Pod Mortem: A Horror Podcast
Pod Mortem: A Horror Podcast
Reneé Hunter Vasquez, John Paul Vasquez, Travis Hunter
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Absolutely my favorite!
I re-downloaded the Apple Podcast app to specifically leave a review for this podcast. Renee, John Paul, and Travis are warm, funny, intelligent, and obviously passionate about horror movies. I’ve even listened to the episodes where I haven’t seen the movie because they are so thorough in their scene by scene description that I’m never lost. I hope they keep this podcast going for a LONG time!! It’s like having my family over in my kitchen talking horror movies while I make dinner. You can tell they all three love and respect each other and(my biggest pet peeve when listening to a podcast with multiple hosts) rarely interrupt or talk over each other. 10/10 creepy puppets.
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C.E. Bowman
Funny and Insightful!
As a long-term horror fan, this podcast checks a lot of boxes for me. They do a great job of discussing the underlying themes and character development. It’s abundantly clear that the hosts put a lot of thought into their commentary of each film. Their humor helps to balance out the analysis to give the podcast a fun and relaxed vibe.
Let’s just say this show is a vibe ✌🏽💛
Best Horror Movie Podcast - By Far
Here’s why: 1. They take you through the entire movie, scene by scene, they don’t just talk generally about it. 2. Renee, John Paul and Travis are very likable people. Sitting down and hanging out and watching a movie with them seems like it would be a great time. Unlike many podcasters, they seem like people you’d *actually* want to hang out with. 3. None of them have annoying voices. As silly as that sounds, sometimes a podcast can turn me off if the voices aren’t easy on the ears. They all have voices made for this. It also helps that the sound is good. It doesn’t sound like they’re talking out of a shoe. 4. When Renee described Creepshow as a “warm blanket” in episode 1, because it’s a movie she’s known her whole life, it perfectly described how I feel about it. I was sold on the podcast immediately. Check it out and enjoy. Sometimes when I can’t decide on a movie to watch, I just play an episode of Pod Mortem and it feels like I’m hanging out with friends who make me laugh and like the same movies I do.
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I love listening to these guys. I’m always cracking up!!!! Great horror podcast.
One of the best horror movie podcasts out there
As a fan of horror movies this podcast gives me really great reviews with a huge dose of comedy. Reneé and Travis give some of the best in depth reviews and John Paul provides some of the coolest observations that blow my mind. The added fact they are all hilarious makes this podcast stand out from 98% of all other horror movie podcasts and always leaves me wanting more.
Spooky Viewing
Pod Mortem: A Horror Podcast is the perfect example of horror movie fandom. The hosts are engaging, informative and share a passion for the genre that avoids being overly critical or gatekeeper-like. The chunk of movies they've covered is various across subgenres. While there is a lot of modern horror, they've also tackled movies from other eras. Give them a listen and subscribe now just in time for Halloween season!
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Thanks Doctor Wolfula
Long time subscriber of Doctor Wolfula here! Checked them out after his suggestion and have been hooked since episode 1!
My favorite horror podcast
I discovered this amazing podcast through a Bloody Digusting twitter thread. Without hesitation, I subscribed to their YouTube channel and starting listening to PM there. Once I noticed that their podcast was available through most channels, I began listening to them on iTunes. Each new episode makes me excited Monday. I listen to most episodes at work (I skipped a few to avoid spoilers) and it makes the workday bearable. The hosts are great, and I use the same exact rating system when I write horror movie reviews. I love this podcast so much. I can’t wait till the hosts dig into my all time favorites. -Gorey Bits YouTube Channel
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Another fake account has stolen and posted your episodes
Check out Morbid: a true crime by Sara Dewi. They’re stealing various other podcast episodes and reposting them under a fake account yours are there to!
Awesome show!
So happy I stumbled across this podcast. The hosts are funny and knowledgeable!
Great podcast!
Feels like sitting at table with your pals talking horror movies! It’s a great listen and I always have such a great time listening in! Great job you guys!
Promising episode
Found an ad for it on a subreddit, I love creepshow so I listened, because we can’t go anywhere and the world is ending. So if the world ends, I won’t get more and that’s honestly upsetting. I’d love to hear their take on creepshow 2 Wrote this before the second episode, has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Makes my Monday morning drive entertaining. Hosts are really interactive on Twitter as well, which just makes you feel involved
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1st and golden tate
“She got sweet teeth”
As someone who generally doesn’t gravitate towards the horror genre, this is an awesome podcast! They are super entertaining and bring on some interesting theories and perspectives. Not to mention their humor and lightness to haunting topics makes the content very digestible. Delectable and balanced. Yum! I’ll be adding this to my breakfast routine. 👌
Great Show
Fantastic concept. Good banter between all three hosts. Enjoy the small bits of trivia. Keep up the great work!
I enjoyed this podcast! The detail they go into, makes it very interesting! I’m not a horror movie fan but I thought I’d branch out on my podcasts. The way they organize the show and talk about it, makes it entertaining. I am a movie enthusiasts so it makes this awesome because they don’t just talk about the horror part but the filming, and influence of scenes and the acting. Go give it a listen!
Awesome Show!!
Great podcast for horror enthusiasts. This trio delves the film/anthology with dissection techniques that would impress the most diehard fan of the horror genre. I highly recommend this podcast and I look forward to their next episode!
Strong Start
Horror is my thing, so when I heard about Pod Mortem, I was beyond stoked. My first impression is that these are the horror best friends you want to have. They do an offbeat deconstruction of plot with banter and trivia. The first episode is a little lengthy but forgiving since they gave a slot to each section of the anthology. I like it enough to keep tuning in. I’ll adjust the review/rating as curators find their stride, or at the end of season 1. So far, pretty fun!
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#1 Podcast
I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast! Not only are they insightful concerning this genre but they are absolutely the most entertaining threesome ever. So if you are a fan of all things concerning horror I encourage you to check out Pod Mortem! They will not disappoint.