Pod of Thunder
Pod of Thunder
Pod of Thunder
Andy Jones, Nick Jones and Chris Lathrop command you to kneel before whatever you use to listen to rock music podcasts and soak up the banter!Since 2013, this trio of KISS fans representing multiple generations analyzed every song from the band’s catalog, selected randomly from their 1974 debut through their most recent release, Monster. Now, they’re taking on songs by any band from any rock music genre, submitted by the show’s listeners.So hear their words and take heed as they slowly rob you of your virgin soul! Who knows – Pod of Thunder might just become your favorite rock and roll podcast (if it hasn’t already)!
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Lemme hear ya!!!
Love these guys! I was worried that it would all end once they got through the Kiss catalog. Glad they’re still going. - Greg Polard
Do it
Cannot wait for Pod Of Thunder The Movie!
It’s unbelievable.
A triumph.
Rodchester Willens
You wanted the best you got the best, the hottest podcast in the world: POD OF THUNDER!!
By far the best podcast ever! Got started on it from the Talk is Jericho appearance, and am on my third listen through of the series. It never gets old! I never listened to podcasts before this one and basically exclusively listen to this one. The commentary makes the KISS songs that I’ve heard hundreds of times seem like new discoveries. Even though I generally like every KISS song, some of the best times are when you guys just tear into some of the worst KISS songs. I thought I wouldn’t continue listening after the KISS songs ended since I started because KISS is my favorite band, but I’m so glad I continued. I’ve heard a lot of new discoveries that are great! Who would’ve thought someone could listen to a KISS podcast and somehow end up liking Addrissi Brothers and LL Cool J songs? Really hoping to get a Fozzy song soon and would love the Tooj to give his input. I hope this podcast goes on forever as it is AMAZING! Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do!
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Excellence in Rock and Roll Podcasting
Whether you are a KISS fan or just a fan of rock and roll, you will absolutely love this podcast. I have been listening to these guys for a couple years and truly look forward to each and every episode. Nick Jones, Andy Jones, and Chris Lathrop are musicians who offer great insight into a different rock song each episode. They have an amazing chemistry together and will definitely make you laugh. This podcast is the first thing I listen to every Monday morning on the way to work.
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Chris for goddam president
Read the title, nerds.
Love these guys!!!!
These guys have great chemistry, and are hilarious.
I never miss an episode !
Imagine your friends sitting around and a song comes on that you all have an opinion about. That’s what Pod of Thunder does weekly in a very humorous way. These guys aren’t critics or experts so don’t look for an in depth analysis of music, but their chemistry together, along with being musicians themselves makes for lively discussions. Comedic bits thrown in here and there and other topics going off the rails from time to time are all part of the charm of the show. I look forward to the show each week. Even if I don’t like the song that’s chosen, I still know it will be hilarious time well spent.
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Sweet surrender
Definitely not a kick in the balls
The Flying K-brone
Rock hard
Bringing the thrill of discovery back to rock
Pod of Thunder is a glorious throwback to the days before every artist’s entire back catalogue was at your fingertips with the click of a mouse—a time when music was something that you had to discover, and you found your next favorite band when your best friend gave you a mix tape, an older sibling brought a record home from the library or you simply rolled the dice and lay your hard-earned money down at the local record store because an album cover was just that cool. The reviewers who complain that the hosts don’t have a complete and comprehensive knowledge of every band in the history of rock completely miss the point—we all have favorite bands, and we all have those bands that we always meant to listen to a little more, but there are only so many minutes in a day. I know just about everything there is to know about Iron Maiden, but Pod of Thunder brings me back to that day in ‘88, when my friend Nate handed me his copy of “Somewhere in Time” and insisted that I HAD to check out this band. If you’re looking for a podcast that can break down the musical, thematic, and historical aspects of every Emerson, Lake and Palmer song, look elsewhere (you look elsewhere, not me). Instead of trying to be the experts on everything, Pod of Thunder provides the modern equivalent of throwing on a new 45 or popping a new cassette into the tape deck and dissecting it with your goofball friends. Occasionally they’ll have a guest host who knows a ton about that week’s band, but for the most part, they’re making it up as they go along. And isn’t that what rock ‘n’ roll is all about?
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Smiley MLC
Seriously, how can these "Rock" fans in their 40's - 50's live their entire lives and not be more familiar with bands like Cheap Trick, The Stooges, The Misfits, etc? These guys drive me insane with their lack of knowledge. Back in the day I had to mow lawns just to buy a few records a week. There was no internet, only my gut intuition, song titles and album art to judge by; often I scored, sometimes I wasted my money. Today, with the internet, there's no excuse for being ignorant when it pertains to music....just get online and check it out! There's nothing stopping these clowns from getting "familiar" with classic bands that any "Rock" fan worth their salt should have listened to waaaay back in high school. Oh my god, I keep trying to go back and listen but Chris in particular drives me up that wall. Dudes voice makes me want to pull my teeth and decapitate myself. Dropping it down a star!
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Dingdong Meter
Great Show With In Depth Reviews and Lots of Humor
Love this show! Even though, as some critics have pointed out, they don’t have 100% familiarity with ever band and album in the history of the music they still manage to provide a great analysis and are extremely humorous while doing so. Love hearing them discover songs I already know as well as review songs I’ve never heard before. Great job, guys!
Good good REAL GOOD!
I was made aware of this show thanks to Chris Jericho. Since KISS is my all-time favorite band, I had to check it out. I’m sad it took me 6 years to even find out about this show, but I’m glad I did. (YOU LIKE THAT, HUH?) I’m really loving this show. Up to episode 180 now so I’m over halfway done lol
Great concept but flawed execution
Most of the episodes are really good. However, the discussion gets marred from a lot of complaining about what constitutes a “real” fan and a “real” rock star. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion but the strange narrative of “If you like/do x then you’re not a real y” grows tiresome quickly and detracts from otherwise good discussions.
Bryan Jeffries
Very Funny!!!!
These Rock N’ Roll Boners always make my commute to work very entertaining. The hosts have great chemistry and Chris L. steals the show with his sarcasm, frustrations, and rants. The show has fantastic KISS insight and listening to this podcast has made me dive into the KISS catalogue. Gene and Paul owe these guys big time!!!!
Alejandro Marquez
Funny, engaging
I just started listening to their "phase two" podcasts and love it. Same great commentary, now broadened beyond KISS. Nice way to start the week!
Great fun
I love the Caribbean Cove episode.
Friend of Lemongrab
Theatre of the Crotch!
Fantastically entertaining analysis of the entire KISS catalog by three genuine fans who self-admittedly know nothing about KISS. Hilarious banter, imaginative production and completedly uninformative.
Joseph of Londinium
Great Podcast!
If you’re a hardcore Kiss fan, this is the podcast for you! Legitimate critique of EVERY Kiss song, and it’s done in a humorous and entertaining way. I love it!
Alcoholic Dump
Alcoholic Dump
Great Show! Wish I’d started listening sooner!
I love the premise of this show! The hosts have awesome chemistry, and OMG, It’s KISS!
Pure Ear Sex
These guys rule! POT Head for life!
Informative AND Entertaining
Good, good, real good! This a great podcast. Look forward to it every week. The POD of Thunder guys provide their honest, off-the-cuff perspectives on the KISS song catalog. The three of them are obviously KISS fans, but that doesn't stop them from dissing a song they dislike -- often to hilarious results. Equally entertaining are the songs they like and gush about. As a non-musician, I appreciate how they interject their musical knowledge to many of the songs. Keep up the great work. Hallelujah!
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Love this pcast!
Longtime KISS fanatic but literally just discovered the POT a couple months ago--so i'm catching up w/ all the past shows. I have never laughed so hard at a podcast. Too many F-bombs to play it around the kids/fam--otherwise probably top 5 podcast out there..
My Favorite Podcast
This is easily my favorite podcast. These guys are really funny and highly entertaining. If you're a KISS fan, this is the only podcast you need to listen to.
Is it their fortune or their fame?
Whatever it is, this pod is full of charisma.
Yet Another Kingfish
Favorite and I never miss an episode.
After meeting the three rock and roll boners at a Fozzy concert earlier this year, I was handed a flyer and figured “oh this is probably just another wrestling podcast.” Well I gave it a listen a few days later, and then binge listened to just about every episode at work. I am a sick man. Anyway, I never miss an episode and look forward to the new episodes every week, and I hope that Andy finally beats the crap outta that tool Cliff Caviar.
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Originally I wondered why I’d choose to listen to these knuckleheads ramble on for 45 minutes before even getting to the subject of the podcast. Funny thing is just before it became too god awfully annoying... I began to like it. The subject eventually became an afterthought. Chris initially I thought was quite whiny, but turned into the one I most like hearing. Totally comedic and worthy hanging around for. These guys actually cause me to laugh out loud which truly rarely happens. Try it and see. These guys are quite good together.. hearing their banter is really much better than hearing RARAN for the three thousandth time. Just hearing their thoughts on Nothin To Lose and the topic at hand had people at my gym wondering what the hell I kept laughing at. Good stuff.
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How they have made a commitment to do a podcast on every Kiss track is amazing and entertaining. Love Kiss? Love this!
A lyrical breakdown & musical critique of one Kiss song per week
Are you a Kiss fan? Were you a Kiss fan? Then this podcast is for you. The three lads hosting this podcast will make you laugh out loud. You won't always agree with them...hell, they don't always agree with each other. Either way you will be entertained. This show is "Hot, Hot, Hotter Than Grape!"
I wanted the best, but I'll settle for this
This show is entertaining and funny as hell. Imagine three semi-knowledgable knuckleheads who take an hour each week to talk about one individual random song in the large KISS catalog, promising to continue to do this until the entire discography is covered. Pepper in some off color, occasionally borderline offensive humor. Add some obscure references only the hosts know about, along with audio soundboard clips and Little Caesars pizza. Sound good? Then take a listen.
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Wacky Jack 4
Always wrong, but nobody does it better
I can forgive Nick for sending 2000 Man to Hell, but Chris' distain for Slade makes me question his manhood. I forget the other guy's name. A highlight of my commute.
A Weekly Dose of KISS - just what Dr. Love ordered!
An interesting and engaging group of friends who balance each other nicely and bring a fresh and fun perspective to KISS music...what's not to like?
The best podcast I have ever listened to
When I first started listening to Kiss podcasts, my first was Three sides of the coin, which I later realized was not quite what I was looking for in a Kiss podcast, my next experience with Kiss podcasts was the guys over at Podcast Rock City. At the end of each episode those guys roll commercials for all the other Kiss podcasts that they listen to, and when I heard the ad for Pod of Thunder, I was immediately interested. These guys really capture the feeling of a couple of friends sitting around having a discussion, sometimes not even about Kiss, but always entertaining. If you are thinking about listening to these guys, you should definitely check it out!
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Stone Kold KISS Klassic
I discovered this gem about two years ago. The premise is that every episode is a discussion about a randomly selected KISS song from the band's rather extensive catalog. What makes this podcast an absolute joy are the three hosts. They'll claim that they aren't KISS experts and that very well may be the case. But they have working knowledge of how music is made and performed that lends to some very insightful and entertaining discussions. It's all delivered with sharp wit and cutting humor that will likely remind you of similar discussions you've had with your friends. Best
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#1 Hair Band Fan
Like Hanging With Friends
Equal parts smart, funny, clever and inanely stupid. My kinda guys, just hanging out talking about my favorite band, chewing pizza into the microphones. They're not inner-circle Kiss nerds that know every detail about the band's history, but that only adds to the charm of this addictive podcast. I hope Kiss keeps releasing more albums so this doesn't have to end!
My favorite Kiss podcast!
These guys will keep you laughing. The Caribbean Cove episodes are hilarious.
awsome show
Discovered this podcast through the cobra and fire podcast when they did a guest spot. Decided to check on the pod of thunder podcast and have really enjoyed the show. Glad to see there are others who aren't afraid to call out Paul and Gene when called for
Newly discovered & enjoying it!
As a fan bitten by the Kiss bug and now totally obsessed, I recently found this show. I love the format. I'm very detail oriented, and it doesn't get any more detailed than analyzing each song one by one. The hosts are down-to-earth and all have a great sense of humor.
Hugh Morrus
Funny Crew
My favorite KISS podcast. These guys are funny, and clearly like hanging out together. I loved the episode with Jericho. Quit calling him a D-level celebrity!
Superbly entertaining
I have been listening to this podcast now for several months, and cannot express my gratitude towards Andy, Nick, and Chris for the hard work and dedication they put into this. I thouroughly enjoy every episode, and enjoy the differing points of view each brings to the table. I usually listen during my workouts, and find my workout being disrupted with my laughter spurred from Chris's comments on "most" things. Awesome show guys, keep it up, and thanks!
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Great Show !!!
Great show with a cool concept. The guys are really funny and it's always a blast listening to new episodes, even when I don't like the song they are talking about. I love that there is a podcast that gives credit to the vastly underrated Vinie Vincent too! I really enjoyed the Fireworks or Scorpions Songs bit. I'm a huge Scorps fan and I find it ridiculous they don't get the praise they deserve. The 70's era Uli Jon Roth albums are some of the best ever recorded. I would love to hear you guys do some of those songs on your special (non KISS) episodes. Great show guys !!!
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Blind Guardian(Best Band Ever)
The real Pod of Thunder
This is a great podcast, especially if the deep KISSTORY doesn't appeal to you. They don't kill you with facts, but they may with jokes. This is the most consistently entertaining podcast I listen to.
You wanted the best!
Three funny guys looking at even KISS song, but bringing the funny along the way! Five starchilds!
Flash Fan #1
That’s nice for daddy.
POT makes my Monday afternoon commute bearable, which should give you some idea how bad my commute is.
Pod Of Thunder! Fun stuff
Ken from the PodKISSt here "Pod of Thunder" really cracks me up. These guys are fans, not Super KISS Nerds, they just love KISS,. Some songs they like more than others. Sure, I may not always agree with them, but that is the beauty of the internet, we all have opinions, listen to theirs and enjoy! ( I dare you to do it like Winnie The Pooh. P.S. Drink every time Chris talks about :Ariel Castro" :))
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One of the best Kiss podcasts!
Other Kiss podcasts search for obscure guests or talk about “what if…” scenarios, which is great and all. This is the rare podcast that seems to exist just for the hell of it, without pleading for reviews or "expand the brand”—these guys just seem to like hanging out and talking in depth about every single Kiss song, arguing over misheard lyrics or describing how great or awful a guitar solo is or exploring the meaning behind lyrics. Every Kiss die-hard should check out this show every week. And if you don’t like it, that’s just the _______ way it is!
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Stix Hooligan
Love the podcast!
I’m definitely a POD head. I don’t always agree with the opinions of some of the songs, but completely enjoy the show nevertheless. You guys are entertaining and I have caught every one of your episodes. How about a three episode retrospect on Torpedo Girl? lol
Started listnening a few weeks back, and can't stop! Favorite KISS podcast. Funny! Throat Donut Studio lives!!
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