Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science
Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science
The Planetary Society
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Thank you
Your program is soo informative and i appreciate the hard work of everyone involved to provide us with this knowledge. <>Henry Williams III
Terrific and informative.
Great podcast for folks interested in the happenings of space and all things orbital industry.
Van The Man
Great Source of Enthusiastic Reporting & Interviews
I look forward every Wednesday to the release of the new episode of planetary radio. The knowledge and enthusiasm of Mat Kaplan and his many guests adds weekly to my knowledge of and enthusiasm for space exploration and planetary science. Check it out!
Tim in CLE
Matt & Bruce are Great
I fast forward the profane ranting Bill Nye. Unforgivable & unprofessional when I heard it.
Best Space Podcast
Young professional/ student in the aerospace industry and have listened to a number of space podcasts, but this is by far the best. Combines unique space policy insight with great speakers and keeps me up to date on exciting things happening in the industry
Well done on all fronts. As someone who had always loved space but only recently focused on it regularly this is exactly what I was looking for.
Fantastic podcast!
They don’t dumb it down. They have fun! Love the variety of shows. Matt is a great host. But, I think Bill Nye should pay him more 😀
Worth listening to
For someone who casually enjoys astronomy and science, I enjoy each and episode of this podcast, especially the Space Policy editions because I live in Washington, DC.
I’ve been in love with absolutely anything space or science related since I was a kid. This podcast helps me keep the passion alive and well. After listening for a while all I want is to be involved in this incredible industry anyway I possibly can.
Great podcast for casual listeners to scientists
This podcast is one of a very few that I listen to every week without fail. The content is varied and fascinating. Mat Kaplan does a great job keeping the content both timely and insightful. I particularly loved the episodes focused on mission successes and new science initiatives/discoveries. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough to anyone with an interest in space. I frequently leave the podcast feeling more optimistic about our prospects as a species, which can be difficult to find in the day to day news cycle.
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Mat K is the best
This is such a fine part of what the Planetary Society offers, and it makes me proud to be a member. Mat Kaplan is as intelligent, excited and involved with the stories and guests as you’d expect, but even more patient, kind and thoughtful than you might guess when finding a science podcast. It’s educational and uplifting to listen to every episode, and gives me an extra boost on “hump day” Thank you Bruce for your weekly portion as well, always entertaining and often reminds me to look up at night, as well as educating me on space history. Huge props to everyone at PS, past, present and future! To steal from Mat, I’ll end with his phrase, ad astra!
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Always Enjoyable
Want to know what’s going on across our little slice of the cosmos, and not get buried in technical jargon? This is the podcast for you! Just enough science to make the listeners feel smart (this one, anyway) mixed in with such contagious enthusiasm and excitement = a winning formula. And after listening a few times, I dare you not to want to join The Planetary Society. Double dare, even. :)
Good Space Podcast
The host is entertaining and easy to listen to. Always very interesting space subjects discussed.
The Persian Mystic
Informative, entertaining, indispensable
This show is the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening in space. Fascinating conversations with key players, fun facts, coverage of everything from detailed science to governmental policy to art. And all by the passionate team at the Planetary Society. My favorite podcast!
Space is the last frontier. This podcast will literally lifted you above your worries and everyday life. Learn about other planets, future exploration, new ideas, space policies, international collaboration and more importantly the future of humanity. One hour of pure evasion each week. Superb!
The best space science podcast
Planetary Radio is outstanding and delivers podcast excellence week after week. If you are a space enthusiast or merely interested in planetary exploration this is the podcast for you!
Joel w
Great podcast : ) Great topics every week !
Jdw alaska
If you like space...
I’m currently majoring in Aerospace engineering and astrodynamics so take this with a grain of salt if you’re not! I love the show. It’s a great way to find more information on topics you’ve heard about, learn about topics you haven’t heard about, and relate all of the interesting (or nerdy) space topics to their political counter parts in the Space Policy Edition. If you’re interest at all in space, give it a listen!
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Planetary radio
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. It is informative and entertaining and really gives insight into the workings of the space program.
Star struck
I am not a “Rocket Scientist “, but I Love anything that talks about Space. I am amazed at how much advancement has taken place in even the 3 months! I can’t understand why no one gets that the future is in Space! Future wars will begin in Space, and future life will be in Space. I cringe at how far ahead the USA has let China get! NASA needs to be well funded and it scares me that Biden may be the new President, and he just won’t get it. The only aliens he cares about are of the foreign kind. Anyway, I love Planetary podcast, I never miss a show. Thanks
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A weekly dose of space science
Planetary Radio brings us an in-depth interview with a fascinating person working on space, astronomy or cosmology wrapped in shave news and backyard astronomy.
Excellent space news, discoveries, science/tech
I love the range of topics covered and the hopeful tone of the podcast. It’s a great chronicle of our first steps into space.
Easy listening
I love listening to “rocket science” topics in an easy listening mode, I actually learn stuff without trying. A great place to keep up to date on things happening in space.
Love the show and you should too!
Go science!
A Fantastic Space Communication Podcast
This podcast is a great way to expand your understanding of space related activities, the people who make it all possible, their impacts on the ground and why it all matters. If you love space, or just want to learn more, be sure to give this a listen.
Mike Rushlow
Mat is an excellent host with great guests. Accessible to the space-curious with lots of depth and news
Scorecenter worked
Did you hear them mention signing up for the planetary society?!
I feel like listening to this podcast is like donating to the humane society and giving your real address. Yes, you support them but.... you don’t want all the junk mail they send. Please stop talking consistently about signing up to be a member your organization.
They go from strength to strength.
I'm supplementing my review to add this: Mat Kaplan may be the greatest interviewer currently working in any medium. I get excited every week when I see that there's a new edition of the Planetary Radio podcast, or the monthly Space Policy Edition. They provide fascinating, up-to-the minute talks with everyone from astronauts to academics, and I always learn new things about science, history and politics. The Planetary Society staff is full of smart, cool, fun people, and it's a continual pleasure to listen to Mat Kaplan, Bruce Betts, Emily Lakdawalla, Casey Dreier, Jason Davis and the rest, including CEO Bill Nye (cooler than whom you do not get). I'm a longtime admirer of The Planetary Society's work, so I was a member for years before I discovered the podcast, but if the only thing my membership paid for was the podcast, I would consider it money well spent. And I will not rest until I win the space trivia contest!
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La Manifesta
A Cosmic Treasure
Thanks to Mat, Bruce and the crew for years of informative wonder! Ad Astra! 🖖♾
Mr. Glas
In depth interviews are wonderful!
I love the in depth interviews. It’s so rare to find a podcast that goes so deep into space topics and has the clout to get big names in NASA, JPL, APL, even the entertainment industry and congress. The host, Mat Kaplan has such a relaxing voice to listen to, and produces top notch segments. Also love the space policy editions Casey runs so we learn exactly what is going on in government and how we can influence! All around great show. I have listened for years now and wish I had discovered it sooner!
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Great science Podcast!!!
This is the ideal podcast for science lovers of all kinds. I myself love space and everything having to do with space, astronomy, and all the neat things that make up our universe(s). Of course, we all love StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson and hilarious comic co-host, Chuck Nice.... that’s the best science podcast on earth and among my favorite podcasts as a whole (I prefer comedy podcasts but dabble into science and sci-fi podstories such as “The Message” and “Limetown” which I high suggest listening too as they will entertain you while leaving you wanting more). Obviously, it’s very tough to be better than Neil Degrasse when it comes to speaking about science in a fun manner, however this podcast is my 2nd choice even though they don’t attempt comedy and mainly focus on the “actually science”. My one SUGGESTION for this podcast would be to have a comic co-host or invite different comics to come do the show. Obviously you won’t bring in Joe Rogan (he loves science so not out of the realm of possibility, but pretty close to it haha), but there are plenty of hilarious low-mid level comedians who are early in their career and would love the additional reach they can obtain by being on your show. While I love all things space, a podcast that just list/discusses science facts/news can get extremely boring and monotonous causing my mind to wander and therefore, I am not really enjoying and engaged with the show. Adding a comedian to each podcast could, hell I’ll even say “would”, make this podcast better and reach a much wider audience.... inviting comics will also help your numbers as comic fans will hear about this show. I know this is a long review so I hope this demonstrates that I actually care about this podcast and just want it to be better and more engaging... the topics are fine, but the hosts can sometime be boring and adding a comic will improve the show immensely. Best, CG
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Ignited my fascination with Space!
Growing up my dad would always look up into the sky and tried to get us involved with his telescope hobby. Unfortunately it was not until I grew up that I appreciated his hobbies. Planetary Radio ignited a fascination with space exploration that cannot be quenched on this planet. I enjoy listening to Matt Kaplan’s interviews with heavy hitters in the space industry, and I look forward to Dr. Bruce Betts’ weekly jokes and what’s up!
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Jack's henchman
Fun & Educational
Thanks for the weekly podcast, I now plan on joining the planetary society!
Interesting and Informational
Started listening to the radio and I always am looking forward to it! Love the host and they always have interesting topics.
Emilia Robinsin02
If you’re a space nerd, this is a MUST
One of if not the best (factually) space themed podcast out there. I especially enjoy the Space Policy episodes!
Love Planetary Radio
Planetary radio is one of the best things I’ve ever listened to. Mat Kaplan and Bruce Betts are amazing.
My favorite podcast
This is a really professionally produced, informative, and entertaining podcast about space and planetary science.
Greg M K
Solid space science
Good interviews with knowledgeable scientists and others in space technology. I could do without some of the jokes, but that is a minor thing.
Usually good
This is usually a great podcast. The space force episode was a bit annoying though. Let’s leave political opinions out of it. Leave that guest out of future podcasts if you guys can. Tired of hearing about Trump, and that seems to be his fixation.
Just Great!
I’m always excited to listen. Matt Caplin is outstanding at presenting space and technology information with genuine enthusiasm. Unfortunately there’s been more of Casey Drier lately, who comes across as an arrogant hack only interested in money and politics. I usually skip his segments or delete the show if it’s just him. And I can’t not mention Bruce, awkward yes, but awesome space facts!
Hear from the Space Advocates!
The Planetary Society has been advocating for astronomy, space exploration, and related science since 1980. Their podcast is a great way to tune into the pulse of the state of space! The hosts are extremely knowledgeable yet still very personable. This is a great way to learn about everything related to space, and to know how to support space exploration.
Should be better than it is
Whenever this comes into my feed, I read the description of the episode and look forward to hearing it because it sounds so interesting. But then I end up turning it off after a few minutes because the voice of the show, Mat Kaplan, is so annoying to listen to. He sounds like he was hired because he has an old-school radio announcer’s voice, all show business and insincerity. The podcast sounds like AM radio, cheesy and loud. Too bad, because the topic is so interesting.
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Awesome podcast from an awesome organization
So cool to hear straight from the thinkers & doers in the study & business of outer space. One of my all-time favorite podcasts.
Love the podcast. Best overview with what is going on in space especially for time poor fan. Long time member for over 20 years!
My old sponge-brain is happy
I love the content and pace of this podcast. Hear the inner workings of space and science. And Bruce's Random Space faaAaAAaa🎵cts.
Thru-Way Nick
Always worth a listen!
Space lovers will find this show incredible. Those new to space or slightly interested will find the show informative, high quality, and an opportunity to dig in a little deeper. The episodes are very relevant to current events in space. The host Mat Kaplan does a great job articulating the topics and questions. Everyone in the show is passionate about their field/projects and it really shows through in the programming. Ad Astra!
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Love learning space policy!
Thanks to this podcast I joined the planetary society. I’m not the most active member but I’m still really glad I joined/donate. When LightSail 2 flew, I got to tell my co workers I funded .001% of the craft.
Very entertaining and educational podcast!
I’m so happy I found this podcast! I started on the episodes from 2018 and I listened to it every day. After two weeks I’m caught up and on the current episode and I can’t wait for the next one to come out! So educational and also very entertaining. I really love the “what’s up” segment because I love to go outside and look at the stars but I don’t know much about how to find the planets and constellations. But they tell you what’s in the sky and where to find it! All in all this is an amazing podcast that I am happy I stumbled upon!
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A joy to listen to
This podcast always brightens my day. In a world where so much negativity exists, this is truly a welcome burst of positivity to raise my spirits. An absolute joy to listen. I’m grateful for all of the hard work that goes into it.
i like podcasts and turtles
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