Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate
Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate
Kyle Mitchell, Lalita Mitchell and Gary Lipsky
Welcome to the Passive income through multifamily real estate podcast brought to you by APT Capital Group where Kyle, Lalita & Gary talk to top experts and seasoned passive investors in the business to help provide clarity and key insights to keep you safe on your journey to financial freedom. Our goal is to help you get educated on how to create passive income for you and your family by using real estate as your vehicle.
Episode #183: Escaping the Rat Race, Twice with Chris Miles
Financial advisors will tell you that playing the long game and investing in stocks is the path to financial independence. But here’s the secret that they don’t tell you — very few financial advisors ever achieve true financial independence themselves....
Mar 29
26 min
Episode #182: Delaware Statutory Trusts with Paul Moore
In today’s episode, Paul Moore shares his extensive knowledge of Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and the many reasons why he believes they are beneficial to people who wish to be passive investors. Although, it is common knowledge that DSTs aren’t for...
Mar 22
32 min
Episode #181: Ground Up Development with Shannon Robnett
Few deals can promise the high returns that you can get from ground-up development. Today we bring in ground-up expert Shannon Robnett to discuss this asset class. With 40 years in real estate and having completed over 200 million dollars in...
Mar 15
22 min
Episode #180: Debt and Credit for Consumers with John Roberts and Robert Childs
There is a lot of information out there on laws regarding credit that you can use to protect yourself. Such things as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, known as an FDCPA. FDCPA has to do with you, the...
Mar 8
26 min
Episode #179: Investing Outside of the U.S. with Greg Junge
Today’s guest is a first for the PIMR podcast; Greg Junge is the only person who has been interviewed on the show who has invested in property outside of the United States. Greg joins us today to discuss how and why he and his wife Mandy, became limited...
Mar 1
22 min
Episode #178: Managing the Manager with Andrew Cushman
For over a decade, Andrew Cushman has been growing real estate investment businesses full-time. Starting off with single-family properties in the depths of the Great Recession, Andrew completed 27 single-family flips, all of which were profitable. In...
Feb 26
14 min
Episode #177: 112 Unit Case Study with Chris Roberts
Today’s episode is a case study that provides a detailed blow-by-blow of a multifamily deal by Founder and CEO of Sterling Rhino Capital LLC, Chris Roberts. Chris has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2007. He owns and operates a sales...
Feb 22
23 min
Episode #176: Managing Renovations with Perry Zhang & Ed Sittler
In today’s segment, we focus on building better systems and becoming best-in-class real estate operators. Our guests, Ed Sittler and Perry Zhang, walk us through the ins and outs of their latest deals and share insider tips along the way. We open the...
Feb 19
14 min
Episode #175: Branding Your Business with Stace Caseria
Branding is a key tool in the competitive world of real estate, and there are endless opportunities to build a successful and reputable brand. However, with thousands of similar offerings out there, investors, agents, and business owners need to...
Feb 15
25 min
Episode #174: Preferred Equity with Ellie Perlman
Preferred equity is not something you tackle when starting out as a new syndicator. It comes with a large amount of added paperwork, legalities, due diligence, and much more. Today on the show we talk to a leader in this field, Ellie Perlman, founder of...
Feb 12
17 min
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