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Two Episodes
I listened to the only episodes on Apple Podcasts and they’re great. Can you post more?
Piper’s Pit
Roddy was the best! My favorite podcast ever. Can you please put the full archive back up so I can continue listening to them. Roddy’s stuff never gets old. Miss you Roddy.
Miss Hot Rod
Listening to Piper’s Pit was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and I am a lifelong fan of Roddy Piper. I wish the full archive of episodes were available. RIP Hot Rod
Good stuff, like stepping into a time machine, when it was real
The Man
I grew up watching and listening to Hot Rod. He was my favorite, as a heel as a babyface. His stuff on the microphone was that of legends. His quick one liners and quotes have stuck with me til this day. I miss the man known as Hot Rod.
Miss you brother. World’s a little less better without you here
done with heart
RIP Mr. Piper. Gone but never forgotten by his fans./AJL
Al L.
Hot Rod
Rest In Peace
RIP Hot Rod
I had you in my life often as a kid, then you were gone. Fast forward 20 or so years and you come back into my life as an adult in a form of a podcast. I listened to you everyday, sometimes twice a day. You were apart of my life again and then, just like that you were gone again. I don't fall for celebrities, but you were different. I miss you Hot Rod
RIP Hot Rod
We love you, we miss you, we will never forget you. ✌️
Podcasts were Awesome
Miss you Rowdy. Podcasts were Awesome!
same stories over and over ...
waste of time folks , he's banned in Japan and turned down the role of Wolverine and invented everything in the world , hard pressed to believe a word he says ...
Rowdy, a true icon of pro wrestling
I was truly devestated to hear about the passing of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper a few weeks ago. He was a great entertainer and completely different from what was the norm when Roid-a-mania was running wild in pro wrestling in the 80s. He was a smaller guy who was one of the greatest talkers ever. There would be no Hulk Hogan without a Roddy Piper. He transcended pro wrestling with his now classic role in the movie "They Live". He was taken far too soon and the world of pro-wrestling will forever owe a debt of gratitude to one of the greatest heels of all time. Rest in Peace Hot Rod
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Rest IN Peace
it is sad there will not be any new episodes after the fresh start Much love and respect to Hot Rods Family And Loved ones he will be missed
The biggest Villain ever!
Forget biggest heel, Rowdy Roddy Piper was the best Villain of our time! I love this podcast and it's a total loss to the world with his passing! May you rest peacefully in Heaven! Love ya Roddy!
One of the best hearts in Wrestling
RIP Pipe.
thanks for the memories piper
Anthny r
rest in peace Hotrod
1, 2. 3
He will be Missed
Great stuff
Tall Nice Guy 69
RIP Hot Rod. You will be missed.
Love this podcast.
Johnny Toronto
You will be missed!
Such a great person and a legend. RIP
Naughty Student
Gonna miss you Roddy!
Always my favorite wrestler and he always will be!
Mick McArt2
I am sorry it took me this long to write this. If any of Pipers children write this, you could tell in his voice that he truly and deeply loved you and your mother. So sorry that we lost a great man!!
RIP Rowdy!!
Lost a legend today. R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper Long time fan of yours. You were one of a kind.
Mike Jolitz
By far, one of the most entertaining wrestling podcasts out there.
It started a little slow, but once Piper found his groove and brought in sidekick Inappropriate Earl the show is great!
What a mess, just ramblings and a unfunny "co-host"
Piper's Pit has never been more magnetic -- or honest.
Daymon's house
I've heard Piper on other podcasts, & despite his rambling non sequitur style he was fun. But I just attempted listening to the Pipers Pit with two of my favorite wrestlers, Jimmy Snuka & Brutus Beefcake. What a train wreck. Don't podcast drunk. And have some idea what you want to talk about before you turn the microphones on.
Not Tom Selleck
Not That Great
One of my all-time favorite pro wrestlers, Roddy leaves much to desire as a podcast host. Unless his guest is of interest to you, there are many more and better PW podcasts out there.
love it!
Love the old wrestling stuff
Kyle Conger
Piper has always been #1
When I saw Bobcat Goldtwait was the guess I thought what in the world would this be about. I was surprised and really enjoyed the episode.
In the Pit
There is no better story teller than Roddy Piper. When the guest is right, "HOLY COW" do these podcasts enlighten the hell out of me! Piper knows everyone from Johnny cash to Donald trump and has stories about them all! subscribe, listen and welcome to the Pit!!!
I love Piper's candid truth on all matters. He makes you feel like you are in the room with him as he shares his emotional stories. Very real and enjoyable.
Great podcast!!!!
Hot rod is one of the best ever!!!
Rodney fowler
Villain to hero
I hated Mr Piper when I watched wrestling, but that was a credit to his profession. Now as I listen to him I can hear & feel his dignity,humor, and most important the truth in his travels & experiences. God bless Roddy Piper!
? LIFE ?
I’ve been a fan of Roddy Piper, my WHOLE life.
I really enjoy getting to hear from these legends and athletes. Piper’s Pit is one of my favorite podcasts. Stories from the best of the best. Thanks Roddy, I am proud to be a fan, and will keep tuning in.
Brand New Hunter
Hot Rod
Piper has a fantastic history of stories. The only thing I'd change is I wish he would clean up the language a bit.
Piper’s Pit - great for keeping an ADD’er attentive
Great resource for those who are even slightly interested in wrestling or about what happens behind the scenes. Roddy is full of stories, and a great listener, and brings out the best in others!
What once was is no no more and never will be again
The Rowdy One can’t stay focused. He loves everybody, likes to say Baby Jesus. meanders and rambles through most of the show, and tells the same stories if you listen long enough. No one will confuse him, Austin or Jericho with being on the level of a Jim Ross, but man, his work you have to wade through a lot of loud, uncontrolled, talking over “conversation” that reminds you more of a late night at a bar rather than a conversation. RP wears his heart on his sleeve and is easy to root for, but it’s often a chore to listen to him. I will say, though, that every once in a while, there’s some really good stuff that comes out in small doses. If you’re looking for the Pipes of the ‘80s, this ain’t him. The man needs a script and a floor director...
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Johnny Hattrick
Love Piper, can't stand the other guys
What a mess. The episode with Snuka and Beefcake were the ramblings of old wrestlers in which you can't even follow along the conversation. Piper is an all-time great, but he can't podcast. Podcast One's credibility is tanking with this show. If you're a fan of Piper, do yourself a favor and just go watch his stuff from the 80's. This is just sad.
I hate to say this...could ruin his reputation, but...
Roddy is one of the nicest guys in the business. Any business. Talent matched by skill, discipline, worth ethic, and graciousness.
Keeping it Real
This dude is for real. Roddy wears his heart on his sleeve, and by sharing his stories, and his compassion for others, we get to see that there is more to this guy than meets the eye. You don't even have to like wrestling to listen to this podcast because Roddy has something to say to all of us. Stick with it Roddy, there are plenty of folks out there that want and need to hear what you have to say, and if you need another reason to stick around, do it for us!
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Good time.
Loved him as a wrestler, like him even better as a podcaster. When the character of Rowdy Roddy Piper gets put shoved to the back, and the man who is Roddy Piper comes to the fore, what you end up with is a straight talking, honest man who has lived a life and can tell his story with humor and an almost old world politeness. Baby Jesus, just listen to the show it's great.
Very good !! Rowdy Piper is the Man !!
The Legend Cast
The real best in the world! Sound the bagpipes, the best to ever hold a mic in the ring. Love hearing Pipers stories
Great Sories
Roddy has some great stories to tell. Old school wrestling fans will love this.
HOT ROD!!!!!
Just as insane as I'd hoped. Keep it up Hot Rod!!!!
The man is back!
The best in the business on a mic gets his own podcast...a modern dream come true!
Kyle Henry
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