Petty. Single. & Always Late.
Petty. Single. & Always Late.
Bitsy & Weston
Episode 46 - Help! Our Neighbor is Trying to Kill Us!
47 minutes Posted Mar 3, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

PSA: It’s Tuesday which means there is a new episode! Your co-hosts start off with addressing Oscar’s Puppuccino addiction, Weston’s hickey, and Bitsy’s never doing a bottomless brunch again. A new neighbor has moved into the apartment building and he is nicer than anyone has ever been to them which leads to creating fun theories about how their live’s are in danger. Not to worry, the neighbor is actually super nice and the Petties are safe. This does take us down memory lane on the time that they actually were in danger and had to move apartments due to one of Weston’s crazy ex-lovers. The episode also includes pickup artists, catcalling, and a very disturbing question you can ask your friends. We wrap up with a discussion on the Netflix show Love is Blind and a Time is Up segment.