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heck yes
“hi im Tim, i got covid” …. lol u rule dide
stoooooppppp talking about yourself
i really want to like this show but it’s just too much. the host constantly pulls the questions back to himself, giving a longwinded opinion that no one asked for. the guests sometimes sound completely annoyed and it makes me wonder why he even has guests at all. it breaks the very first rule of the show. even jamie lidell stopped doing that and he’s actually interesting!
Podular Podcast is required listening if you are into synths, both modular and semi modular. Tim does a fantastic job as he is both a musician that uses modules, as well as great at engaging the guests. He brings on other musicians and makers of modules so you hear from a wide variety of people.
Good guests, bad host
Not really interested in hearing the same stories about the hosts past with guitar pedals when we could be hearing more from the artists. Tim constantly shifts the discussion back on himself, with plenty of “uhms”, and really detracts from what could be a great podcast. Its unfortunate that this is the host that this niche is stuck with, as he is now unfortunately entrenched in the “community” not so much because of talent, or for being a good host, but simply because he is the loud voice in this small space.
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Had to give up on this podcast
Halfway through Suzanne Ciani’s episode, when the truck noise drowns out the interview, I just turned it off. I love Ciani and she had a much better interview on Gear Club. First off, this one was virtually inaudible. It’s not that hard to bring a few dynamic mics... the interviewers were trying too hard to prove themselves, and hardly let Ciani get a word in edgewise as a result. Every episode begins with the host talking for like 10 minutes about his groceries or something, and I really like the live patch segments but there are many more ways this pod’s episodes could be streamlined to give more info about the guest’s system, etc. I hate to badmouth a nice guy but reviews are for encouraging improvement.
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Mandatory listening
Come for the excellent interviews with movers and shakers in the modular synth community (and gear reviews/demos), stay for the public radio sponsorship bits, stories about growing up in the rural American West, and deep knowledge about heirloom chile cultivars. A , highly recommended.
I don’t actually use Modular synths because I haven’t chosen to have the money for it but I really love this podcast. It’s a fantastic look into modular artists, techniques and some of the unsung (and sung) heroes in the community. On top of that the boosting of and promotion of the Seattle electronic scene is fantastic and I’m glad it exists. Plus it seems like Tim is a pretty swell fella
Dante Lerae
I am fairly new to modular synthesis, and was lucky enough to find pod/mod at the time I was just beginning, and it has really been a pleasure to grow with these guys and share my unhealthy obsession with what does indeed feel like a couple buddies hanging out. I would love it if there were more technical and practical aspects, but that could end up taking over the whole show. I love it.
Juan LeNon
Love it!
Podular Modcast is a super humble and detailed look into the world of modular synthesizers. It's impressive how quickly the hosts have found excellent guests despite being relatively new to modular. Along the same lines, even though I've been into modular for a long time, I still learn something new with every episode. I like the loose editing style (you'll hear dogs, kids, doors, etc. in the background) because that makes it feel like you're just hanging out with friends and enjoying a conversation. Keep up the great work!
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Jason Barile
Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds Except for this podcast It can free your mind too
Best Roasted Chicken Around!!!!
If you never want to worry about where to find the best roasted chicken this is your podcast!
I ❤️ Nerd stuff
I'm a nerd. I admit it. Now that that's out of the way...I can say how much I love listening to artists and synth developers talk about their craft, their stories. Podular Modcast has helped (while at the same time, fuel) my addiction. This podcast has put faces to the bleeps, blinking lights, and control voltages associated with sound synthesis, and I look forward to many more episodes. If you like synthesis, modular or otherwise, this podcast is essential.
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No idea what I just listened to! I know nothing of synthesizers, electronics, or electronic music but these guys have great personalities and a sense of humor that makes for a fun listen. Ian's voice sounds like that of a cartoon geek... which I found to be more than appropriate and very satisfying. Also, the synthesis challenge at the end is fantastic!
This is the one
Tim is the Ken Burns of modular synth.
great start!
I'm going to learn so much...
Great Show
Really enjoyed.
Man. Ian and I really killed it.