Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
FB Soriano
LAY BARE WAXING SALON: Overcoming very hairy situations and winning (Part 1)
30 minutes Posted Jul 17, 2020 at 8:35 am.
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Show notes

Our guest for today is what I would consider a Wonder Woman.

She is a dynamic, risk-taker, highly motivated, and proud mother of Noelle Hilario. She co-founded and continues to be an integral part of one of the most successful Philippine Franchise in the country. I was amazed when I read that the company has over 100 salons in the Philippines and 2 maybe 3? Salons in the United States.

She is the founder of Lay Bare International Supply LLC, Managing Member of Lay Bare Franchising, LLC, and President & CEO of Lay Bare Waxing of California. And Chairperson of Lay Bare Waxing Philippines. With all that she finds time to be a part of the Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood.  Amazing accomplishments so far.  Let’s bring her into this conversation. Welcome to our humble podcast, Fiona Noelle Hilario. Fiona, You don’t realize how appreciative I am for you to be in our podcast today.

I originally met her at the Asian Journal Travel & Trade Show in August of 2018 in Carson, Ca She had a booth there promoting her company. Please welcome Fiona Hilario.

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