. As a college student who loves movies and psychology, this podcast is such a fun way for me to continue learning outside of the classroom. I even picked up a psychology minor at school after becoming a regular listener over a year ago! Thanks so much to the Popcorn Psychology team for putting this podcast together.
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So informative!
I just discovered this podcast, and it’s a fascinating idea. I’m really enjoying getting a deep dive into the psyche of some of my favorite characters. It’s educational and can get very serious, so the hosts balance that really well with their enthusiasm and sense of humor.
Love this show
A great show with great therapists! Love the inclusion of mental health into things pop culture. I’m glad these three can take some good and bad representations of mental illness and critique it appropriately. Keep it up :)
Trump Supporters Unforgiveable
The premise of this show is amazing and when the male host lets the female cohosts talk it was really great until on the Fatal Attraction podcast in the middle of my drive home I heard a Trump ad. How you can be mental health professionals and support someone so clearly bad for the nations mental health is deplorable. But, to endorse him on an episode about a narcissist man whose self obsession and consumption of women lead to a woman’s death is tacky! Shame on you all!!!!!
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Jessa Sparkles
The only podcast I listen to
I’ve never been a fan of podcasts but one day out of the blue I decided to see what type of psychology related podcasts were out there. I stumbled across this podcast and I absolutely fell in love!!! I have a psychology degree and working toward getting my masters soon, so this podcast had my immediate interest. The conversations are so intelligent as well as entertaining. They’ve brought about a new way to look at characters from movies and I’m absolutely living for it!
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One of my favorite podcasts ever !
This is seriously one of my favorite podcasts ever ! I look forward to long drives/cleaning days so I can listen to it. It’s entertaining but I always feel like I’ve learned something new after listening to an episode. It’s also helped me in my personal quite a bit ! Ive recommended it to so many friends -definitely check it out !
I love, love, LOVE this podcast! As a psych major this definitely gets my critical thinking skills activated on my drive to work in the mornings! Combing my love of movies and all things psychology related, I thoroughly enjoy hearing the differing perspectives coming from each co-host with backgrounds in trauma, child psychology, and marriage and family therapy!
All the Episodes
I am literally OBSESSED with this podcast. As a clinical psych graduate, I am genuinely intrigued by psychoanalysis and treatment of various psychological disorders and/or maladaptive behavioral patterns. Ben, Hannah and Brittney hit it on the nail EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. They’re witty, extremely well versed on all things psychology and clearly passionate about their work. SN: everyone should hear Ben debunk myths about hypnosis (Get Out episode) because it is definitely misconstrued in media. And after hearing his explanation, I definitely wanna try it! I could go on but all in all, LOVEEE this podcast. Follow them on all the social media, like and subscribe to their podcast and enjoy!
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I always learn something new 😃
Whether it’s about Trauma, Grief, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I learn about a new topic in psychology in every episode, in a fun and interesting way. Not to mention that this is some of the best hosts of a show I’ve ever heard, Brittney Hannah and Ben are so fun, and I’m glad that they have fun doing their show. Love these guys 😊
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Legitimately My Favorite
As a clinical supervisor, I recommend this podcast to my supervisees. It helps them diagnosis cases they aren’t too familiar with. It’s engaging to keep them listening, so we can discuss later.
Two of my favorite things: pop culture & psychology. It is so fun to hear these folks break down my favorite movies, some movies that shaped me, and hear the psychological breakdown of characters. Sometimes I learn things about myself in the characters that I identified with. This is so therapeutic in an awesome and unique way. Thank you!!
Great podcast
They are very easy to listen to and very informative. They cover a wide variety of movies which is great too! 3 of the best co-hosts make you feel like you’re a part of the show.
Get on the couch!
I seriously appreciate this podcast. The conversations are informative, inviting, and warm. Each episode delivers a thoughtful discussion that will have your mind churning. Stop reading this review and click subscribe. Enjoy!
Love this!!
This podcast is great. The organization and clarity is impressive along with not having annoying voices and great audio quality!! 😂 the info is really good and they incorporate it in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Also i appreciate that they often reference socioeconomic and racial disparities
Insightful, fun, educational!
This is fun to listen to and it teaches me quite a bit about psychology that I didn’t know before. My favorite episode was “Joker.” It was very interesting and thought provoking, but there are some things I’d like to bring up. First: Joker is a comic book movie. I thought it was a great movie considering. Second: wasn’t Tesla a mad genius? Third: when you said anyone who thought Joker represented mental illness well didn’t know anything was were you lost me. Not because I don’t agree- I do, but because I wasn’t expecting such brisk dismissal. It’s a comic book movie and comic book fans watch it. Finally: If the Joker hallucinated the end how does the movie not represent mental illness correctly? I thought (and I’m probably wrong here) that people could hallucinate violent stuff. Listen to this podcast, though. It’s awesome.
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Love it
I’m a put a pot of coffee when You guys are in Long Island good stuff
I work in behavioral health and this podcast really hit home with me! So many times I did this on my own, glad to know I’m not the only one!
Great Show
Great podcast give it a listen.
Roman Prokopchuk
Really awesome podcast! Love the dive into movies! The cruel intentions episode was great! The hosts have great chemistry no awkward conversation! I was entertained for the entire time! Looking forward to more episodes!
I love this podcast! I love the way that these hosts dive into movies. Some of these episodes were on my favorite movies, and I loved listening to another layer of them - kind of finding out why I reacted to certain characters the way I did. Other episodes were on movies I could care less about, but listening to the host analyze the characters and relationships in the movies made me understand the movies on a deeper level, and gave me a reason to go back and rewatch some classic films that I had underrated. Keep the episodes coming!
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Fix the audio please!
I wanted to love this podcast, but I can’t get through more than a few minutes. Two of the hosts are incredibly quiet and one is very loud. I had to toggle my volume between full and very low. I skipped around in an episode to hear some content and it seems interesting! But I can’t listen unless the audio is fixed.
flipper Skipper
Amazing podcast but please edit the sound
This is one of my favorite new podcasts. As a therapist, it helps refresh and sharpen my skillset by applying well-trod tools for assessment, diagnosis and treatment to our favorite movies! My only complaint is the sound. At times I can’t hear what they’re saying while at other times they’re blowing out my eardrums. Makes it hard to listen to.
Amazing podcast. Such a cool spin on movie reviews. Seriously, listen.
Ben DuPay
Love it
Popcorn Phycology is amazing! I would highly recommend you listen to it!
Molly Mermaid
Super Entertaining Perspective
Great original idea for a podcast brought by professionals having fun with their knowledge. This is a super digestible podcast for anyone that loves movies or is just interested by psychology and the elements of it. Dave Host The Waking Up From Work Podcast
Super clear, entertaining explanations of psychology concepts!
The best part of this show is that there are always concrete examples because they combine psychology with movies. A great way to look at movies from a different angle and learn about the human condition.
Lebron's Cousin 86745392754
I want it to be good...
The idea behind this podcast is wonderful. The folks on this podcast sound like they’re reading and not having a conversation. When they do engage in conversation, their egos take over and they talk over each other to prove how smart they are.
Beck H-S
Fun, interesting and really good voices (my fave part of any podcast). LISTEN!
A must listen!
Entertaining and informative! Definitely worth subscribing!
Love this podcast
It’s always super interesting to hear about different psychological perspectives in regard to movies. I never normally tried to psychoanalyze characters in movies but I find myself doing it more and more because of this podcast. I also enjoy that they don’t always agree with each other, it provides a nice balance and let’s me decide where I fall after hearing all of their thoughts and opinions.
A must listen!!!
Don’t miss out on this informative and fun podcast!
Now this is a great podcast!
I love how they take two things that I love and mash them together; movies and psychology. I used to read the books “Psychology of (fill in movie here)”, and now I can listen to it in my car (but more in depth and in a 3 person perspective! Keep up the great work!
Great for cinephiles
This podcast adds another level of fun to rewatching my favorite movies and understanding them as well. My appreciation for all the movies they cover also grows with their insight. It’s a good mix of personalities and backgrounds so no one’s input feels redundant. The whole discussion works toward doing a fun psych breakdown of iconic characters in film.
Fun and insightful
These three have a fun way of talking about human psychology. Of course, movies aren’t real life but the principles they discuss are totally relevant to real life therapy. You get to know and enjoy them as individuals as well. Keep them coming!
Awesome show with knowledgeable hosts! They pick a good variety of material to review that is relevant to today. Love them!
Knowledgeable Content and Intriguing Perspective
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast because I think Ben and his team are very relatable and knowledgeable. Their opinions make sense and you can tell that they are passionate in the subjects and movies that they are discussing!!! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a cool and trendy podcast about popular movies that make you think!!!
Ultimate Elf
I always enjoy!
I love the psychology insights and conversation around these popular movies. It’s a fun and entertaining podcast for anyone to enjoy. Must check out, for sure!
Fun times!
Love to listen while cooking - very entertaining.
Popo Chirinos
Entertaining and educational!
As a therapist this is a really fun podcast to listen to. I like that it’s funny and entertaining while opening up a dialogue about mental illness in order to educate people and address the stigma so often associated with mental health issues and treatment.
Competing for Air Space
Good gracious. I am interested in what these three have to say, but I can barely listen to them because there is so much competition to speak. They talk over each other constantly and I can barely take it.
Great show!
Engaging and interesting show! Hit that subscribe button 👍👍
The Id, Ego and Superman
What an engaging and fun podcast. Witty banter centering around the psychological goals of our favorite movie characters. Great stuff.
This Makes Psychology Accessible
I love the premise of this show. By talking about fictional and recognizable characters from movies, we instantly know who and what they are talking about. So, when the hosts analyze the characters, we can better understand what they are talking about in a psychological context. I discovered this pdocast in their abbreviated live-recorded episode. It's so refreshing to hear people talk about psychology in such easy to understand terms. Subscribe!
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Tim O'B
Great Show!
The Popcorn Psychology Podcast is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, an original and fantastic premise, and great depth of knowledge from the hosts, this wholly original Podcast will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!
Pod Addict T
So Good!
This is an awesome podcast. All 3 delve into the psychology of the characters and if you didn't like the characters, you will love the breakdown of them. You can watch a movie and think, "this guy has got some issues," but these guys break down the issues and there is no end to the rabbit hole. It is so addicting to listen to, huge fan!
Love it!
This podcast is excellent!! I wait with baited breath for every episode!
Southgate Media Group
Such a great concept for a movie podcast!
I seriously love the conversations had on this podcast. It’s all very interesting especially if you have a interest in psychology. I really hope that they review We Need To Talk About Kevin one of these days. Keep up the great work!
Your review of Logan was spot on
As a fan of the character in the comics you managed to sum up the character of Wolverine perfectly. I know it is just comic but growing up I related to the character in the comics because he survived so much hardship and kept going. I went through my own emotional abusive relationships, so Logan to me was a story I could relate to. The movie captured the essence of Logan as a tragic character and your show pointed out how complex Wolverine is. I loved that you joked about his tough guy exterior but also took the time to analyze how damaged he really is from years of traumatic experiences. You just made a fan with your episode and I plan on listening to future episodes.
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I love it!
I like the insight into the personalities of these varied characters. The hosts are very knowledgeable and smart and it makes me look at these movies in a whole different light.
This podcast is fantastic! Great movie choices and I love how they delve into each character and examine them from a psychological perspective. The hosts are super knowledgeable as well as very entertaining. Just brilliant!
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