Pod After Lockup
Pod After Lockup
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064- Math Mishaps (Caitlin Ruppert)
42 minutes Posted Sep 27, 2020 at 1:28 pm.
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Show notes

On this episode Caitlin Ruppert goes solo to dissect Season 3 episode 4 of Love After Lockup The usual pit falls of life after prison are popping up yet again, Kristiana is running late to the half way house because of a wedding she shrugged to and said "I do I guess" Scott enjoys a romantic cold steak with the limo driver, Tyrice has conveniently failed to mention his one true loves one true race, Shawn can't do math for his age or his kids...maybe he said 2 kids because that's how many he had at 36! And morose does the right thing and asks his PO to transfer him to be w his wife and when he says no decides to do it anyway! 

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