PokeDads: A Pokemon TCG Podcast
PokeDads: A Pokemon TCG Podcast
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Great for dads that love Pokemon TCG
I’m a 36 year old Dad and just started recently getting back into Pokemon TCG after an over 10 year break. I found this podcast a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. I’ve learned a lot and it’s great to listen to dads closer to my age that are into this stuff. Thanks for all you’re doing guys and keep it up!
Pocky Rawr
Long overdue
I thought I reviews this forever ago but I guess not. Great podcast from great hosts. I love all the funny banter, Pokenews, and when pokedad Rick pronounces practically any Pokémon name wrong.
This review is long overdue... I was desperately searching for a pokemon TCG podcast to help me learn and get better at the game when my kids wanted to learn how to play and stumbled onto this one. I started listening about a year ago on episode 10 and was quickly hooked... I went back and listened from episode 1 and haven't missed an episode since. The PokeDads are a great change of pace / low-key / fun Pokemon TCG (plus other random nonsense) podcast that focuses on the fun side of the TCG. However, through the PokeDads community (podcast, discord, tournaments, etc), I have improved from not knowing many basics of the game (like how to build a standard legal deck or what certain cards do) to being quite competitive and placing well (at least not making a fool of myself) at the highest levels of some online PTCGO competitions. Definitely worth the listen... 50% for the knowledge, 50% for the fun... these are real PokeDads having fun doing something they love.
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Great show!
Recently started collecting/battling with my son, this show is entertaining and helpful for diving deeper into all things Pokémon TCG.
Fellow dad
I appreciate what the guys are trying to do here but there are times where I cringe not so much at their jokes and demeanor but at either their honest ignorance on the game (not knowing the ability or attacks of the top cards in the game, inability to even pronounce names of the cards) or their attempt to act as if they don’t know what these things are. Either way, why not listen to podcasts with great players who don’t forget what the most major cards in the game do? I hope they improve their knowledge some as time goes on but this podcast is not brand new. I am a father of 4 and work full time so I get that Pokémon is not the most important thing in the world but when I spend time listening to a podcast, might be better to spend time getting info that is helpful rather than trying to guess what card the guys are talking about since they don’t know the cards or the major decks very well. Hope it gets better guys because as a dad of poke players, I would like to find a good pod of guys who I can relate to.
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Going strong
One of the best Pokémon related podcasts out there !
Doing what it do
Great show!
Been listening to these guys since episode 1. Great down to earth guys who have fun talking about their love of Pokémon.
Great resource for getting back into the TCG
I’ve really enjoyed listening to these podcasts as I’ve gotten back in to Pokémon with my son. Having taken about 20 years off from TCGs this has been incredibly helpful in understanding the game and the collector aspect at a time when finding cards has become incredibly difficult. Thanks for all of the helpful information!
Awesome Podcast
I would still listen to this podcast even if I wasn’t into the TCG. The comedic banter is top notch. The TCG tips and info are a happy plus. Good times all around. POKEDADS!!! lol
Perfect for me!
As a dad and casually competitive player this is a great podcast for me to listen to!
Great podcast for all Poké fans!
These guys are awesome ❤️
PokéDad supporting PokéDads
I Am Chef Dave
Great Podcast
Awesome podcast on Pokémon TCG.
I’m a Dad. I play Pokémon. These guys get me.
Grew up playing Pokémon. Now that I’m back in the community, I love connecting with the past stories and current tales these guys bring to their podcasts. Gotta Catch em all!
A True Podcast for Pokémon Players
Smart commentary on the current meta and trends in gameplay, but accessible to beginning players, too. The Pokedads bring both fun and smarts at the same time.
Love the dads!
This TCG podcast makes things so easy to understand Pokemon tcg and there’s plenty of laughs too. Fantastic hosts. Thank you pokedad Rick, Scott, Aaron and Adam.
Great dads
Very informative and funny hosts
Love the dads
Funny podcast and great into on the game.
dan data
Great podcast !
Awesome Pokémon TCG podcast !
Grind on without me
Don’t need a lecture from a podcast. Not that what was said was wrong, it’s just not the place for it. Unsubscribed
D. Perry
Long Live the Pokedads!
If your looking for something funny and learning the TCG the dads have your back. They have great chemistry and there’s never a dull moment between them. I listen to all the Pokémon TCG podcast and this 1 is different from the all rest. Keep up the great work! Remember GRASS IS BEST!
Pokedads fixed my husband
My husband is a better human being after listening to pokedads, he’s faster, stronger, and sexier than ever. The world needs the pokedads just like how my husband needs them. Rick, Aaron, Scott and sometimes Adam make the world a better place one dad joke at a time. Pokedads forever.
Awesome for Returners to Pokémon
I recently got back into collecting, and have always have been curious about learning the TCG. This podcast was the perfect find 👌
Awesome info
Awesome guys thanks for the great info in each podcast
Breath of fresh air for this dad
Love the PokeDads and knowing there are other weird dads like me out there.
Good mix
This is a good mix of fun and informative information for someone like me who is new to Pokémon. Keep up the good work guys! #pokedad
You guys are amazing! I love listening to you guys it has helped tremendously! I’ve just gotten back into the tcg a couple months ago when I first started listening to you guys and I love it more than ever!
Love these guys
Learn so much from these guys and went from collector to player. Thanks, gents! Hunting for the Charizard
Great find
I recently started playing with my husband and his small group of friends. We’ve started listening and fell in love!! You guys reminds us a lot of our small little group and share a lot of common views inside and outside the game. We started back at the beginning and it’s nice hearing how confused you guys were too. There is some great information spread out through the entire show mixed in with some funny humor. Glad my husband and me stumbled upon you guys keep up the great work!! Let’s see that Vileplume VMAX lol hunting for that Zard!!!
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Noob listener
I recently gotten back into Pokémon tcg after a 19 years hiatus. I stumbled onto the PokeDads and instantly liked it. Reminds me of my group of friends sitting around talking about the different games we play. I have learned a few things from listening that I have taken into playing. Which helped me improve in the small amount of time I have been playing. Thanks from the helpful information and helping me past the time at work. Keep up the great work. Hunting for that charizard.
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Great podcast
Fantastic work by the guys. Lots of great information throughout the whole podcast related to Pokémon and other great topics. I look forward to this podcast every week, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Pokémon. Hunting for Charizard
Great Pokémon Podcast
The Pokedads bring a fresh outlook on the world of Pokémon TCG. It’s always a fun listen with lots of laughs while bringing relevant info! *hunting for charizard*
Logan Cr
Coming Home to Pokemon TCG
I enjoyed the first episode and I am looking to dive into tcg. I’ll go back and start at episode 1. You all play off one another well. Cheers! I’m hunting for that fiery, wannabe dragon lizard! :D
Best ptcg podcast
Love listening to you guys while I work it makes my day, keep it up guys!!
Fun and Informative
Really enjoy the different personalities, structure, and segments these guys put in the podcast. I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe just improve removing background sounds. But A+ from me :)
My favorite part of the week
Listening to these dudes talk shop and live the pokedad life is the best part of my week. It’s like a sitcom every episode and they are only getting better! I’m a better Pokémon player because of them and I’ll be an even better pokeDAD because of these dudes!
G. Moshington
Cheers PokeDads
Fun group of guys to listen to you guys keep me laughing trying to pronounce the Pokémon names. Nice pulls fun content. Your brother Ryan pulled a hyper rare cinderace and a toxtricity before you yelled at him. Keep it up guys! Thanks for the poke communication.
Very informative, it’s great especially now that I’m getting back into it. Definitely a good listen with some laughs.
Mike Cardz
Very enjoyable!
I’m enjoying their insights on Pokémon TCG and hearing about new products that are coming out. Also has me laughing quite a bit!
Really enjoying it. Love their interactivity with their followers.
One of the best podcasts for Pokemon.
Very dedicated hosts for Pokemon. I can’t wait to see what else they can accomplish in the future.
Great way to get to know PTCG
Always pumped to hear the Dads give us the lowdown on the game! It's great getting an adult perspective on the game, especially one which is focused on the casual scene and not exclusively the competative landscape.
Great Pokemon pod
If you like learning about and playing Pokémon TCG this is great podcast to get into! Nice work PokeDads! @Sorethumbcollector
Excited to Listen!!
Very few Poke Podcasts exist that are as enjoyable as these guys!!
Great Pokémon podcast
This is an awesome podcast, especially for those just getting into the TCG. The dads all have great chemistry and hilarious banter. Keep up the good work!
Love the show!
The PokéDads are a great introduction to PTCG! I love how informative they are about Pokémon while also sharing the nostalgia that I have for OG Pokémon! Pokémon cards were a staple for me growing up, and diving back into it has felt overwhelming, but these guys tell you what to look for and caters to all levels of players!
Ed Cann
Fun podcast with Pokemon TCG info and fun banter between friends, feel like you wanna be there hanging out talking Pokemon and shooting the s$#t!
Best Pokémon TCG podcast out there!
I listen to podcasts all day at my job and I’ve literally listened to every Pokémon TCG podcast out there and Pokedads is the best of the best. From new players to the competitive players, there’s something here for everyone. These dudes are hilarious and I look forward to a new episode every week. Definitely give this one a listen!
Pokedads rock
Seriously funny. Really great info. If you find yourself sliding back into Pokemon and feel a bit lost youve come to the right place to feel at home.
Love the dynamic you Three have and of course love me some Pokémon!
Ryan Ebs
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