Pod After Lockup
Pod After Lockup
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065 - Called You An Uber (Tom Myers)
52 minutes Posted Oct 8, 2020 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

Caitlin Ruppert has on Comedian and baseball announcer Tom Myers to talk about Season 3 Episode 5 of Love After Lockup. In this episode Destine reveals that she has had many female partners and plans to continue that and not tell Shawn, despite that she claims Shawn is a wonderful lover. Jessica feels out of place in all the places Maurice takes her because to her home is a quiet reflective place. Shavel is over having mama bear around and orders her an Uber to get rid of her. Tyrice hopes blue is Chandas favorite color as he dawns an all blue outfit for her prison release. Scott tries to have a family intervention with the department of corrections who still seem to want to treat Lindsay like a prisoner, how rude! 

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