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Smart, geeky fun
I'm pretty much just listening to the reviews of classic WWF events—I even skip their general commentary in the middle of each episode—but it's great stuff (for a fan of classic WWF, of course). JT, Scott, and all of their guests are intelligent, thoughtful, and entertainingly analytical. You can say they take this stuff too seriously, but that's the point, and it works for me.
Renewed my love for wrestling
When I moved in 2012, I was looking for shows to listen to. I found this show and I have been hooked ever since. These podcasts have had me go back and watch shows I had never seen before. They have a great community as well. Great podcast and even better people.
Scott Shifflett
Different takes
Shows like Psychology is Dead and Military Industrial Suplex bring different takes and cover different topics than pretty much anyone else in the over-crowded wrestling podcast scene. Also a huge fan of the PPV reaction shows with Zellner and Brother Devon Hales. On top of that, coverage of old promotions and material that you don’t get anywhere else (aside from the recent Lapsed Fan WCCW series).
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Happy 500th episode
This is a great podcast for wrestling fans of all stripes; highly recommended.
Awesome Listen with Great Variety
My favorite podcast, been listening since they originally did WrestleMania VI, like episode 30. Lots of good topics, guys like Scott come well prepared for each show. Balance comedy, insight and opinions in a great manner. Best listens, IMO, Raw/Nitro Live Watches, List-A-Manias, B-C Countdowns and PPV reviews.
Tim Slomka
This is MY Place to Be!!
I love the variety of shows. Keep up the great work.
Andy Savege
The entire PLACE TO BE NATION wrestling podcast roster is out of this world. While there is some coverage of the current day product, you can find that ANYWHERE. F*** THAT! lol. Seriously, the real TREASURE TROVE here is the historic coverage; whether it's JEFF LEARNS WRESTLING, where a lifelong wrestling fan/expert brings his best friend (complete wrestling virgin) through decades of wrestling history, or two separate shows discussing PTBW's GREATEST WWE WRESTLER EVER project, or the PLACE TO BE podcast, as they take you through ALL of the monthly mid-80s WWF MSG shows, chronologically, one per episode, IT IS ALL S0 S0 GOOD. There are numerous wrestling podcasts out there these days, obviously (too many), BUT, with PTBW, you will ABSOLUTELY find a gem that belongs in any true pro wrestling fan's rotation-no matter how many others you already have. Trust me, as soon as you sample a few of these eps, you'll even find yourself forgetting about some of the pro wrestling podcasts you once listened to, in order to pour through the PTBW back catalogue. Or at least that's been MY experience.
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Has stood the test of time
The podcasts on this feed are all very good and the Place To Be Podcast has stood the test of time having been around for many years now.
Peter from Massachusetts
You could do a lot better
Lots of wrestling podcast out there and trust me this one is the worst. Listen to my words of wisdom and past this program up. Rants that go no where, check. Brian Bayless is very uninteresting.
Hollywood ace
Must listen for WWE fanatics
Love these guys. My suggestion is go all the way back to Wrestlemania I and go through every vintage vault. They offer insight into every wrestler and their appreciation for the sport and its participants is evident. You will be thankful for the fast-forward button however when the comedy segments come on. The Vince McMahon segments are brutal. Everything else-pretty awesome.
Dave Krivit
Great podcasts. Builds a friendly atmosphere that you feel a part of. Subscribe to this and enjoy great wrestling content of all kinds.
Matt Ferrell
Fantastic podcast network!
So many hours of great wrestling talk to pass time when I'm supposed to be working. Great job, guys.
Top notch
Great wrestling podcast and funny
Great Podcast that I'm so glad I discovered this feed a couple years back. Hours of content and you'll never go away unhappy. Subscribe now.
Hot Rod Hamish
Number six has a great guest.
Bad Quality
Sounds as if they're using Dollar Store equipment to record their podcasts.
Great podcast!
This is the best podcast! The reviews are very informative. I thought I knew a lot about wrestling but after listening to these guys I learned so much more. They'll make you laugh too. They're second to no one.
Best wrestling podcast on the Internets!
Great show with very intelligent, funny, and passionate wrestling fans! The Vintage Vaults are tremendous as well. Highest recommendation!
Good content, but overlong
I'm a fan of the PPV vaults and live network watches, but the episodes feel bloated. I do more skipping ahead on this podcast than any other I listen to. The Place To Be Wrestling podcast could do without the other sports talk, as well as the extensive music breaks. In general, a good listen, but one I could enjoy much more with a slimmer runtime.
Jay Vince
Love this podcast!
Hands down my favorite podcast to listen to. Justin is really funny and The chemistry between the two is fantastic. So many long running gags. Almost completely caught up! Then I can start listening to everything else P2B has to offer! Listening to this show for as long as I have I feel like I know Scott and Justin so well even though we've never spoken, that's what I like in a podcast. Hope to be on the show someday!! -Jason
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Best Fan podcasts about Wrestling
Scott and Justin are always fun to listen to. Love when they open the Vintage Vault. Having Kevin Kelly give the behind the scenes politics while he was there are so good.
Plethora of Wrestling Content
These guys sound as good (re: better) than your local sports radio show, however, the only difference is they focus on professional wrestling. Many different shows are released each week and the personalities differ so it's always fresh. If you're a wrestling fan, past or present, you must subscribe to the Place To Be Podcast.
One of the best wrestling pods out there
And while wrestling is their forte, they also discuss other things from college and pro sports and general pop culture.
You guys are AWESOME!
Hey guys, I just started listening to your podcast, as I only listen to one other wrestling podcast and that's the Attitude Era podcast but since they're fairly new and I'm caught up, I only get to listen to them once a month. And you guys have been doing shows forever, which is awesome! I'm a big fan of early 90s wwf through the end of 1999, after that, I got into other interests such as the Beach Boys. Anyways, I started listening around wrestle mania 9 and I'm up to WM 12. Great stuff! I have so much to listen to!
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Had to go back...
After hearing the Summerslam 99 review I had to go back to the 1997 Royal Rumble review and listen to them all until I was up to date. Thank goodness i had lots of yard work to do, really helped passed the time. These guys are great and I cannot wait to get in the 2014 trivia contest.
I have listened to over 100 episodes of this podcast and I coverage to be a fun and informative show to listen to. Keep up the great job.
These guys are awesome! They review old stuff and new stuff, just great reviewers, good senses of humor and good insight, must listen!
Great PPV recaps
Vintage Vaults Are a great way to relive & learn about old school pro wrestling. It's obvious the hosts work hard to prepare and is easiest the most professional sounding show of its kind. A+
Corey's silver bullet
great show
Just wanted to say I love the show. keep up the good work.
Thanks guys
Truly friggin' awesome way to spend some time. Thanks for all the hard work
Cactus Jack 420
The best, most comprehensive wrestling/sports podcast out there.
Not only are Scott & Justin two of the most knowledgable wrestling/sports reviewers out there, they are two of the most likable and hilarious personalities you will ever have the pleasure to listen to. They listen to their fans, and adapt to the listeners requests. I asked for them to look into featuring this show on iTunes, and Justin quickly made if happen, and even looked into featuring every single episode on here, rather than just the last 20 episodes. What I love about their week format is, they cover the current weekly WWE schedule on one episode and then cover an old school wrestling PPV in its entirety in the second podcast of the week. It's a perfect format, and I'm Proud to be part of the P2B nation. Grant (The Entertainer) Owens
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Stellar Entertainment
Awesome mix of wrestling, sports, pop culture and humor. The Vintage Vault reviews of old WWF/WWE PPVs are unlike any other podcast with their analysis, respect for the performers and often hilarious commentary. The hosts display a unique mix of sarcasm and humility. Their greatest attribute is the respect and treatment of their followers known as the PTB Nation who are a major part of the podcast deserving or not.
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P2B is the best!
This is the best wrestling podcast out there! Justin and Scott are true professional and know their stuff. You won't be disapointed
The cream of the crop
Great show, especially the vintage vaults (which should be required listening for all WWE fans). Highest recommendation.
McCovey's Revenge
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