Pod After Lockup
Pod After Lockup
TCS Entertainment
059- Biiiiig Daddy (Michael Harrington)
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Apr 6, 2020 at 2:39 pm.
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Show notes

Caitlin Ruppert Skypes in Michael Harrington during this pandemic so he can convince us all he’s still in love with pig pen, oh and we review Episode 10 of Season 2 Life After Lockup, which is of course the Love After Lockup spin off we all miss. This episode is titled Who’s Cheating Who, starts off with my favorite fridge rule follower Tony, he has a Batchelor party that has us asking who do we feel worst for, the strippers or the crew that has to film this sad three person party? Next we watch Lacey play her usual game of trying to get two men to fight over her and Caitlin gets a new “Big Daddy” ringtone. Tracie reveals she’s had and un-had a pregnancy, after a clearly drug fueled fight she finally agrees to rehab. Amanda and Brittany have a heart to heart in the back of a truck and Brittany heads home to give Marcelino her Dr. Phil take on his behavior. Michael leaves Sarah to climb into Maria's vag till the next time he sees another victim (woman willing to date him). That and a fun collection of completely opposite relationship opinions from Caitlin and Michael. 

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