Podcast – Light the Beacons!
Podcast – Light the Beacons!
A LOTRO Podcast
LTB Episode-104, Spider-Moose
Braag discussed the Producer’s Letter as well as the new Mists of Wilderland Update with Wall-Crawling Ungulates..(He is small, but you can see him on the left side of the Ravine wall!)
Apr 30, 2020
DTB Episode-103, Thirsty Gimli Imbibes Frescas
With Braag in Quarantine, who is minding the store? Uh Oh..Here we go again….
Mar 31, 2020
LTB Episode 102 – They’re Swarthy!
Braag returns to denigrate the Stout-Axe Race and give his impressions of the Minas Morgul Expansion. C’mon Man!
Mar 15, 2020
DTB Episode-99, This is the End…
Grima has finally gone and done it. There will be no dawn (or Episode-100) for Men. So long and thanks for all the Fish…
Mar 31, 2019
LTB Episode-97, Producer’s Letter Fever
Braag recounts some of his favorite questlines in Evendim and takes a look forward by reviewing the FINALLY published Producer’s Letter for 2019. Crack SEVERAL ales…
Feb 26, 2019
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