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Touhou Tuesday (Inactive) – KNGI Network
OverCoat & TrueStar
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Touhou Tuesday #139 (2016-03-22): Translation Canceller
Two podcasts in one day? OverCoat must be crazy right? Nope, I just did 2 one hour shows instead, since I wanted to do a Radio OverCoat and it’s been over a month since I’ve been able to. So this week’s Touhou Tuesday is pretty short, unless you also listen to my other show from ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #139 (2016-03-22): Translation Canceller’ »
Mar 23, 2016
Touhou Tuesday 2016-03-15: The Magical Revolving Toilet
OVERCOAT RETURNS! I’ve been working my butt off at the new job, and have some new stories to tell, but first and foremost I gotta play them sweet jams. I haven’t been on in a while, but the new job’s schedule is pretty random. I’ll still try to do Touhou Tuesday when I can though. Read ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday 2016-03-15: The Magical Revolving Toilet’ »
Mar 16, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #137 (2016-03-01): Super Touhou Tuesday
I’m back! Nothing too exciting in this episode, but I talk a little bit about my new day job and the future of the show (tl;dr, the future of the show is uncertain but I’ll attempt to do as much radio as I can :P). Also, I hope you like ska. Read on for the ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #137 (2016-03-01): Super Touhou Tuesday’ »
Mar 1, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #136 (2016-02-16): Time to Get to Work
This may be the last Touhou Tuesday…or last radio show I do in a while, so I did my best to have lots of fun today! I put together a lot of my favorites for this playlist, and also got a new Zytokine album and played a bunch of that, making for a hell of ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #136 (2016-02-16): Time to Get to Work’ »
Feb 17, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #135 (2016-02-09): Rare Jazz Pepe
It’s 2016 but I still find Boy’s Club funny, so sue me. This week I got a lot of great requests though! Good way to discover new music. Also, thanks to coobie, I have a physical copy of ORANGE★JAM‘s new cd Behind Glass, and it’s really good, so I played 2 tracks from it, and will ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #135 (2016-02-09): Rare Jazz Pepe’ »
Feb 10, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #134 (2016-02-02): Two Two Tuesday!
Tonight’s show continued something interesting from last week – a “then & now” segment that I feel is an interesting view into the evolution of skill and/or style. This week instead of a particular theme I decided to pick on Shibayan, and showcase how his major EDM releases have stylistically changed from Assortment of Sense ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #134 (2016-02-02): Two Two Tuesday!’ »
Feb 3, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #132 (2016-01-26): Deep Sea Dating ~ Interview with Orz and Roukanken
A special episode today! I haven’t done an interview in a while. This time, I sit down with orz ( and Roukanken ( who together made a short and cute visual novel called Deep Sea Dating. It’s a short story about Wakasagihime (a mermaid) who takes her girlfriend Kagerou (a werewolf) on a date under ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #132 (2016-01-26): Deep Sea Dating ~ Interview with Orz and Roukanken’ »
Jan 27, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #132 (2016-01-19): Second Comiket 89 Special, for the Tenth Time or So
I got one more link for you guys this week. You gotta pick up untitled from The Distant Journey to You on his Bandcamp, it’s another one that’s “name your price,” so you can grab it for however much you want. Other than that, I mostly played other Comiket 89 stuff, including an awesome eurobeat ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #132 (2016-01-19): Second Comiket 89 Special, for the Tenth Time or So’ »
Jan 20, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #131 (2016-01-12): Why Can’t I, Hold All These Plushies? ~ Comiket 89 Show!
    So tonight, for the first time ever, I did a VIDEO broadcast of Touhou Tuesday! Unfortunately, the video recording didn’t have any audio in it, but I do have an audio recording. Good thing I did that still! Anyway, to sum up, this is what you missed on the Twitch stream. In other ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #131 (2016-01-12): Why Can’t I, Hold All These Plushies? ~ Comiket 89 Show!’ »
Jan 12, 2016
Touhou Tuesday #130 (2015-12-29): Touhou Atsume
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I don’t really have anything cool or profound to say, but I am very happy that I restarted Touhou Tuesday this year, after being so inspired seeing amazing performances at TouhouCon and meeting so many cool people. Let’s see how long I can keep it going this time. With Comiket 89 ... Continue reading ‘Touhou Tuesday #130 (2015-12-29): Touhou Atsume’ »
Dec 30, 2015
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