Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast – Pop Culture Retrorama
Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast – Pop Culture Retrorama
Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast – Pop Culture Retrorama
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Who reviews A Cosmic Christmas!!!!
The greatest Christmas special ever produced!
Top Quality Retro Show
In a world of second rate, low quality shows, there stands apart only a choice few. Falling into this category, this show not only has great content, but has what most shows are missing: a personal connection to the content. Plus, Sage comes across as one of the nicest people in the world; someone that makes you glad you came across in your life.
Where does he find the time?!
All of Mr. Sage’s podcast are favorites of mine. I can’t wait for more more more but I hope he doesn’t burn out from exhaustion! :). He seems like a fella that I could totally be best friends with. Has a lot of shared history in gaming, movies and his family stories. Really rings a bell in me and I really appreciate his hard work and fresh look on the past. The good old days indeed!
Vic Sage has got to be one of the hardest working guys in podcasts. He's got several shows and pop Culture Retrorama is becoming my new favorite. He's covered all kinds of things from cartoons, movies, comics, etc. All the things anyone interested in pop culture could want. He does an amazing amount of research and puts it together in to an highly entertaining podcast. Highly recomended.
Retro at its finest!
Another great stroll into our childhoods brought to you by Vic Sage!
Time Travel is real.!
You don’t need a DeLorean to travel back to the days of your youth. Vic Sage and friends bring your childhood memories to life with a retro spin..!
This is going to be a fun podcast and I look forward to a long run of shows!
Rockford Jay