PokeDads: A Pokemon TCG Podcast
PokeDads: A Pokemon TCG Podcast
Ep. 65 - Show No Mercy! Sweep The Leg! (Mew-Fu Deck)
1 hour 43 minutes Posted May 20, 2021 at 8:07 pm.
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Show notes

Aaron and Rick jump head first into Players Cup 4 action and how BoomBox is doing for us and the Patrons. An eight year old selling Pokemon cards to save his puppy! We got the name of our next set Evolving Skies August 29th. Katy Perry's Electric song finally drops and Aaron has a surprise reaction to it. Pokedad Rick Grinds about Stream Sniping. We end the ep with Card of the Week Mew3 and discuss Mew3 Psychic Deck and the difference between that and Mew-Fu.

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