Planet Upload
Planet Upload
YouTube vs. Instagram vs. Tiktok vs Facebook. Influencer Marketing, growth hacking, Zuckerberg vs Dorsey. Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul. The Creator economy explained.
Popularity Contests on Snapchat, YouTube Won't Take Down Election Misinfo, Make A LOT of Money on Facebook, and Don't Call Ninja A YouTuber
Youtube won't pull fake news, Ninja hates Youtubers, Snaps wants you show how famous you are, Make money on Facebook.
Nov 13
28 min
TikTok and Shopify Team Up For Big Business, A YouTube Network Goes Public?, Lawyer Matt Bilinsky Talks About The Influencer Biz and how he helped Dobrik raise $4 Million, and Kindred Wants To Empower Creators To Talk About Tough Topics
Lauren and Joshua discuss Tiktok and Shopify's new partnership, Broadband TV going public in Canada, guest Matt Bilinksy discusses Creators building businesses and helping Dobrik raise $4 Million, Kindred helping Creators discuss mental health and how Stephanie Horbaczewski raised more money.
Oct 30
46 min
Quibi Is Gone And Here’s All The Reasons Why, Is AOC Gaming On Twitch The Future Of Politics?, and Stir Raises $4+ Million To Run Creators’ Businesses
Lauren and Joshua discuss the fall of Quibi, start up Stir raising $4 Million to help Creators run their businesses, AOC dominating Twitch, Snap's record earnings and more
Oct 23
30 min
YouTube Wants To Be A Shopping Hub, YouTube Vet Ben Relles Talks About #GoodToVote And Dobrik Registering 125K, UTA’s Digital Co-Head Greg Goodfried Joins D’Amelio Family
Lauren and Joshua discuss Youtube's new push in ecommerce, FB's new A/B testing for Creators, Youtube's Ben Relles joins us to talk #goodtovote and Greg Goodfried's exit from UTA to join the D'Amelio universe
Oct 16
39 min
Venture Capitalists Discover David Dobrik, Influencers Discover Seed Investments and Ghost Kitchens, and Brands Figure Out Influencer Marketing Actually Works!
Lauren and Joshua discuss David Dobrik's $4 Million raise for Dispo, his potential pizza line, Bryce Hall and the Sway LA's investment in 401Ks, Kids Diana toys heading to Walmart and how the internet is having its best week ever.
Oct 9
31 min
David Dobrik and Snap Are Getting Out The Youth Vote (And Smelling Good, Too), OnlyTweets Launches Subscription Twitter Feeds, Discord Is Popping, And 21 Year-Old TikTok Millionaire Bryce Hall Gets Some Financial Advice
Lauren and Joshua discuss David Dobrik getting 80K people to register to vote by doing a Tesla giveaway, OnlyTweets which finally gives Creators the power to monetize their Twitter, Discord's massive growth, Bryce Hall's new podcast and more
Oct 2
31 min
It Took YouTube, Facebook, And Twitter 15 Months To Agree To Not Have Harmful Content?, Lauren Reminisces About Disney + Kevin Systrom + Influencers, YouTubers Are Trading Vids To Get Out The Vote
Lauren and Joshua discuss the Tiktok (non) sale, the new alliance between Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to combat harmful content, Youtube using AI to age-gate content, Youtube Creators gamifying registering to vote.
Sep 25
34 min
YouTube’s TikTok Competitor Is Here (But They’ve Always Been About Shorts?), Facebook Gaming Gets Good Music–Will Creators Follow?, TikTok Still Up For Sale While Charli D’Amelio Joins Triller, and Logan Paul Sells $30 Million Of Merch
Lauren and Joshua discuss Youtube's new Tiktok competitor "Shorts", Facebook Gaming's new music deal, Charli D'Amelio joining Triller, Oracle's new partnership with Tiktok and Logan Paul raking in $30 million in merch sales.
Sep 18
29 min
Is TikTok’s algorithm REALLY that good?, Snapchat gets more public and permanent as it preps to take on TikTok, Facebook Watch has over 1.2 billion viewers?, and Facebook Gaming ups its game
Lauren and Joshua discuss the Chinese government's new export controls over algorithms and what that might to do a potential Tiktok sale, Snapchat's new public profiles, Facebook Watch's 1.2 billion viewers, Teespring's new marketing hire and more.
Sep 11
32 min
What’s next for Patreon and it’s $1.2 billion valuation?, our first Guest tells us WTF is up with Facebook Gaming, Superbam claims 10 billion views for creators, and Dunkin’ runs on Charli D’Amelio
Lauren and Joshua discuss Patreon's raise and $1.2M valuation, Superbam claiming 10 Billion views for Creators, Teespring's partnership with Tiktok, Charli D'Amelio's deal with Dunkin' and our first guest Phil Ranta tells us what's up with Facebook gaming
Sep 4
41 min
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