Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu
Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu
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W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu are comedians who take politics seriously — and longtime friends, trying to help keep each other sane. Join them as they pull the alarm on the dumpster fire that is American politics, and talk to the creators, thinkers, and leaders doing the work to defend and reinvent our democracy.
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Needed this
Podcasts the way they should be
The hosts and the topics are really easy to fall into and understanding the topics as they are explained. Pure, simple, and fun.
Funny, smart, AWESOME
Start with the Maria Hinojosa / Court-packing ep!! I listen to various comedy and political podcasts and it is awesome that this podcast brings both of those together. Excellent hosts and excellent guests. Thanks keep doing this!!
I can breathe again
Thank you so much for making life make sense again. Profoundly grateful
Unique, trenchant, funny, informative, and moving
I don't listen to many podcasts, but I am hooked on this one. PLEASE, Amazon, keep it going. I heard about it on NPR and immediately listened to the most recent show. Loved it and recommended it to my 21 year old son. The tone of the podcast is something this country needs. The hosts are unabashedly left, but their humor and the obvious affection they have for each other make the show more emotionally appealing than any I have encountered. Please keep up the great work!
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Missed these two together!
Love Kamau and Hari. Listening to them together is like walking into a coffee shop overhearing two smart, funny dudes talk about what’s going on in the world. They of course have been doing that on their own between CNN and The Bugle, but what’s missing is that piece at the start of the episode where they check in on each other and they hat always put me in a good mood going into the doom and gloom that the episode is about. Hope these two are back forever or at least until Totally Biased gets a reboot too!
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Hold Up, Wait a Minute...you’re back!!!!
So happy to hear your voices together again on Politically Reactive!!!! Missed you! And then to have the first new episode I listen to be with Maria Hinojosa was perfect reintro to the show! Love her and Futuro Media!!! So glad you’re there and looking forward to episodes ahead! Thanks for all you do!!!
You’re back! Thank you!
Really missed listening to this great banter between such gifted and hilarious minds. Thank you for coming back to us!
I’ll do whatever Hari and Kamau ask!
I’m so stoked that PR is BACK! I’m among the fans who missed the show terribly and took every opportunity to tell them so, and now that they’re back, I’ll write reviews, tell my friends, or send cookies to their houses if I have to to keep them on!
Great Podcast
Funny and motivating while still providing valuable information.
Informative podcast with awesome hosts that manage to make me feel hopeful about the future. Please don’t go off the air again, we need ya!!
Jacob Bean13
Thanks for coming back!
I love the ‘Hold up section’ Your spin of comedy & politics is deep & light at the same time. Always speak with a touch of 💕.
Enlightening and entertaining and important
Thank you for your invigorating and lively discussions on powerfully important issues. You find ways to bring out the best in your guests with unique and personal stories. Your enthusiasm for revealing truths and inviting guests who have.thought out realistic methods towards solving some of our country’s most devastating problems. Thought provoking discussions with humor. Thank you.
Hamlet from Reduced Shakepeare Radio Show
Smart & Funny
So happy this podcast is back. Missed it dearly.
Smart, cute, funny, unproblematic men!
Real talk takes on the news with enough humor to prevent me from jumping out the window. I especially like the way Hari owns Lovett in the most recent episode (and I ❤️Lovett almost as much as I ❤️ Ira Madison III).
So Glad you’re back!!
I’m a political junkie but I need humor to get through 2020!! Great idea to Pod hop with Jon Lovett!!!
It’s back!
And I’m happy!
Nobody Important Here
Thank you!!!
Love to hear ANYTHING from you Mr. Bell!!
Niu Lulu
So happy it’s back!
I loved the podcast 3 years ago and I’m so happy it’s back! It’s both informative and funny! Keep it up!
PR’s return is (and likely will be) some of best news of 2020
In early 2020, it was with ambivalent regret that I would hear the outdated appeals to rate the show. Considering some of the abuse that went their way toward the end, did they even want the publicity/would it make a difference? It is with sublime pleasure that I now give a 5 star rating and anticipate experiencing this show in the present tense vs. 2-3 years late. I would have been so much farther ahead if I had this show in 2016. What a gift and resource to have back for 2020. I’m ready for comedo-journalism 2020. As an old Daily Show fan, to me, this show is on the level of Jon Stewart’s best interview segments on the Daily Show, the ones you had to go online to watch in full. (I adore Trevor Noah too, don’t get me wrong :)) I am seriously considering going somewhere secluded and screaming high pitch at the top of my lungs as one would at a noisy performance in order to bid for an encore... because right now I’m walking around with a scream trapped in my throat. I’m beyond thrilled that this show is back — and excited for the action-based guidance this time around. This can be collective action! I also love to hear Kamau and Hari’s creative voices in this — I hope that is, and remains, a worthy pleasure to create (as much as it can, given the topic). It certainly is always good to hear either comedian, and I’m a huge sucker for the kind of adorable friendship between them. As public intellectuals, they may not be the movement leaders direct, but they’re great guides and instructors for more intentional civic awareness and action if that is what you need — and many of us who grew up uninformed do.
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Yay! It’s back!
I’m so happy to hear this podcast on my Friday non-commute.
Brilliant show by two super handsome dudes.
Also, an incredible chronicle of our social movements in a time of crisis and transformation! And funny!
Yay! My favorite podcast of all time is back!
I couldn’t be happier to hear Hari and Kamau’s unique perspective on all the news of the day! Great insights, great humor, great guests!
Worth the wait.
I’ve been waiting for the last 4 years for the return of this podcast. Living in a divided political house, I needed to hear from voices of reason. Thank you!
Eyeing Canada
Stop whining about your comeback!
Chicago loves you, Politically Re-Active! Everyone has missed you. Just enjoy our gratitude
Hope, Love and Vote
The first full episode back was just what I needed! Alexandra Rojas and Desmond Meade were a powerful mix. Alexandra Rojas helped inform me and the. Desmond Meade took me to church and made me cry at the hope I was struggling to see. If this is the level you are bringing to the new season, I just cannot wait. Thank you for coming back!
I never unsubscribed just in case one day they came back to us !
Thank youuuu
I can't wait to laugh. Need y'all right now!
Welcome back!
Kamau and Hari, we’ve missed you! Thank you for vocalizing the radical and the practical. So grateful to hear your voices together again.
They’re Baaaaack!!!❤️
OMG, I hadn’t realized how much I missed Hari and Kamau until I heard the newest episode. Yay!! This podcast will lift you up, get you riled up and get you ready to take action. All while giving you some good laughs. Welcome back guys!
What we freakin need right now
Hallelujah 😭💜
So glad these guys are back!
Thanks for listening to your demanding fans. We need voices of reason and sharp, critical thought in these *unprecedented times*
So excited there will be a season three, remember kids, if you bug someone long enough to bring back something you really want, they might just do that!
Dismal Elephant
They’re back!!
I didn’t this I’d ever see it but I’m a excited!
Thank you!!!!!
For YEARS I’ve forlornly looked at their podcast in my subscription list, hoping they would come back. And finally they have!! Looks like the power of the people does work.
A Montana
Awesome podcast, informative and funny. So obsessed that it came back after three years. I was missing this from my life!
Welcome Back!
Welcome voices during such a time of insanity.
They’re back!
I listened to this show religiously in 2016/2017, and I’m sooo happy they’re back! One of my favourite podcasts ever
Great podcast
I love this podcast. I love Kamau, I love Hari. I am so glad it has returned. It’s a funny, thoughtful and challenging podcast. Their guests are excellent.
So glad they’re back!
I have missed this podcast. I still share old episodes with friends. Looking forward to the new discussions.
Father, Dad, Daddy
So glad you are back. I’d listen to you talk about the semantics of fatherhood for several episodes if you wish. Keep it coming!
My favorite show is coming back! YES!
I’m beyond happy to hear there is going to be a season 3. I loved seasons 1 and 2 and learned SO much. We need these voices right now, more than ever. Thank you, thank you 🙏🏼
So glad its back!!! Its informative and powerful
I have really enjoyed the conversations that happen on this podcast. The transparency is wonderful and refreshing to hear. They admit their mistakes and talk about it!
Absolutely the best
So glad this is coming back!!! This is my favorite of all of the (way too many) podcasts I listen to. Hari and Kamau are hilarious, while still remaining sensitive and brilliant. Love it!
First review because they deserve it! I was so sad when they left in 2017. Sometimes it’s hard to consume politics with how grave it is these days. But they make the discourse interesting but still witty! So glad they’re back! Only good thing to come out of this year.
About time!!!
Welcome back guys!!🙌🏾🙌🏾
Malik Q.
I can’t wait for the restart!
I’ve missed these voices and perspectives in the last few years. It seems that 2020 could use a bit of Hari and Kamau. I can’t wait to listen as they help make sense of and poke fun at our insanity. They are some of the smartest, most poignant comedians out there. It’s about time they got back in the ring. (Did i say I was a big fan?!)
Challenging a beautiful lie
Great show if you’re trying to trying to get insight into what it’s like to be black in America - with Pastor Michael McBride. Thoughts on worshipping white as supreme, “believing a beautiful lie.” Challenging and smart.
Sorely missed
So good. Got me into podcasts.
Philosofox the DJ
Does this need another 5 star review
Probably not but I'm going to do it anyway. Thank you for making this podcast for me.
Arielle Levy
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