Personal Training 101
Personal Training 101
Personal Trainer 101
Speaking about all matters concerning personal training, fitness, the gym, athletics, and general human biology and evolution.
7 Mantras For a Happy Life
Repeat these 7 mantras multiple times daily for life guidance, and watch your goals come with in your finger tips. 
Oct 20, 2021
15 min
Cost of Getting in Shape/Fit
We explore how much it can cost to get fit in the USA today
Oct 16, 2021
11 min
Decision Making: Crush Your Life and Fitness Goals
 Nothing is a coincidence, and mindlessly waiting for your life to drastically improve without putting in the effort is like turning in your lottery ticket without filling out the numbers first. Great things are done by great people, and great people make great decisions. 
Oct 16, 2021
5 min
Human Health and Fitness Assessment
Using 11 metrics spread across 4 different categories to determine how fit is the average person, and where you stand in comparison.Based off the human health and fitness assessment calculator found on our free fitness app, personal training 101. 
Sep 5, 2021
19 min
Workout Terminology and Order
Every wonder what order you should follow in the gym? Does cardio come before or after lifting weights? When should i do Abs? When does stretching come into play? How do i warm up? Lets dive right in
Aug 30, 2021
12 min
Top 5 Fat Loss Cheat Codes
Covering the Top 5 "Cheat Codes" for faster fast loss and better muscle building during your fitness journey. 
Aug 29, 2021
12 min
How Strong are You in the Weight Room?
A quick analysis of strength levels on four compound exercises, the barbell bench press, back squat, dead lift, and over head press, across five escalating categories, untrained, gym goer, body builder, power lifter, and finally, elite world record. Find out how you compare to the strongest men on the planet. 
Aug 28, 2021
12 min
Health Metrics 101
Making sense of all the health and fitness metrics gathered by these endless smart devices. 
Aug 26, 2021
21 min
Ultimate Upper Body Routine
Ultimate Upper Body Routine: Broken down and explained 1) Bench Press  -  3 sets of 8 reps2) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press  - 3 sets of 12 reps3) Bent Over Row) - 3 sets of  8 reps4) Lat Pull Down -  3 sets of 12 reps5) Military Press - 5 sets of 12 reps6) Barbell Bicep Curls  - 5 sets of 12 reps7) Seated Dips - 2 sets of 8 reps :  2 sets of 12 reps : 2 sets of 20 reps
Aug 25, 2021
11 min
Man Boobs: The Dark Side of The Dad Bod
Discussing what are man boobs, what causes them , how to get rid of them , and finally what is a workout one can do at the gym to target that area. Workout:3 -4 Sets of 8 -15 Reps1) Barbell Bench Press2) Incline Barbell Bench Press3) Dumbbell Incline Chest Press4) Seated Dips5) Push Ups6) T Bar Row7) Lat Pull Down8) Military Press9) Deltoid flys and Deltoid Raises
Aug 24, 2021
8 min
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