Pop Culture Happy Hour
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Pop Culture Happy Hour is a fun and freewheeling chat about the latest movies, television, books, and music.
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Done with this show
I have finally given up on this podcast. They are so political they cannot even discuss a movie without tripping over the meaning of everything. At the end of every episode I cannot even tell if they actually liked a show or movie. Now they are laughing at people who might like a movie that does not fit their politics. It is just joyless and weird now.
Thank you for giving Latin music a platform that your regular listeners can be exposed to. I enjoyed this episode very much. 👍👏
Please start covering more things you actually like
I used to love PCHH but the past year or so I started to realize that more episodes than not bummed me out. Unsubscribing for now but maybe I’ll give it another try in a few months. I’m starting to wonder if the name “Happy Hour” even applies anymore...
Thanks for giving me something light and happy to listen to.
This podcast gives me a reason to just sit back and enjoy without processing News for a little while. I’m looking forward to when you put episodes each weekday. Thank you.
I need a mystery
Pick something joyful for once, please!
Really wanted to like this podcast. All of their recommends are about abuse, rape, nazi’s, oppression, dread. Ugh, and the hosts are like your most obnoxious literature professor. Unsubscribing, no thanks! Also bad choice with your new permanent host, Ayesha Taylor who is uninteresting. Bring back Margaret!
I used to love this podcast
As the title states, I used to be a huge fan. We used to get along great with our critiques. But since the pandemic, I found that their conversations took a turn for the negative and overly critical. In the most recent episode about the last airbender, the panelists were asked which element would be their preferred bending. Glenn jumped in and said “water, is there really any other option”, that really changed the tone of the conversation with all the other panelists. It no longer felt like a even keeled discussion about the media at hand, but a few opinions were echoed over and over again. Because of this, I am no longer a fan of this show.
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Thank you for talking about ATLA! Please do Legend of Korra next!!
I wish the host would slow down - a joyless voice sadly for such a fun concept.
My pop-culture team
Linda, Glenn, Stephen and others. Thank You If I am unsure about a show or movie, this is my goto to see if it’s worth my time They have also clued new into some things I would have otherwise missed without once steering me wrong.
Love this show!
Always appreciate their smart and funny discussions. This is a must-listen.
One of my faves!
Always look forward to recs from the PCHH crew. Definitely one of the podcasts I gravitate towards for some feel-good listening
Kay VG
Fantastic podcast and hosts!
I usually dislike podcasts where it’s just a bunch of people talking back and forth without it really going anywhere, but DANG this podcast is the only exception!
Overall content is good. But, the theme song has gotta go. Also, why the forced fake laugh every time someone says something that’s slightly amusing? Just say it and let it land. The fake laughter is so unsettling. There’s no need to laugh just because one of the hosts says something quirky. Also, nobody cares about comic books except kids.
So so so so gooooood😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Funny and precise, my go to morning podcast
Always great recommendations and thoughtful commentary on the latest pop culture content
such a great podcast. 1/5 listen to it every other month
Darth Caden 101
Still great - but used to be better
Linda, Stephen & Glen are warm, sharp, and often funny pop culture enthusiasts who reliably offer fresh opinions on the latest in TV, Film, Music, and...welp...even books. Since 2016, the show has essentially become a review show, commenting on whatever the most recent and interesting pop culture entry is. I SORELY miss the old days when the crew used to be more produced. Gone are the days of trend discussions, dichotomies, quizzes, and interesting “essays” on how pop culture has evolved (ie, weddings in sitcoms, dreams in pop culture, etc). These shows were unique and evergreen - it’s now just reviews, and feels much less “special” because of that. Still recommend, but would love to see a return to topics, not just one off reviews.
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Jeff Graham 91
I’ve loved this podcast for like 5 years. So great
Definitely recommend. Even if I agree with their opinion, I always find it informative and usually fun!
Puzzle-holic 85
My go-to for pop culture goodness
Linda, Glen and Steven (and the weekly fourth chair) are my pop culture go-tos for reviews and thoughtful discussion on Everything!!! I love their conversations and I trust their opinions. I’ve listened every week for at least four years now.
Very hip
A fun and just feel-good romp into pop culture
Love these guys!
This has been my favorite podcast since they started. Love every moment.
My Favorite Podcast
I can’t express how much I love this show. It not only gives me ideas of what shows and movies to watch so I don’t waste time on mediocre ones. It’s a pop culture “book club”, after I watch anything I always curious what the Linda, Stephen and Glenn are going to say. The show lets us engage with the things we consume at the deeper level.
My original favorite podcast
Have been listening for years and years and I still always love hearing from Linda, Stephen, Glen and the wonderful fourth chairs.
One of my favorites
I appreciate the brevity and broad range of topics. The recommendations aren’t always for me, but I enjoy the discussion and have picked up a few “happy” things to consume.
A girl who loves pandora
A favorite
I adore PCHH and have been listening regularly for years. I love their thoughtful analysis of pop culture, even when I disagree. I’ve learned about new favorites on this podcast, and I heavily rely on them to keep me in the loop of movies, shows, music, and trends that I’ve missed or that aren’t to my taste, so that I can keep up with conversations about these topics (and my friends are tired of me saying “Oh, I heard about that on PCHH!”).
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Hands down one of my favorite podcasts. Never miss an episode!
Across the Spectrum
Host Linda Holmes and her compatriots in pop culture saturation, Stephen and Glenn, are often the bright spot in my week. I’ve been listening since 2014, and the show keeps getting better and better. I don’t always agree with any of the hosts on their preference for a piece of media, but that’s to be expected. After all, this is highly subjective. I find of their guest panelists charming and insightful, and I have a few that make me role my eyes with how pompous they appear to be. But at the end of the day... it’s NPR. If we can’t laugh at a pompous commentator on NPR, where can we do it at all? The show is at its best when Linda is at the helm and the fourth chair is occupied by one of the fab favorites like Gene Demby, Aisha Harris, Kat Chao, Eric Deggens, Sam Sanders, or the impeccable Audie Cornish. Many will say this podcast has a “liberal” slant. I would challenge that and say what this podcast is above all else is “inclusive” and “kind.” My only knit pick with the entire show is that Glenn doesn’t appear to like much female-driven media unless it is action-oriented or the protagonist is coded as queer. I love those pieces of pop culture too, but I don’t need women to fall into one of those two buckets to find their stories interesting. However, Glenn gets major points for knowing his own brand and calling himself out on being stodgy. Good on you, Glenn. Linda is a delight. She sparkles on the air and her “What’s making me happy” recommendations now line my bookshelves and digital movie collections. Stephen’s constant crying and total embrace of “dad vibes” is true comfort food for the soul. And finally, Jessica Ready, who is never seen but often felt provides wonderful production and editing to the show overall. It’s hard to maintain such high quality over time, and this team should be commended for their work and their dedication to the craft.
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PCHH has been effortlessly diverse since jump.
I have been a listener for years. PCHH has been effortlessly(?) diverse (in all the ways) on purpose. I see you. I thank you. Representation is important.
Great podcast
This is a truly entertaining podcast. The hosts usually have a broad range of opinions of whatever is being discussed, so the listener is most certainly not trapped into a single interpretation. Even when you don’t agree with them, it’s still a great way to look at movies, books, music, etc. in a different way. I spend a lot of the episode going “huh, I’ve never thought of it that way”. Great way to go more in depth into pop culture topics.
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Love it!
I really enjoy this podcast! Even when I don’t agree with a review, I find it interesting! And I’ve found so many ‘new things’ via What’s making us Happy! I would listen to the show just for those tidbits!!
Always a great listen
Been listening for about a couple of years now and look forward to new episodes each week. How anyone can think PCHH reviews are pretentious is odd. They provide great analysis and insights (I am a fan of them always pointing out when they have a bone to pick as it relates to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. but that’s just my lens and might not enjoy this otherwise). They get into why they landed on their opinion in a way that is fair without trashing it. They’ve had some guests who just come to the show with “I liked it” and didn’t really back it up (one that comes to mind was another NPR podcast host but not entertainment-related). I think for the purposes of this show, you want the hosts to use all the words and that they do without being snobs and inserting the pretentious language you wouldn’t want to hear in everyday convos. That said, love the crew (especially Linda and I dread the day she leaves NPR—please don’t! Love your work and this pod so much) and appreciate the range of guests they have on. It’s been great to still listen to it during these surreal times.
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Margaret H. Willison=Ralph Mouth
Annoying and unnecessary. I’m still not sure why they keep bringing her back as a guest after 2, count em, 2 irresponsible remarks. The first being when she said she struck a concert goer who annoyed her. The second was when she described Moana as Frozen with a tan. A remark that Linda apologized for in another podcast but Willison never did. I love NPR and gladly donate even in these trying times but clean your house please.
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Oboe One Kenobi
Snobby and pretentious
I’ve been listening for years. I figured the name was ironic because rarely do these people like and consume actual popular culture. But the past few weeks in quarantine have become unbearable. Listen if you hated (not to be confused with hate watched) Tiger King and Gladiator but loves some obscure random French silent short film that only 30 people have seen.
Thank you !
I just love all of you — I enjoy every episode, whether or not I maybe familiar with the topic of discussion — or whether or not I agree with some of you 😀 You all rock !
One of my favorite pop culture sources
I appreciate the pop culture commentary from this crew so much that I even listen to episodes that cover movies/shows that I have no intention of watching just because I love to hear their opinions and discussions. Such an intelligent and thoughtful group of people. I’ve gotten a great number of recommendations from this podcast.
Love the podcast
V. Jvi
My favorite podcast
This is my absolute favorite podcast. I'm an American based overseas, and this makes me feel connected to American culture. They consistently give good suggestions, and they say insightful things about movies, books, TV shows. I wish my friends could have pop culture conversations this interesting.
Pop culture content during the pandemic
This is an excellent rundown on shows, movies, books and music by smart people who are also clearly (in general) fans of the work they are reviewing. Different points of view help with evaluating the worthwhile-ness of the material they are reviewing, and if’s worth my time. Let’s face it, all we have right now is time (with clear highlights being our meals and our steaming service) so it’s greatly appreciated to have a worthwhile overview of how to spend that time during these slow moving pandemic days.
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Rachel in Mill Valley
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Love this show. Good diversity of opinions and great characters. It is my go to Podcast. I’ve used their suggestions for shows, movies, books regularly.
Just Wow
Tuned into to listen to the episode covering the the Last Dance documentary & couldn’t make it through it. They should just stop & stick to what they know & are used to. This was an embarrassment.
Well Produced, Content is Boring
On a lot of the later episodes, the hosts are so worried about being “woke” that it becomes really tedious and off-putting. Wouldn’t recommend unless that’s the kind of thing that tickles your fancy.
Andrew S. Baker
They look at everything through hyper-liberal lenses. Like when they were talking about the Michael Jordan documentary, they said he “embodies toxic masculinity” essentially because he was competitive and held grudges. Really? That’s one of the main things you get out of watching that?
Great Escape from the Weirds!
This podcast has provided such joy and a great escape from the “weirds”! Huge thank you to Kumail and Emily for providing great entertainment through these tough times. Emily, I am absolutely on the same page with you about MASH and Cheers. Haha
I work in the Diversity field
I really try to enjoy this show, and did so in the past. Yet, this show has become so focused on telling a biased narrative that the joy is gone. Please check your biases and bring back the joy.
thank you
Thank for the for kids tv recommendations
Downloading frustration
Like this podcast, but I’m unsubscribing after my phone started downloading the past 130 episodes. Not the first time that’s happened, and not the only NPR podcast it’s happened on. Super frustrating.
The flashy girl from Flushings
Linda Holmes recommendation of “The Nanny” 🙌🏻
Notice me senpai
I just love this show.
A Great Hang
The PCHH team are great company. I love listening to them discuss stuff I know I will never watch or listen to or read. Great chemistry, smart, funny, generous in spirit.
And Mo!
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