Planet Jarre: The Podcast
Planet Jarre: The Podcast
Jean-Michel Jarre and Matt Berry
Episode 3: Playing live
45 minutes Posted Oct 9, 2018 at 3:01 pm.
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Show notes
Jean-Michel Jarre has so far received FOUR Guinness World Records for playing to the biggest crowds the world has ever seen. His stage design continues to break new ground with every tour he plays. In this Episode Matt and Jean-Michel talk about how terrifying and surprising it was to play in front of a crowd of one million people in Paris and what it was like to be the first musician to perform these massive outdoor concerts. The two discuss what impressions he left with the citizens of China following his ground breaking concerts in 1981 and how an incredible London crowd made up for the hilarious and ridiculous organization of his famous Dockland show. Discover how an artist comes up with new visual ideas for live shows and what six camels have got to do with the legendary concert in front of the pyramids in Egypt.