Pod After Lockup
Pod After Lockup
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061- Wings To Spare (Juan Carlos)
1 hour 20 minutes Posted Aug 8, 2020 at 3:25 pm.
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Show notes

Juan Carlos, fellow comedian and show runner joins Caitlin Ruppert for this very exciting long awaited first episode of Love After Lockup season 3 “Stairway To Heaven”! Scott forces us all to imagine him knocking boots and ankle monitors in a vibrantly lime green room surrounded by Viagra bottles. Jessica stalks her own sister and is shocked when she spots her and an entire camera crew. John leaves us all feeling creeped out and fascinated with too many red flags to count. Shivel lets us know she won't be fooled into giving money to a record producer again because she's moved on to more trustworthy people, convicts she's never met. And Shawn just leaves us all saying "oh honey no". This Season looks like its going to be just filled with bad decisions and the makings of a lot of future therapy sessions for all those kids! make sure to listen every week and join the facebook group! 


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