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I’m going back to sleep in a little later than usual but I’ll let it get to sleep in a little later today if your home is still available today and will sleep in a little later and then I
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You Wanted The Best!!! You Got the Best!!!! Had to do it. I love these shows. Ken, Matt, Gary and anyone else that is on rock!!! All killer no filler. Love you guys
George Savatano
Listening since 07!!!
13 years of awesome my friends!!! SleevelessRick 🤘
Sleeveless Rick
Both PodKISSt and The KISS Room have given me even more of an appreciation for KISS. Ken, Gary, Matt and all the others involved are pros at what they do, and I am always entertained and informed.
The KISSROOM is the best KISS show out there period.. Once a month Matt Porter and the krew give you two hours of entertainment! Great KISS conversation and stories, plus great live music!!
What could be better?
The PodKISSt is one of my favorite podcasts, mainly because it does exactly what a podcast should. It doesn't pretend to be a radio show. It's not filled with commercials. It is a labor-of-love by a group of good-natured guys and gals who give something of themselves to every episode, and the listening experience feels like being a part of a thoughtful discussion among friends. It's amazing just how much there is to talk about when it comes to KISS. With 45 years of Kisstory to draw from, and an Army of friends and fans who share an amazing number of personal experiences, I'm always delighted to learn some new nugget of information, or discover some new connection I never made before. What could be better than an engaging discussion around an aspect of life that you can relate to from your earliest childhood memories? For this generation, who grew up with KISS, it's the perfect podcast, and I can't thank Ken and the team enough for the constant, much-appreciated reminder that I'm not alone in my love for this amazing American band.
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The place where true KISS fans gather!
Just the best KISS podcast.
Great Podcast!
If you're a KISS fan, or just a fan of classic rock, check out this podcast. These are real people talking about their love & memories of KISS as well as updating others of upcoming events. Check it out!
Best KISS Podcast Out There!!!
Just heard #146, and I LOVE it! The Demon Rap is an INSTANT classic, and I love the talk about the KISS KRUISE!!! This show brings all things KISS to the forefront of American culture, with heart and comedy! Always worth a listen!!!
DJ Big Bushy
Late To Kiss
Thanks for the info got into this band in the late 90's and fell in love with them.. always loved Ace before I knew kiss
Marc Alden Taylor
Kiss variety show
I love this podcast. It’s like a Kiss variety show with great guests, live music, comedy, and a killer host to tie it all together. "Well the night's begun and you want some fun….” so listen to The Kiss Room!
The KISS Podcast Standard!
This is the 3rd podcast I ever subscribed to and still one of my favorites. Ken and Gary have a true passion and fandom for KISS that will amp up even the most hardened critics of the band. Celebrating all eras is a must for me and they do it very well. Thanks for a great show guys!
Great Show!
Dennis Talbott
Prime Time
The only Kiss podcast that could be a TV Variety show ( about Kiss of course) Conversation, music, constant tribute bands live, and the infamous, Matt Porter! Great stuff and what a nice guy with a real "radio voice". You don't get that often on a podcast.
That Dandy Classic Music Hour approved
We look forward to meeting you in Nashville at the Rock N' Pod👍🏻
Randy W. Hall
Always delivers
Always great Kiss talk, always a fun listen.
Perfect 1-2 Punch of KISS Greatness
I've been a listener of Podkisst for nearly a decade and of the KISS Room for 6 years. Without Ken and Gary (and Ferk early on), I never would have gotten into podcasting. And Matt's enthusiasm for the band is contagious. Long live the Hottest Band in the World and Podkisst!
Decibel Geek
The #1 podcast on all things KISS
Crazy, crazy podcast on ALL things KISS with excellent & proffesional production quality. I love hearing the lengthy discussions over the bands discography, backstage stories, rumors, history, book releases, & memorie's from all sorts of fans plus the humor. The excerpts of concerts, interviews, & news broadcasts are a plus too. It's also made my work day way more entertaining. Ken Mills is an awesome host too. Great stuff here.
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Klaus' cousin
I wanna ROCK AND ROLL all night and listen to podkisst everyday. the team is on point with all things KISS. Great show for KISS fans.
2 great shows...
...that go great together! First off, full disclosure, and not to brag, but I have appeared on an episode of the PodKISSt. 106, if memory serves. That said... For nearly 10 years, the PodKISSt has been entertaining KISS fans and shows no sign of slowing. Interviews, roundtables, album discussions, all from the position that no matter the era, it's KISS and will therefore be celebrated. As for The KISS Room, well...just as they say KISS brings people together, Mister Matt Porter brings KISS fans together each month! LISTEN TO THE KISS ROOM
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The Best Kiss Podcast!!!!
Ken Mills the "Podfather" and gang offer the best Kiss podcast going!!! There passion and knowledge is unmatched!!! A huge influence on my podcast and many others!!! Also check out Trick Chat for all thing Cheap Trick!!! Thank you for years of entertainment!!!
Love KISS? You will love Ken and the crew
This was the first podcast on the subject of KISS which I found interesting enough to subscribe to - I like the round table type discussions and open and honest reviews - this is a podcast you will revisit often - go grab a few episodes now!
This is the proverbial KISS Fan Boy whack pack conclave!!! For the most part, these guys just sit around and stroke themselves about how great KISS is, which from 1974 - 2001, I would agree for the most part. However, it's only when they have guests on, does the show resemble anything more than a nauseating "gush fest". The most vomit inducing of these "commentators" is Gary. If any member of the band had a bowel movement, he'd be the one to pick it up, and proclaim it a glorious moment in Kisstory!!! It's a fairly "hacky" affair, and there is always some shmuck on a phone with reception akin to 2 soup cans and a string. At the end of the day, at least these fellows seem to be nice guys, unlike the surly and juvenile tosser, Mike on the 3 Sides podcast. At the end of the day, just listen to your KISS records, and form your own opinions!!!
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Best Kiss Podcast
Have listened/followed this podcast since it originated. Should have reviewed sooner, but better late than never? If you are a Kiss fan, you will love this podcast. Celebrates all formations/evolutions of the band without alienating fans from any lineup. True fans of the band do the show, and they know their stuff! Also, have had some great interviews-even some of the band. Guaranteed to not disappoint.
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You wanted the best
You wanted the best; you got the best, the hottest podcast on the net... PodKISSt! While there are several very good music related podcasts available, the PodKISSt is indeed the best. Ken, Gary and the gang treat the music with equal parts reverence and folly - as it should be. All eras are discussed and welcomed. Their positive attitude and support of other podcasts is also much appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It’ll make the good times great and the rough times better.
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A Classy Show!
It takes real talent to hold a listener's attention for 2 hours- this show is like a KISS show!
The Best of the KISS podcasts
This is my favorite of the KISS casts that I've heard so far. It's very well done, informative, and fun. Also, they cover Cheap Trick; which for me is an added bonus as I am a big fan of that band as well. I've been a KISS fan since 1975 and a Cheap Trick fan since 1977. I still love both bands (especially the older material), and I recommend this podcast for sure. It's much better than some others I've heard (I don't wanna name names, but one has a 3 in title. Blah!)
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carnivorous lunar activity
You wanted the best?
Well this is it, if you are a member of this Army and don't listen to PodKISSt, then turn in your card and tshirt now! Led by the Podfather himself Ken Mills, these are all "powerful and attractive men". I honestly consider each and every member of this podcast to be unofficial members of KISS and of course part or Mr Starkeys "cabinet" if you will. KISS has been there for me in great times and bad, and every episode makes me feel like I'm right there with them discussing all these moments in my KISS fandom as well as there's, hopefully someday I can tell my own KISS story, hats off to podKISSt. Rock n roll all night.....CMON CMON, and party every day!!!
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I like It.
It sounds like a conversation I would have about the band. Nothing smug or hip, just people who like the band having a discussion. I really like it when they do an episode on one side of one album, it helps me appreciate the record more.
A must listen for the KISS fan!
The PodKISSt podcast is one of the best KISS-centric shows out there. Maybe, even THE best. I love the roundtable disccussion from all the guys who take part, and it's always and enjoyable and informative listen. On a side note, as a Cheap Trick fan as well, the CHEAP TALK shows are equally great. Both shows are well worth your time and checking out!
Great show!
It's great to have an in-depth, well-executed podcast about the Hottest Band In The World. There is serious (and not-so-serious) discussion about EVERY facet of KISS, and for the most part, it is open-minded and impartial regarding the validity of different line-ups and releases! Thanks, guys!
cheap talk
love the cheap trick episodes!
The Podkisst Network Can't Be Stopped!
Mr. Mills and Mr. Porter are leading the charge of quality programming, where KISS freaks such as myself can listen, learn, and confirm what I already knew- KISS Rules! These episodes are excellent for repeated listenings; I love to dial up the iTunes and decide which KISS ROOMS/PODKISSTS I'm going to to spend the next couple of hours listening to. Plenty of killer offerings to sift through. Ken Mills, Gary Shaller, Matt Porter, Chris G., Andrew Sgambatti, and several others have given me dozens of hours of listening fun. All I have to say to these awesome people is "Thank You!!!"
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My two favorite KISS podcasts and a Cheap Trick podcast to boot
PodKISSt was the very first KISS podcast that I started listening to back in mid/late 2011. It has since become my favorite KISS podcast of all the many great KISS podcasts (including THE KISS ROOM, my second favorite KISS podcast) that are currently in existence and one of it's hosts, Ken Mills a.k.a. The Podfather, is my current favorite podcaster as well. Matt Porter, host of THE KISS ROOM and a regular on PodKISSt and Cheap Talk with Trick Chat as well, is another standout. No matter how down in the dumps (and in need of "somethin' ta bring me up" as Paul Stanley would say) I may be, it's literally impossible for me not to smile from ear to ear whenever I hear Matt's voice. He is one of the most positive podcasters I've ever listened to as well as being a great host and participant on all of the other podcasts that he appears on. You wanted the best KISS podcasts and you got the best KISS podcasts right here.
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Andrew Jakeobs
A powerful and attractive podcast....
Well, except for the Cheap Trick stuff but that's just my opinion. I love KISS and I love this podcast. They keep it interesting and it's always a show I look forward to. Great cast of characters and Ken Mills does a GREAT Gene Simmons impersonation. He's a powerful and attractive man.
Joel Hebensperger
a real standout kiss-related podcast!
of all of the kiss-related podcasts, podkisst is a real standout! all of the guys are very well informed and are entertaining as hell to listen to. some of the best episodes are the ones where they will have hosts from the other kiss-related on the show. the episode with the kisstory science theater guys was amazing as was the episode with mitch lafon and the decibel geek guys. podkisst has also done some fantastic episodes with people who were in the kiss camp at one time or another. the adam mitchell, peter criss, jr. smalling, mick campise, bruce kulick, tod howarth, ace frehley, and bob kulick interviews have all been amazing. the "album focus" episodes are also real standouts! great work guys!
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Really cool!
This is a great Hub for Kiss news and talk. Love it!
The Het
You wanted the best, you got the best!
This podcast has it all; great hosts, cool guests, and amazing content. I look forward to listening to Ken, Gary, and all the great folks that they bring in. If you love KISS, you need to listen to the PodKISSt!!!!
Nice Show
This is a very good podcast. It's both entertaining and informative. Kiss fans should definitely enjoy it. The opinions are honest, which is refreshing.
RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom)
Really great podcast
The guys who put together the PodKISSt are not only die-hard Kiss fans, but lovers of great rock-&-roll in general. The podcast is "rough" - obviously done simultaneously from several locations, over the phone - but they aren't charging for it, so professional sound-quality takes a backseat to energy and passion. It's a labor of love, and that shines through in every episode. There's so much knowledge and trivia in each podcast, I learn something new every time, even though I'm a die-hard Kiss fanatic myself. They always reference "the other" Kiss podcasts that are out there, but this is the only one I subscribe to. Keep up the good work!
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Scott Harding
Great Cheap Trick sub-cast
These guys do a side-series of podcasts on Cheap Trick, and it's wonderful. Just rock music fans, sitting around, discussing great music--much like you do with your buddies.
Taragui Junkie
KISS fans rejoice!
If you're a KISS fan this is the podcast for you! With a huge archive of shows built up there is quite a journey ahead for people just getting on board. From album breakdowns to interviews and a lot of surprises in between this is THE go to podcast for all things KISS.
Good but not the best
PodKisst is a cool podcast for Kiss fans. However, I like Kisstory Science Theater and Three Sides of the Coin better. In comparison, PodKissdt just lacks the depth, detail, and analysis of the other two mentioned. Also, PodKisst often features music that I've heard a million times before, and I'm more interested in discussion and exploring the music rather than listening to yet another live version of Dr. Love from 1977. 3 out of 5 stars for PodKisst.
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Love it! Good people!
Excellent show, very informative. The entire staff are good people, on social media they're very personable. By far, the original go-to KISS podcast! Highyl Recommended!
Christopher Garber
Rock and Roll all nite and Podkisst everyday!
The Mighty Jumby
Great Show!
I thoroughly enjoy most episodes .... a great way to keep KISS on our minds on a regular basis.
Don Knott Forgotten TAGSRWC Chapter
PodKISSt # 71
Ken, excellent interview with Jean Beauvoir! Great stories, some cool demo tracks, another fantastic episode of The PodKISSt!
Thee Matt Porter
There are quite a few KISS Podcasts
There are quite a few KISS Podcasts to choose from. This one outshines the rest. Intelligent conversations. Sensible adulation and reasonable criticism of the band, it's history, songwriting, performances and various band members over the years. The Rock and Roll Over Roundtable Discussion Pts 1 and 2 and the ALIVE Discussion Part 1are good examples of what the show is about. Check them out!
The original KISS Podcast and where it all started! Look forward to every episode! Great topics and great rare tracks!
Simply The Best
Simply put, the best KISS podcast out there. Long live the PodKISSt!!
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