Pop Fashion
Pop Fashion
Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan
Welcome to your fashion news comedy podcast! Finance writer Lisa Rowan and retail journalist (and former stylist) Kaarin Vembar discuss fashion news, pop culture, business, and creativity.
Rerelease: The Biggest Diamond Heist Ever
Welcome to the story of the Antwerp Diamond Vault heist of 2003. It's a wild one!  www.popfashionpodcast.com 
Apr 26, 2023
39 min
Fashion Inferno
We discuss the Schiaparelli couture show, Italy fining Yoox Net-a-Poerter, and the staying power of the skinny jean. There's a new washing machine that claims to fight microplastics, and we enjoy a lightning round of listener notes. Plus: Some deatils on the future of Pop Fashion. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com  Instagram: @popfashionpodcast 
Feb 27, 2023
40 min
Fashion Leadership Lazy Susan
There's a leadership shake-up at Dior, a report says to stop buying clothes, and Tom Ford has a new house. New York banned "forever chemicals" in clothing, and we discuss a list of 2023 trends. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com Insta: @popfashionpodcast 
Jan 27, 2023
39 min
Innocent Until Proven Gaudy
Gucci opened a luggage store, the Bling Bishop got charged with fraud, workwear is on trend, and footwear has a long way to go to be more inclusive. And 90s blowouts are back! Allegedly. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com  Insta: @popfashionpodcast 
Jan 6, 2023
41 min
You Can't Always Get What You Want in Fashion
A former fashion exec was found guilty of cooking the books. The Rolling Stones called off a retail collaboration, Christina Ricci used her handbags to pay for her divorce, and Alessandro Michele is leaving Gucci. Plus: Amazon's new app feature and Lisa has deep feelings about romcom core. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com  Instagram: @popfashionpodcast 
Dec 23, 2022
45 min
Banksy vs Guess
Estee Lauder bought Tom Ford, Raf Simons is shutting down his namesake line, and in the midst of all this outlet malls might be making a comback. Banksy told followers to rob a Guess store, and the hottest shoe right now is a "leg-lenthening" Ugg. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com  Insta: popfashionpodcast 
Dec 9, 2022
34 min
Instantly More Suspect
A Tiffany jeweler's death has mysterious circumstances, StockX changed its authenticity verification language, and Gap is joining forces with Amazon. Balenciaga left Twitter, and who is wearing crop tops to work? Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com Instagram: @popfashionpodcast 
Nov 22, 2022
39 min
Beverly's Gloves
Thieves crashed a stolen van into a Chanel store. We present a sort-of-concise Ye timeline. Gucci is separating men's and women's shows, the online shopping boom stalled out, there are health concerns about chemical hair straighteners, and we talk about who is planning to play the film version of Karl Lagerfeld. Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com 
Nov 6, 2022
36 min
The Haunted Mine Shaft Jeans
Jenna Lyons is joining The Real Housewives of New York, preppy style and loafers are making a comeback, and Thom Browne will lead the CFDA. Asos is struggling, and Shein launched a resale platform amid the news of a documentary about its production practices. Plus: How much are 140-year-old jeans worth? Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com 
Oct 28, 2022
34 min
Fashion Crimes Only
A luxury counterfeiting operation got busted, Nike and StockX are dealing with the fallout from the Memphis heist, and two former eBay execs are going to prison. Your workout clothes might have alarming levels of BPA. And, we remember the fashion style of detective Jessica Fletcher.  Come hang out!  www.popfashionpodcast.com 
Oct 21, 2022
43 min
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