Pod Bless Texas
Pod Bless Texas
Armadilla Strategies
Through their podcast Pod Bless Texas, former candidates Lillian Salerno and Kendall Scudder offer a humorous, informative barstool conversation about the good, the bad and the always oh-so-strange politics of their beloved Texas. Believe it or not, sometimes the most important issue doesn’t involve what bathroom you use.
A New/Familiar Sheriff in Town (ft. Luper Valdez)
Pod Bless Texas host Kendall Scudder is joined by cohost Lorenzo Buttram Hubbard and this week's guest, former Dallas County Sheriff and 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Lupe Valdez. The team discusses Lupe's 2018 gubernatorial run, her return to the Dallas County political scene, and the political happenings of the week.
Sep 21, 2023
59 min
Progressive Backbone (ft. Rep. John Bryant)
Pod Bless Texas host Kendall Scudder is joined by cohost Alison Grinter-Allen and this week's guest, State Representative John Bryant (HD114). The team discusses timidity in the Democratic legislative caucuses, the pending special session, and the Paxton trial. Also, can we punch Nazi's again?
Sep 8, 2023
42 min
MAGA Mug Shots/MAGA Movement (ft. Nancy Thompson)
Pod Bless Texas host Kendall Scudder is joined by Nancy Thompson, the founder of Mother's Against Greg Abbott (MAGA). Kendall and Nancy discuss the creation of MAGA, the Paxton Impeachment, the Trump arrest, and the latest viral (orchestrated) hit, Rich Men North of Richmond.
Aug 31, 2023
47 min
The girls are fighting, y’all!
Pod Bless Texas host Kendall Scudder is joined by State Representative Mihaela Plesa, the first Democrat to represent Collin County in over 35 years. Kendall and Mihaela discuss her first legislative session as a member, her legislative accomplishments, and growing up Romanian in North Texas.
Aug 23, 2023
41 min
Did you miss us?
Pod Bless Texas is back and ready to cover Texas politics! Join Kendall Scudder as he adjusts to being a lone ranger and welcomes in our first surprise guest of the season! SPOILER: It's your old pal, bureaucrat Lillian Salerno, the Texas State Director for United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.Kendall and Lillian discuss Lil's new role at USDA, what that means for Rural Texas, and limited discussion on actual politics because Lillian can't do that anymore. Whomp whomp. They also decide to bring back everyone's favorite segment, Obsessed!
Aug 15, 2023
45 min
Pod Bless Texas (ft. Sen. Al Franken)
Kendall and Lil try to come to terms with the terrible state of Texas politics over Pokemon Oreos. Sen. Al Franken stops by to pitch his ideas on filibuster reform and to talk about his upcoming comedy tour with stops in Dallas and Austin.
Oct 1, 2021
1 hr
Joe Jaworski wants your vote
Joe Jaworski, former mayor of Galveston and a Democratic candidate for Attorney General
Aug 30, 2021
47 min
The Lone Democrat
Kendall and Lillian sit down with Pierina Otiniano, the lone Democrat in the #HD10 special election, scheduled for 8/31. Also, Lil becomes a San Francisco Liberal, while Kendall becomes a master gardener.
Aug 21, 2021
46 min
We March On
Kendall and Lillian are joined by Alejandro Chavez, the grandson of Cesar Chavez, and the Deputy State Director of Arizona for the March On for Voting Rights to talk about the marches they are organizing around the country this August.
Aug 6, 2021
48 min
Special Episode: Texas Dems Walk Out
Texas House Democrats have fled the state and are camping out in Washington DC in an effort to block the passage of some of the worst voting laws in the country.
Jul 14, 2021
32 min
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