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Sorely missed! This podcast cannot be topped. KP’s interview style is A+
Still supporting that vaping crap ?
Pointless is scubdubular
Great podcast...can we please get the old intro music back?
Happiness in audio form
My favorite Portuguese baby boy is back!
Shortly after I found this podcast, it went on hiatus, it’s future unknown! I’m just happy he’s back. Love the podcast, Kevin is great. Hell yeah
Perfectly balanced
He combines the depth of Marc Maron and the levity of Chris Hardwick. As interview podcasts go, this has the best of everything. I'm a fan of many things he's done, but nothing demonstrates his talent and wit more than this unfiltered medium. Kevin, no matter setbacks you have, you will always have fans who will appreciate that you're able to persevere and keep putting yourself out there in the content that you create.
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Fenix Kage
Always has me ROFL!!!
I listen to this podcast on sticher and oooh my! One of the funniest and best podcasts out there. Wish Kevin would put out more episodes weekly but when he does it's a ROFL time.
Keep this fkn train a chuggin man!! cmon bruh
Awesome podcast
Kevin Pereira is the man. He’s a veteran in the entertainment biz. Knows how to speak thru and thru. Knows how to how to ship an interview, let alone a podcast! A hilarious, brilliant and kind nerd. <3
It is pointless, and that's why I love it!
I could listen to Kevin talk about just anything....and I get to do that with this show. Never miss and episode, I hope it keeps posting for years to come.
Its good
I like it.
Kevin is hilarious
Absolutely love the pointless podcast.
Only interview podcast worth listening to
I deliver pizzas fulltime and listen to a ton of podcasts and this is the only interview podcast worth my time.
We Hate Anime
Love the Podcast
Not that this review would stand out of the thousand 5star reviews, but I love the heck out of this Podcast! I personally get bummed when Kevin (jokingly) ranks on his career history. I’ve been watching Kevin on G4 since I was in college and he is still as great then as he is now. Literally has been entertaining me for countless hours over the years. Thanks for all the content and keep it up!
The Dear Hunter
I really enjoyed the interview, but I feel like a lot of the discussion was vague. You guys were talking about the stories in songs but didn't exactly say what songs you were referring to. For future interviews it would be nice to get some sort of reminder about what songs are being discussed.
Andrew Sean Lucas
Thanks Kev
Higher than a giraffe's puss
Love it
Been a fan of Kevin since AOTS, he was the best part about G4 and just recently I discovered this show. How have I not had this in my life before now? It's amazing, he's amazing and I love this show
Verrry nice! I like! (Kevin is hilarious) 10/10 would recommend
Great interviews, Kevin is a great personality and makes even the most mundane fascinating.
This podcast is banging.
Funny, Witty, Informative. This podcast is banging! 5/5
The Tin Canintator
Always a Great Show
The Pointless Podcast is always consistently great, informative, funny, and interesting. I actually feel that this show is a journey of getting to know the host better through each episode with the help of his guests. It has become a staple of my week. Highly recommended.
Kevin is the man!!!
The kind of podcast that you need in your life
It's Great!!
Really is a great, even some say amazing podcast. Kevin digs deep into the issues and doesn't shy away from the voice changer. He has interesting guests and Kevin shows he has a genuine heart for people and knowledge. I will give it 6 Stars if he will have Olivia as a guest. VR forever!!!
Great listen! subscribed
If you’re a fan of Kevin, you will likely enjoy this podcast. Kevin and his guests talk about a wide variety of topics. Anything from music, drugs, technology, politics, and gaming. The list goes on.
Deserves more than 5 stars.
Great show, awesome guests, and the same old Kevin, what more do you want?
Just listen if you don't trust me
This is one of the few podcasts that I'll actually listen to every episode 100% through completion even the ads make you laugh or cringe, in the good way. It's great to hear KP whenever I want to, thank you for the great content keep up the good work.
Best interviewer around
Give it a listen, I challenge you to climb out acting diving in...or just testing the waters with the pinky toe. Kevin's ability to pilot an interview is commanding. Master of of whimsy, you will have interest in things you have not considered after a listen.
Justin the Ageing Gamer
Kevin and everyone in the crew
You guys are amazing I just wanted to thank you as a subcriber to twitch and on game wisp and a long time listener to pointless(I've been meaning to do this review for awhile sorry it took so long haha)how amazing you guys are and I appreciate all the hard work and content you guys dish out thank you very much and keep up the great work
I love Kevin
Great podcast. One of my favorites. Kevin needs to be less self-deprecating although I guess that is his style. He is better than he believes he is. I've been a big fan since Attack of the Show.
This podcast makes me look forward to Monday's
Have been a fan of K-Per ever since I saw his mustachioed self on Arena. He's smart, quick witted, and a funny dude. Didn't find out about the Pointless Podcast until it was already 50 episodes in. I quickly burned through all of the episodes and loved every one. Kevin's a great host and interviewer. Always excited when someone I know of is on, but when it's someone who I don't know, it's great to find out about them and the things they are into. Everyone involved with this and The Attack are awesome. Keep up the great work! *KHBR*
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Best podcast out there
I like cats
Bob todd854447899
Kevin is awesome
Kevin is one of the best comedic interviewers in the business! Love the choice of guests he has on and how he gets nostalgic with guests from old G4 days. If you liked Attack of the Show, definitely get this podcast.
So good!
Kevin your podcast is fantastic. Your wit is as sharp as the glass knives from Snow Crash. I learn things, I am inspired, I am entertained. Good work!
Captain Stiffjeans
Good Stuff!
One of my favorite podcasts. Love it.
Love Kevin, love this show
I loved Kevin on G4 and I'm so happy he has a podcast. I listen to it on the subway and it makes my commute so much better :)
I want to start by saying this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Kevin calls upon his experience on television and combines it with his ability to put others at ease to give some of the most insightful and impactful interviews I've ever heard. If you're considering listening, do yourself a favor and hit that download button.
Fantastic show and person
Kevin is about as genuine a person you could ask. Makes my days at work better and more interesting.
I found this show awhile ago, haven't looked back. Love this podcast, a favorite of mine. Kevin is awesome
Homing dragged
It's good.
I love it, I just don't get the "AMERICA!!" theme.
Awesome Podcast
A great show, Kevin is a great host and is really in his element with this podcast. Combined with a great lineup of guests and an awesome host, Pointless is a very funny podcast that is definitely worth subscribing to.
Fun, Raw, Honest... Perfect!
The only thing missing from the podcast is, monthly manly tips from Dude Manrod.
Love this podcast!! Great to hear about his days at G4, his trip to Peru. Just want him to fill my ear holes with wordy goodness!!
Can't miss podcast!!!!
This one of thee top 5 podcast. You can't miss out on this. One the most fun show. I enjoyed how all his guest are great. It's like Attack of the Show. Just no commercial and cussing involved lol.
Look forward to listening every week!
Best part of the week
Pointless podcast has helped me through work week after week. The only thing I wish is that I could have more episodes. P.S Kevin, you should try to get Total Biscuit on your podcast and go on his. You'd probably see a decent spike in viewers.
Literally the best
Literally my favorite podcast. Kevin is fantastic as always as he razes my ears with humor
This podcast = BonerSoup Always a good listen
Kevin is love, Kevin is life.
Not a pointless podcast at all! Butter these ear holes and let Kevin's soothing voice tickle them... Or something like that
Best one on one interviews.
Been listening to this podcast since its birth, and I promise you that no one is more engaging and cerebral with one on one interviews than Kevin P. Every episode is filled with topics brimming with laughter while also provoking deeper reflection not only in the guest or Kevin, but the listener as well. For the love of your God please keep this podcast going, every new episode brightens my day. Thanks Kevin-san.
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Kevin's a great role model
I love Kevin but sometimes he makes me feel bad so I have to leave a review and donate a couple dollars to him. He has a heart <3
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