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Podhouse 90
Frank Conniff
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Delightfully ridiculous
Very silly, funny, smart nonsense. What you’d expect from an MST alum. As you can see, rather erratic new posting schedule, but it’s a different kind of podcast. Love it. Wish there were more:
Raunchy and funny
A bit more NSFW than I'd have expected but that is not a criticism. This is uncensored, no-holds-barred statire and its hillarious and insightful in an era where few things in the "real" world are either. Frank Conniff is great at writing these radio plays and the execution is spot-on.
Fantastically Funny
Love this podcast. Made my laugh over and over. Just wish Frank would do them a little more often!
Coffee With Jeff
Always looking forward to the next episode!
El Stevedore
Soupe du jour
While listening to The Agoraphobic Action League, I was impressed by the mix of whimsy and grab bag of premises jammed into this radio play (superheroes, musical numbers, pragmatic vs impractical, interpersonal relationships, etc.) I found myself editing and rewriting the piece as I was listening. However, after 5 minutes, I gave in to the nuttiness. I let go of any preconceptions of what I thought the piece should be - and rather enjoyed it. There is no one who will argue whether Frank Conniff is a gifted comic mind. Here you'll find some insight into his process - swirling some original & obligatory humor, profanity, abstractions, different takes on the human condition, and a patient burn that pays off with a few real gems. I'm reminded of watching Family Plot after being a fan of Rebecca, Suspicion and Spellbound. I was alarmed at the output of a creative genius I admired. But you realize that not every meal has to be steak and spaghetti. Sometimes a salad and bread is perfectly satiating. And you still love the chef who made it for you.
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Rad iPad Dad with My Pad
You really need to know this guy’s FUNNY!
There hasn’t been anything this super funny man has written or performed that isn’t funny. You just can’t be this consistent unless you really have that special thing…. Frank Conniff not only has it, he delivers it in a style all his won that just kills me. His voice is one if the unsung hero voices of all time. I do not personally know this man, but I sure wish I did. Party on Frank. Can’t wait for more. Catte Adams
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Catte Adams
A New Favorite Podcast!
Frank Conniff is is brilliant, and he’s brought some of my favorite comedians together to make a masterpiece! I highly recommend!
Shockingly unfunny
The production quality is fantastic. The ideas are good. The talent is all there. But somehow there are no surprises, and you know every joke coming from a mile away. Somehow this is the least funny comedy effort I’ve ever encountered. Two stars simply for effort.
Fantastic Fun
Infrequently released, but the effort and care put into each installment shows. One of very few podcasts made to be listened to again and again, rather than as disposable entertainment. The songs are catchy and well-produced, and the writing is excellent. Every episode does a fine job of mixing silly pop-culture parody with a deeper note of cultural satire; be the target the news media, music industry, or social media celebrity.
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Michael A Sullivan
I wish I liked this, but I don't.
It's like a very, very weak Firesign album or some semi-unny thing NPR might produce. I wish the writing was as strong as the production. Dana Gould is funny as always .
and I expect nothing less from Mr. Conniff!!!
Midge Buckley
Frank Conniff is brilliant!
Worth It
If only to hear Emo Phillips say "Satan is Lord"
great writing, great production.
Frank Conniff is a certifiable comedic genius. I don't understand why this guys material isn't on Broadway. Thanks for the great work Frank.
So Funny
Loved it. and I hope there are many more to come.
May I Have Another, Please?
Is there anyone who even knows of Melissa Villaseñor, Daña Gould or Frank Coññiff? And DOESN'T love them and their work? THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! [Back to the review] Great writing, nice turns, terrific performances (the most terrifying? Emo's), good musical numbers, all-in-all, first-rate comedy. Interestingly, one of the few parodies or take-offs to be nearly as full length as the original. (Just over 5/4 of an hour for this one vs. just under 7/4 for the original. Thus the flicker starring Baby Gumm runs 24.5 min longer or ~2/5 of an hour plus 30 seconds … or so.) Most feature length parodies use several if not dozens of model stories and plot or character forms to emulate. OK. Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein, Dead And Loving It, Space Balls, others, I'm sure: full-length, single-target parodies. Probably many others. OK! I'm not perfect! Get off my back, already! Sheesh! Anyway, this podcast, five stars. Worth every cent. Hope there are many more.
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Remarkably remarkable
The production and star power of this thing… amazing! It must have cost Frank at least $50 million to produce it. There's nothing I didn't like about it. Hilarious too. MORE!
Autoerotic rustphixiation
That is all you need to know about how funny this is. Great work, Podcast's Frank.
Funny political humor with superb voice acting
Pundits of Oz is the perfect podcast to listen to as the election nears. It hilariously skewers the absurdities of modern political campaigns and the 24 hour news cycle. It's outrageous, insightful, intelligent and...funny!
Loved it
Just listened to this 2x in a row while commuting .. the Oz characters are sweetly amusing (with just a bit of raunch), the songs cute, and the "news" media satire razor-sharp and funny as hell (and a most timely & welcome relief amidst this hideous US election season) .. anyway, kudos to all concerned .. I look forward to more
Dracula Sue
….and it's free.
This is not close to what I had imagined a Frank Conniff podcast to be. It is also better than I could have hoped for, and it's F'ing free.
It's funny 'cause it's true
This first episode of "Podcast 90" is a hilarious satire on the absurdities of the politcal system as performed by the characters of "The Wizard of Oz." Great performances, terrific songs and a good belly laugh every, oh, 40 seconds or so. If every episode of this podcast is even nearly this good, it'll be a real keeper. Can't wait to hear what's next.
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