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Pop Culture Happy Hour
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“What’s making us happy” is full of great ideas!
I love this podcast. When the pandemic started and I was desperate for ideas for movies and books, this was so helpful. But I find myself not listening as much lately... it seems like the new hosts hate everything, which then makes you feel bad for liking it. I miss the days of reviews like Floor is Lava, which was so stupid, but everyone loved it. I’m hoping things take a more positive turn in the future.
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I don’t know how it’s so good
This podcast is more enjoyable than most of the content they review! And keeps getting better! Now that it’s daily the average quality has gone down. But it went from six stars to five stars. Maybe not even. The TOTAL quality podcast in my ears is higher so it’s a win. Love it!
vex tile
Not smart enough
The sabbath gasbags come to Bridgerton. The lame analysis is so shallow, pathetic, pretentious as to be unworthy of NPR. For example, the focusOf the review were’s was on the focus of society being on wealth, position and decorum which in our society is really should start a discussion about cancel culture and of that nonsense. In essence, what would happen to a family that was dishonored was that they were canceled in the society. To bring back the concept of honor maybe we should have more shunning. That’s in addition to the inability of the panel members to wrap their heads around a society that is more excepting of people of color than the one that they currently live in. I would expect more from NPR and the people who they put on these kinds of shows. One taste of this podcast and now you are shunned.
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I really enjoyed Bridgeton! It is one of my favorite shows of 2020! But I understand where you guys are coming from! I love your show!
New hosts not as good
Linda, Stephen, and Glen are gold. Funny, smart, and congenial. A joy to listen to. New hosts are too serious, boring, and pedantic. They have vacuumed the joy out of this show for my wife and I. My wife even refuses to listen now. New hosts also talk with valley girl up-speak and grating creaky-voice. So painful to listen to.
App Rover
I love the varied topics and that’s done under 20 minutes because they get right to the point.
Carelessly filled with spoilers
Don't bother with Pop Culture Happy Hour if you actually want to enjoy a program. Quite frequently they spoil without warning. The recent episode on the Bridgertons was an especially unexcusable example -- accompanied by inarticulate critique.
Ya’ll sounded like a c-list sorority discussing Meltose Place today. Once one person started with the upspeak the whole nail painting party did it. It was pretty annoying. I’d rather flip over and...gulp...and listen to Andy Richter than hearing you say something that turns into a question at the last word?
No longer interesting or helpful
This podcast has gone downhill since it started airing more frequently. The shows, books, etc, discussed are either too offbeat or just don’t sound interesting (or the hosts don’t say anything to make them sound interesting). The commentary isn’t insightful. Hosts seem to live in a bubble and don’t understand that not everyone has time to read and binge watch shows all the time. This podcast used to help me figure out what to watch in my very limited spare time, sadly I haven’t found any of the recommendations useful lately. I also used to listen to be able to count on funny interactions and debate amongst the hosts, but the podcast has been lacking in this area recently too. Bring back the old format!
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Love.Love.Love PCHH
especially during the quarantine, the insight, the humor, the camaraderie thank you very much for helping me through this horrible time
It is now wrong to watch shows about cops? Laudable? Give me a break.
Enriching my life for years!
The NPR gaggle has continued to expose me to new books, movies and music for years. Always consistently engaging and innovative. I appreciate all that you do. As an older WM I sometimes need to be cajoled into broadening my horizons and PCCR does it.
Rickda nurse
Troglodytes throwing stones
A panel of people who have achieved little rating people who have achieved greatness.
Like, Vocal Fry
Why does NPR keep hiring commentators who can barely string a sentence together without them possessing the word “like” every other sentence and having such blatant vocal fry, baby voice, or upspeak? Not all the commentators do that but the ones who do ruin the whole show.
Favorite part of my day
This podcast serves as a welcome break in my day from work, motherhood, politics and the stress of the pandemic. I listen to it on my daily walks and it helps provide some wonderful relief from everything that’s going on. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for good commentary on what to watch or listen in pop culture!
The perfect bite!
I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a long time, but now that it’s daily...I’m so happy!!! It’s just the right length to get me to work and catch me up on what’s available to watch when I get back home. I love the conversations and the topics. It’s like that perfect bite of a delicious dessert - just the right amount.
The Best Podcast
To Linda, Glen, Stephen, Aisha & Co: THANK YOU so much for PCHH. You are what’s making me happy so many days and I finally decided to leave a review to say it. This show is a consistent delight and a treat every time I put it on. I get so excited when big movies pop up as an episode but also the more creative episodes like “The Movies of 1999.” So good! Somehow the show is newsy and informative but also light and fun. And you can hear that you actually enjoy each other’s perspectives. When I recommend the show, I tell people it’s like listening to nerdy, funny, movie-obsessed friends with excellent vocabularies tell you about things you should experience. It hypes me UP. I don’t know how much time you take preparing your thoughts but sometimes they are so perfectly WORDED that my little lawyer heart explodes. I love this show. Thank you so much for it!
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Needs a more honest title.
Like “The LGBTQ Pop Culture Hour” because that’s 90% of what they cover.
I miss the old format
I love PCHH but I am really missing the old format. While episodes that cover a more diverse range of topics is great, I don’t think conversations between two/three people work as well as the group discussions. Too often it is just the host agreeing with whoever they brought on. Many of the new guests are great, but because so many of them are new, there is no chemistry like there used to be between the hosts. I miss the old show!! Perhaps they could do a hybrid, like three days a week instead of almost daily. I am all for change but I think too much has been lost in the transition.
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Comforting and cozy
This is one of my favorite podcasts — I love the dynamic among the podcasters and the way they tackle each subject. It’s funny and clever and comforting and it just feels good to listen to. UPDATE 12/19/2020: I still love this podcast but I would love to see the featured podcasters in the show notes for each episode. I think you kind of need Glen’s and Stephen’s clever and humorous take to balance the podcast so the episodes without either of them fall a little flat for me.
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Daily is too much
I really loved and enjoyed the old weekly format. It was great to explore topics that I was already interested in and those I might otherwise have missed. The daily podcast however is just too much; it’s so long that I can’t keep up and thus have to be very selective in what I choose to listen to and that means I end up not listening to a lot. It’s really a shame. I will ultimately probably have to unsubscribe because of it. IMO the ideal daily podcast doesn’t exceed 15 minutes and I’d hoped PCHH would be short like that if it had to go daily. But the long daily format just doesn’t work for me. The reviews and reporting are still good - but sadly the length is an untenable obstacle to listening. I think going daily was a huge mistake.
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(Was) My Favorite Podcast
Updated Review: I was at first excited about the potential of getting PCHH daily, now I feel the new format has ruined my once favorite podcast. The lack of depth in these new episodes is astonishing. Feels like you guys are just trying to to churn out content daily instead of actually discussing things that you love. If you don't care about the topics then why should we? I really missed the in-depth discussion and the banters between the hosts from before. Old Review: I can’t express how much I love this show. It not only gives me ideas of what shows and movies to watch so I don’t waste time on mediocre ones. It’s a pop culture “book club”, after I watch anything I always curious what the Linda, Stephen and Glenn are going to say. The show lets us engage with the things we consume at the deeper level.
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Not great
Just because you have the ability to make a podcast doesn’t mean you should.
This podcast was posted as a bonus episode on Up First, so I gave it a listen. I got through the segment on their review of Happiest Season, and I have to say it was really disappointing. They failed to mention that the primary queer relationship in the film is toxic. While they highlighted positive parts of the film that I agreed with, i.e. there being more than one queer person in the film, glossing over the fact that the film is problematic is careless.
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Hooray for the daily PCHH!
I’m so happy this podcast has expanded to a daily format. I love the addition of Aisha and other contributors to mix things up. This pod is easy breezy, something I need more of in my life.
Ellis M.
I love this podcast so much. Here’s a hot tip, do an episode about among us🧑‍🚀🔪
Ehh it’s not much
They never really get too deep into the topics their discussing out of fear of spoiling or showing a mainstream perspective. In particular, I was disappointed to see they only had a 15 minute episode to cover two docs about NXIVM that were almost 15 hours of content. I appreciate the avoidance of spoilers but it almost comes at the expense of actual content to discuss in the episodes.
Another quality NPR production
NPR continues to show the rest of us how a compelling negative is created.
Blaine K.
Daily podcast feels small
Really dislike the new format. The daily topics are weak. Miss the discussions on one or two big pop culture topics.
nickname P1010
Identify an old podcast CLEARLY
I follow you guys regularly. Please don’t bum me out by re-posting an old episode without being *very* clear upfront.
Mikey Eighty Nine
Excellent podcast!
I really enjoy this podcast. Intelligent discussions and thought provoking topics. Highly recommend!
What happened?
I adored this podcast in the past. I skip over this podcast now. The show topics lately have been stale and irrelevant. Please get the help that is so desperately needed.
fi fff
I WANT to Like This
I listen to NPR ALL the time so please take this as constructive criticism. The overuse of "like" by MOST of the moderators, and the amount of upspeak, in my opinion, lessens the value of the content. If you're only speaking to millennials, I guess you'll have your limited audience, and I will bow out now because this truly sounds juveline. Where did the standards of acceptable radio host "speak" go?? I subscribe to several other LONG running NPR shows, with people who were groomed in a period when speech patterns mattered, and I find them thoroughly engaging. PLEASE do not let common standards of broadcasting die.
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I’m so excited that this is a daily show now!
One of the best listens of my week is now on my phone every day. I’m so happy! I really love the variety of viewpoints represented here, and Linda is a great leader.
I’m a huge fan of NPR but was really disappointed with this podcast. The panelist group on this podcast is weak. Instead of broadening perspectives like many other NPR, this group seems intent on a pushing hostility towards the mainstream instead.
Not as Nice Show
This show explores pop culture topics. The host is very knowledgeable and the roundtable format allows different views. Well worth a listen. My review from years ago, what was working is now breaking adding a forth host was fine, but daily shows was a bad idea. Most topics now are of no real substance and not worth a listen. I wish they would go back to once a week deep dives. Also have just the four hosts. This show was one of my favorites now it is one I skip. Go back to what made the podcast great. Maybe have the daily ones in a separate feed and do the awesome weekly shows in the original feed. Keep PCHH to a once a week format.
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They Broke a great podcast
This was my favorite podcast when it was once weekly. Then it went to twice weekly and was not quite as good, but still worthwhile. Now it’s nearly daily and mediocre at best. The loss of the 3 regular panelists meant a loss of what was working. I have gone from never missing an episode to rarely listening to one. Very disappointing to lose what made this podcast delightful.
Still Great!
This was my first podcast. I can trace all the other podcasts I have listened to over the past almost-decade back to PCHH through guests and recommendations. While the show has changed in many ways over the years in hosts and format, the fundamental enjoyment of taking deep dives into elements of pop culture and sharing new favorites with us remains. What’s not to like about a show where everyone involved, whether it’s regular hosts or guests, just genuinely seem to enjoy each other? Also, maybe it’s my millennial attention span, but I’m kind of digging the daily segments?
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Like hanging out with good, witty, smart friends!
New format
Are Linda, Stephen, and Glenn no longer friends? The new format sends out the vibe that a decree of divorce has been issued, and each party has received custody of its own day of the week and a millennial podcast pal.I wish everyone well if this is the case, but I do miss the camaraderie of the three original hosts who really seemed to care about each other.
Sally D.
Not so much
Oh, NPR, why? I am not used to having my intelligence so insulted by a podcast with your initials on it. I am sorely disappointed. If I was a vapid young thing, overly concerned with insulting those not as young as me or, confusingly, not as woke as me (because, really, the way to open minds is by insulting others, right?), and I had no concept that interesting debate and discourse existed before I graced the scene, then I’d totally love this podcast.
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PCHH has been effortlessly diverse since jump.
I have been a listener for years. PCHH has been effortlessly(?) diverse (in all the ways) on purpose. I see you. I thank you. Representation is important. I would love to see Aisha’s picture among the other hosts soon!
5 days a week is a lot
I was fine with episodes twice weekly since I listen to a ton of other podcasts. Five days a week is a lot to keep up with and they don’t always seem to cover new content.
Value added
I’ve always *appreciated* this podcast, but the first time I actually valued the insight is listening to their take on Captain America: Winter Soldier. Linda Holmes’ very insightful comments on old vs new Washington DC totally floored me. Changed the way I viewed this movie...which is exactly how you should view all films.
Reliable pop culture commentary
Smart, thoughtful hosts. I’ve been listening to this podcast since its earliest days, and I’ve gotten to know Linda, Stephen, and Glen so well I often have a good idea what they are going to say before they say it. That’s not to say they don’t also share plenty of unexpected insights, but I am thrilled that the new format is bringing a greater diversity of topics and opinions.
Best podcast!
My very favorite podcast! On point analysis, smart guests, and great production! Always makes me think and entertaining, too! Have literally listened to every episode for the last 10 years—and always learn something!
Waylons Ma
Like friends
Based on other reviews I must be a pretentious piece of crap too. These guys all sound like people I am friends with. They discuss media the same way my friends do. The only difference for me is that sometimes they enjoy more mainstream stuff than I can stomach, but it’s called “pop” culture HH for a reason
A Gem!
I look forward to pop culture happy hour every day (yay five days a week!) The topics and hosts are interesting, smart, and funny. Dive in, you won't regret it!
Do you LIKE anything?
Almost every single episode I’ve heard just drags the film/show through the mud. So negative - not sure if they actually enjoy anything they review lol. Sorry :/ love NPR but this show isn’t it for me.
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