Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate
Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate
Kyle Mitchell, Lalita Mitchell and Gary Lipsky
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Love the hosts
I love listening to these hosts bounce ideas and strategies off of each other. They're engaging and always provide a variety of great content to help their listeners learn more about making their money work FOR them. Highly recommend to anyone serious about growing their wealth!
Josh Plave
Love This Podcast!
So glad I found this podcast! Kyle and Lalita do such a good job covering a variety of topics. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about multifamily REI!
Great Podcast!!!
Lots of terrific information about multifamily!
One of my 1st subscribed MF podcasts!
Kyle, Lalita & Gary make a great team. I found their podcast on a Multifamily Group on FB. Their guests range from up and coming operators to the great well known operators. I have gained so knowledge from the value they have given for free. Appreciate these guys a ton!
Amazing podcast!!!
They make it clear how to move forward with intention! Thanks so much great podcast!
Morgan Fielder (SIG)
Great team work! Love the value the podcast brings to this space
I like the team work on teh hosting side, it mixes things up a bit and ads flavor to the interviews. Great attitide and aproach to interviewing. Love the guest and questions.
Chris D Roberts
Love this Podcast! Great Content!
This podcast is a treasure trove to get great and helpful advice from! Must subscribe and be sure to also check out older episodes to learn more!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Excellent Podcast
Gary and Kyle have guests on that provide so much value and education it’s unbelievable. If you’re interested in all things multifamily then DEFINITELY listen to their podcast 👍🏽💪🏽
Luc D'Abreau
Great hosts, great podcast!!
Kyle and Lalita are amazing!!! They bring a ton of value to listeners and I’m especially excited about the asset management summit they’re hosting!!
5 stars!
5 Stars! Passive Income thru MFRE and the host Kyle Mitchell will bring fresh content every episode. I have been impreseed with their insights, communicating topics like rental and multi-family investing in a straightforward way. You'll get hooked after just one episode! Check it out and subscribe! - Mark Willis
Excellent real estate podcast for newbies and seasoned vets
Kyle is my go to person on multifamily realty. We've had coffee together to go over real estate in general and he's helped me analyze my deals and stay out of some hairy situations. I've attended several of his real estate meetings and you can see a lot of the lights turn on in people's heads during the meeting because of the way he puts things together. His deal analysis is air tight. Air tight and conservative because he truly cares about his investors. Because he has an investor first mentality, that's why I feel comfortable investing with him and recommending him to my friends and family.
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5 Star Show
Super inspired by Kyle’s story of getting out of the Rat Race, learning to Syndicate and scaling from $1.6M to over $15M in one year. Great guests, great Interviews, easy to root for his success! 🔥🔥🔥
Great podcast!
Great podcast that is worth your time. They cover higher level topics in an easy to understand way with super interesting guests from specialized fields. You’ll definitely get some nuggets here whether you are just starting out or an advanced operator in real estate.
JBFox Invest
Great podcast
Kyle and Lalita cover a lot of really interesting topics from notes, to strip centers, and of course multifamily. They do a great job of breaking down their topic and simplifying things.
John Stoeber
One of the best real estate podcasts out there today.
Lee Fjord
Great Topics and Guests
New to the show and loving the wide variety of guests and topics on MF real estate. Certainly a go-to for taking complicated topics and putting them into simple and understandable terms.
New to real estate
Super new to real estate, love how easy it is to learn new things on this podcast!
Great content!
Kyle is very knowledgeable and experienced in the multifamily sector. I agree 100% with his assessment of the Arizona market and see big things happening for his growing team.
Tommy Cakes
Huge Value
There’s a right way and wrong way to invest, and there is some great advice on this podcast how to do it the right way!
Make The Money
Love this show
So many insightful tips, learned so much from these two!
Super informative
Great podcast! Learned a ton!
Amazing conversations!
Lalita and Kyle's podcast features experienced people who invest in real estate. Hearing their guests speak about their successes and even sometimes their failures really helps the rest of us learn from their stories. Although this podcast is fairly new, I'm sure it will take off in no time! Listen for yourself!
Stellar Podcast!
Being involved in multifamily and commercial real estate, I met Kyle thru multifamily investing. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to chat about all facets of multifamily. Listen to this podcast if you want to learn no fluff material!
Great content!
Love the content guys!
Great new find!
I’ve been learning about multi family investing recently since some of my family already has investments. So glad I found these guys. Great stuff. Keep it up!
chris 25373839
Fantastic information, learning so much so quickly! Love the no fluff approach.
New to real estate but learning so much. Thank you!!
A lot of value
These two efficiently cut to the chase, and pack a lot of info into about a half hour, covering relevant, real estate related topics. Very impressive since they are relatively new on the scene. Absolutely a good use of ones time.
Rick A Martin
5 stars
Amazing stuff. very educational & easy to listen to!
Great info for beginner!
I’m new to real estate but really interested in getting started, I’ve learned a lot already and excited to keep learning!
Good infos
A solid adjunct to anyone trying to deepen their knowledge in real estate investment.
I rated 2 because it’s a new show and is still improving. But it wasn’t great for me. I barely made it through the first episode I listened to. The hosts were very robotic and read question. Please be more conversational. Also, I didn’t like how the guy responded to the guest on this particular show. He made a point, then the guest made the same point and he responded to her with “that’s what I said, right?” Lol!!! Dude that’s what an in-sync conversation is, both parties agreeing and sometimes restating the same points.
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Really needed!
There are tons of podcasts out there on how to buy MF, but this is about investing passively in other sponsors' deals, filling a huge need. Kyle is out there buying deals and investing in deals himself, so he's walking the walk. Definitely subscribe!
Fundamentals to investing in real estate
Clear and concise advices on how to dive into the real estate market. Kyle and Lalita go through the whole range from where to start and how to keep going in long term investments. Loving this podcast!
Great Info on Passive Investing
Had the pleasure of being a guest on Episode 4 and speaking with Kyle and Lalita. They have a great platform to educate others how to generate income through multifamily and this podcast is worth listening to!
This is a godsend
Most real estate podcasts are geared towards active investors, and its so exciting to finally have a podcast specifically for passive investors. I am looking forward to future episodes! Thanks Kyle and Lolita!
Great podcast!
This podcast definitely fills a gap in learning for a truly passive investor. Kyle and Lalita are passionate about real estate investing and empowering others to succeed.
S. Marcus
Great content for commercial real estate passive investors
Finally! A podcast dedicated for passive investors to learn about commercial real estate. Great content layout and topics. Thanks!
Great podcast
Very informative and educational. Looking forward to the next episodes.
Listen If You Want To Learn About MF Passive Income
Love the content both Kyle & Lily present. The mindset that the way they have structured is awesome. No fluff or sales pitches just real time data in the industry. Very informative & looking forward to the future episodes.
Great Show Format
I loved that Kyle and Lalita give the guest an opportunity to speak without much interruption. They ask relevant questions that provide useful information for investors at all experience levels.
I am excited to see what the future holds for the Podcast. I found it very informative and I am hoping to learn more about passive investing. Greet work!
Great stuff. Easy to follow along and content is educational
Great show
Very informative. Great for people who may not know where or how to start.
Blue Lemongrass
Excellent informative podcast
Great resource for anyone looking to learn about multifamily investing
All Stars!
Kyle and his team are rockstars. Looking forward to hearing more from their group
The RE E-V
Educational and Informative
Great conversation and very informative, easy listening and not too over my head. Love this podcast! I’m a subscriber!
New Ideas You Need
Fresh takes and silky smooth delivery of views you will use. Get a cup o’ Joe and take your time and to get the most from your hosts.
Klaus Meister
Great for education
Awesome podcast for anyone looking to learn, invest and generate passive income through multifamily estate!!
KD base
Great Start
Great Beginning. Keep up the good work
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