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Pod After Lockup
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This podcast takes a dive into the beautiful disaster that is reality show "Love After Lockup." Comedian Caitlin Ruppert has on new guests every week bringing to light everything you know you were already thinking episode by episode!
065 - Called You An Uber (Tom Myers)
Caitlin Ruppert has on Comedian and baseball announcer Tom Myers to talk about Season 3 Episode 5 of Love After Lockup. In this episode Destine reveals that she has had many female partners and plans to continue that and not tell Shawn, despite that she claims Shawn is a wonderful lover. Jessica feels out of place in all the places Maurice takes her because to her home is a quiet reflective place. Shavel is over having mama bear around and orders her an Uber to get rid of her. Tyrice hopes blue is Chandas favorite color as he dawns an all blue outfit for her prison release. Scott tries to have a family intervention with the department of corrections who still seem to want to treat Lindsay like a prisoner, how rude!  Follow the whole show on Instagram: @ComedianTomMyers @CaitlinRuppert @PodAfterLockup 
Oct 8, 2020
52 min
064- Math Mishaps (Caitlin Ruppert)
On this episode Caitlin Ruppert goes solo to dissect Season 3 episode 4 of Love After Lockup The usual pit falls of life after prison are popping up yet again, Kristiana is running late to the half way house because of a wedding she shrugged to and said "I do I guess" Scott enjoys a romantic cold steak with the limo driver, Tyrice has conveniently failed to mention his one true loves one true race, Shawn can't do math for his age or his kids...maybe he said 2 kids because that's how many he had at 36! And morose does the right thing and asks his PO to transfer him to be w his wife and when he says no decides to do it anyway!  Follow Caitlin and the Pod on IG: @CaitlinRuppert @PodAfterLockup
Sep 27, 2020
42 min
063 - Tube Tacos (Qi Ricks)
Qi Ricks (Chef/plane expert) Joins Caitlin Ruppert to discuss Season 3, Episode 3 of Love After Lockup “Date With Destinie”! Tyrice gets help for his friend Tangy picking out clothing to fit a mf-in big a** Maurice is overjoyed by fluffy TP and planes. Scott buys steak for Lindsays return. Shevel is confronted again by her boo things lies. Shawn is disappointed with his investment and hopes a little makeup will get him his moneys worth. That and all the usual pearls of wisdom Qi has to offer!  Follow the whole show on Instagram! @Qidunckachud, @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup    Youtube: https://youtu.be/n1bb-Qomu_I 
Sep 5, 2020
1 hr 16 min
062- Hitchhike To The Halfway House (Elizabeth Lopez)
Elizabeth Lopez (Comedian/reality show professional) Joins Caitlin Ruppert to recap Season 3, Episode 2 of Love After Lockup “Bad At Being Good”! Scott makes excuses for why Lindsey was selling meth while Lindsey explains it was so she could buy more meth. John pops the question and Kristiona has to either say yes or hitchhike to the halfway house. Morise and Jessica see each other for the first time in two years and the girls are out ready and raring to go. Queylon makes the ride extra awkward for Shivel and his mom by telling both opposite plans. And Shawn makes us all want to cry on Graceys behalf.  Follow the whole show on Instagram! @Elocomedy @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup 
Aug 9, 2020
56 min
061- Wings To Spare (Juan Carlos)
Juan Carlos, fellow comedian and show runner joins Caitlin Ruppert for this very exciting long awaited first episode of Love After Lockup season 3 “Stairway To Heaven”! Scott forces us all to imagine him knocking boots and ankle monitors in a vibrantly lime green room surrounded by Viagra bottles. Jessica stalks her own sister and is shocked when she spots her and an entire camera crew. John leaves us all feeling creeped out and fascinated with too many red flags to count. Shivel lets us know she won't be fooled into giving money to a record producer again because she's moved on to more trustworthy people, convicts she's never met. And Shawn just leaves us all saying "oh honey no". This Season looks like its going to be just filled with bad decisions and the makings of a lot of future therapy sessions for all those kids! make sure to listen every week and join the facebook group!    Follow the whole show on Instagram! @JuanCarlosComedy @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup     
Aug 8, 2020
1 hr 20 min
060 - BONUS  Bad Boys (Adam Nutter)
On a podcast dedicated to exploring Love After Lockup a few questions about the law pop up, ok more than a few, a ton! Caitlin Ruppert has on comedian and former NYC police officer Adam Nutter of Words With Nerds to talk about cops, the job not the show. We delve into everything from, can you cry to get out of a speeding ticket to, can Clint and Tracie really get pulled out of their car just for sleeping in it? You're going to want to listen if you've ever wondered about the inner workings of what comes before Lockup.  Follow the show: @AdamNutter @CaitlinRuppert @PodAfterLockup 
Apr 17, 2020
1 hr 16 min
059- Biiiiig Daddy (Michael Harrington)
Caitlin Ruppert Skypes in Michael Harrington during this pandemic so he can convince us all he’s still in love with pig pen, oh and we review Episode 10 of Season 2 Life After Lockup, which is of course the Love After Lockup spin off we all miss. This episode is titled Who’s Cheating Who, starts off with my favorite fridge rule follower Tony, he has a Batchelor party that has us asking who do we feel worst for, the strippers or the crew that has to film this sad three person party? Next we watch Lacey play her usual game of trying to get two men to fight over her and Caitlin gets a new “Big Daddy” ringtone. Tracie reveals she’s had and un-had a pregnancy, after a clearly drug fueled fight she finally agrees to rehab. Amanda and Brittany have a heart to heart in the back of a truck and Brittany heads home to give Marcelino her Dr. Phil take on his behavior. Michael leaves Sarah to climb into Maria's vag till the next time he sees another victim (woman willing to date him). That and a fun collection of completely opposite relationship opinions from Caitlin and Michael.   Follow the whole show on Instagram! @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup @TheMHarrington 
Apr 6, 2020
1 hr 5 min
058- Is She Obulatin (Christina Galston)
Caitlin Ruppert is lucky enough to not have corona and have a Galston in the house specifically Christina Galston! She came all the way from Florida to review Episode 9 of Season Life After Lockup, which is of course the Love After Lockup spin off we all love.  This episode is titled The Wife The Girlfriend and The Side chick. We open the episode with Sarah probably pregnant by Michael again, Maria thinking Sarah held Michael hostage and Michael trying to lie to producers. Angela sends Tony out with Tommy to go shopping for a suit and a new excuse to cheat on Angela in the form of a love lorn best friend. Brittany and Marcelino waste beer. Clint makes it clear why dog brother is the favorite. Lamar agrees to anything to get off a cold mountain. And Lacey makes It so none of us can watch this show in public! That and so much in this special long episode because none of us can leave our houses anyway! Follow the whole show on Instagram! @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup @FreakinJewrican 
Mar 13, 2020
1 hr 29 min
057- Flushed But Not Forgotten (Tiana Miller)
Caitlin Ruppert is joined by comedian, musician, and lover of trash TV, Tiana Miller! They review Episode 8 Season 2 of Life After Lockup, which is of course the Love After Lockup spin off we all love.  This episode is titled Royal Flush but we’re suspicious how flushable goddess medicine is.In the episode, Michael is still confused about words on paper, but it won’t him from lying to Maria and spending the night at Sarahs, dear lord I hope she isn’t obulatin! Lacys dad and Shane put together a death trap trampoline. Andrea makes a convincing argument for why she hasn’t assaulted her husband who definitely has never worn a condom in his life! Tony surprises Angela and she surprises the world by demonstrating her love of ciggys and ability to smoke through an apocalypse. Tracie tries to get her drugs and possibly Clint arrested. Marcelino pays to have a woman tell him he sucks. Cheryl hides in the woods with her family while Josh has a new girlfriend, that and so much more! Tiana was a great guest who can identify with a lot of the people on this show, the episode gets intense and you don want to skip this one!  Follow the whole show on Instagram! @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup @TianaTheGoblin 
Mar 6, 2020
57 min
056 - I Think We’re Alone Now (Tanya Puig)
Caitlin Ruppert is joined by former Co-Host returned to spill the tea on what she thought of Episode 8 Season 2 of Life After Lockup aaaand some of the stuff that’s been going on in previous episodes!! Love After Lockup continued and Pod After Lockup reunion! This episode is titled, Risky Business and I’m guessing its about the business of love…or something else honestly it could be about Tom Cruise who knows. Sarah and Michael go to therapy and for once Sarah has the upper hand. Lacey and John make out on some strangers couch. Tracey hates Clint which is fine because he looooves her, $5000 worth of love. Andrea finds Lamars penis balloons in his pocket and turns into an MMA fighter wed all bet on. Cheryl and Josh finally call it quits after three days of attempted bliss. And Marcelino doesn’t tell Brittany he’s low on cash but does tell a sexy stranger, scandalous! That and all the giggles and gaffes you know and love.  Follow the whole show on Instagram! @CaitlinRuppert, @PodAfterLockup @PuigIsPuig
Feb 28, 2020
1 hr 12 min
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