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Please come back!
2+ years late.... I’m getting my PhD now and started with “Should You Get a PhD” and have never listened to something more relatable - the adventure aspect is so true. All hosts are so well spoken and make me laugh every episode!!
The best data podcast ever
Please come back soon!
Tired of the lies
Fun and approachable
I am a student just learning data analysis and this podcast is fun and approachable
Gives me inspiration
When the hard math and broken code gets me down this podcast lifts me up. Really enjoy how upbeat this podcast is.
Mo Azim
Great for motivation!
I work at a large financial analytics company as an account manager. I'm picking up data science skills now, and trying to incorporate this interest into my work within the commercial side of my organization. It's difficult to do when you aren't interacting with data or data scientists on a regular basis. Listening to this podcast helps me stay motivated during this initial, lonely learning period.
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Math jokes are the best
How do you make 7 even?! You take away the "s"!! I'm a data analyst and I love the show! Very informative of what's what in data science! Keep drinking and keep podcasting
Smart and funny!
Great way to hear about interesting data science stories across a range of fields. Hosts are intelligent, witty, and lots of fun to listen to. Keep it coming!
Great selection of topics blended with personal experiences ! Top data science podcast out there!
Love these nerds
A great reminder that data scientists are just human beings with flaws, insecurities, passions, opinions and senses of humor.
Love it!
I absolutely love this podcast. I am so glad I stumbled upon it. Both Chris and Jonathan are so much fun to listen to. I love their discussions about each article -- I learn a tremendous amount. Thanks so much! I would recommend this podcast even if you don't come from a technical background. You'll be hooked after one episode.
Highly recommended Data Science Podcast
These folks know their stuff, but this podcast is also accessible if you are not a hard core math person. They cover the latest news in the world of Data Science and also are behind the great 'Data For Democracy' effort. They often start out letting you know what beer they're drinking for that particular episode, which can be helpful if you also like beer. Finally, they (at least Jonathon) often remind listeners that 'Python is the best', so they're just doing all kinds of good, really.
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S Charlesworth
Really good data science discussions
Interesting topics, fast moving, and very smart guests. Well worth it.
best data podcast!
I started listening to Partially Derivative to get inspiration for a data mining class in college. It's extremely easy to understand (even for people like me who are not very experienced with data science), hilarious, and extremely informative. Perfect for any (aspiring) data-geek!
Best episodes are before "The Big Reveal"
If you're listening to learn more about data science, I think that the best episodes are before "The Big Reveal." Episodes after that are more entertaining but seem to be a little less informative to me.
Finance PhD
Great Podcast
I'm a bit of a latecomer, but I found this while (comically) working on project using podcast data.
Delighful Hippy Nerds
So glad that I found this podcast as I'm diving into a new phase of my career getting into analytics. The personalities on this show are hilarious, witty and fun.
Entertaining and informative
This is a fantastic show for anyone interested in data science.
Math & Career Guidance over a solid IPA? Yes please
So this was brilliant. Only two episodes in and I'm addicted. Also, the name is hilarious. Definitely a must watch for those interested in Data science but struggling to invest time in the more dry alternatives.
Not liking the new format
I’m not liking how they edit out the questions in the “Science of…” series. Just makes the podcast bland and leaves out the context of what’s being talked about. Production quality has been steadily going down since the podcast first came out.
Two thumbs up for making data science fun
I'm new to data science and this podcast has been key to making the field more accessible and giving me tips on where to start and what conversations to pay attention to. Plus, it feels like sitting at a bar with friends, talking about cool ideas, laughing, and drinking good beer... I find myself laughing out loud and learning something new with each podcast.
Funny, interesting, informative
This is a fantastic podcast for anyone interested in data and data science. The hosts are funny and provide some really great resources while telling interesting stories.
Great content, great hosts, great podcast
I'm not sure how I feel about the change from reviewing data-related stories to topic-based episodes. While the content is still amazing, I liked the old banter.
Hilariously Informative in a Quantitative Way!
The show is absolutely entertaining without diluting its information quality. It’s like a data science version of Car Talk with beer minus the bean mouthed cackles, calls from the vehicular destitute, and nasally interruptions from Ira Glass guilt tripping commuters into donating for fear of losing “Ask Me Another.” Partially Derivative has quickly become one of my top three podcasts. The episodes are relatively short by comparison and are easily understandable for the data science layman. Great Show!
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Best podcast out there on numbers
This is a fantastic podcast for anyone with even a remote interest in numbers--how we generate them, how we interpret them, and how they affect everything from journalism to sports to romance. The hosts are hilarious, and they clearly put a lot of work into collecting and summarizing the week's top stories relating to data. Highly recommended!
"Data of the Impossible"
Almost ready to unsubscribe when this episode was presented as I prefer with "pods": editing out the questions so the guest can seemingly just talk, and I do not have to hear the new "eh": e.g.,, "What a great question..." This episode was a mental manageable around 30 minutes, so no Ego Trips of the host Mercifully, too, NO BEER JABBER, which along with hour plus shows, "what a great question....,"and beer talk are the "in" talk of more and more pods In short, K.I.S.S., which means, "podders," do NOT fear bravity
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Awesome podcast!!!
Chris and Jonathan deliver on the meaty gritty stuff of everything data science. Whether you're new or a veteran in ds, they'll explain terms and tools laconically and you'll always learn something new. A must on my daily bike ride commute. Thank you for a great podcast!!!
Oleh Dubno
Binge listened
I got hooked and listened to all episodes over the weekend. A great podcast.
Tons of info and laughs
This is exactly what I was hoping for when I started poking around for a data related podcast. I'm trying to teach myself data science techniques, and there is a crazy wealth of information every week. I've come across so many really good examples to follow and tools to try. There is a great mix of information, goofing around, and stories interesting enough to the general public that you can bring them up without sounding like a total nerd.
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Funny and informative!
The guys talk about interesting, topical things in data science, in a non-scientific way, or, at least, in a non-lab coat way. With these guys, data isn't dry, probably because they’re staying liquid while recording the cast. Awesome, guys!
Smart and approachable
I have been meaning to write this for a while. These guys are an inspiration to current or aspiring data scientists. They make complicated information fun and accessible. Definitely recommend.
Good stuff
These bros bring it with these sounds to the dome. Great insights to the data all around us with a good excuse to lose focus on frosty nectar. Most certainly don't have to be a data geek to get in to this. #fistbump
New Favorite
Partially Derivative has displaced Freakonomics as my favorite podcast. I actually listen to both on Stitcher, but came here to write a review because the hosts ask for them.
Pretty Awesome
You don't need to know too much to enjoy it. They do a great job of making the subject matter approachable.
Great Podcast for Data Aficionados
These guys are great. Love how they summarize all the most important data science news of the week and make them fun. Keep it up !!
K-Means Clustering, with Hops
Such a fantastic show. There's only one place on the Internet where data science and craft brews come together as equals, and this is it. Well done, guys.
These guys have their Cheetos-stained fingers squarely on the pulse of Data Science. Extra cred for their repeated efforts to keep the Science in Data Science. And while they both fracture the English language often enough to assure the listeners that they truly do live in their right hemispheres, their overt respect, even fondness, for each other more than makes up for any butchered sentences. Highly enjoyable, hugely informational.
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P. Gage
A terrific podcast
I love the chemistry that Chris and Jonathon bring to the podcast. Having hosts that appear to be such great friends makes for a really entertaining show. Among many of the inside jokes that these two share, one of my favorites is when Jonathon makes fun of Chris for using R and not completely converting to the R-killer that is python. That kind banter makes for a funny and light hearted discussion of data science. On top of the fun that these two have, I find their discussion of data science to be extremely interesting and informative. I think that they both bring insightful perspectives to the articles that they discuss. As someone who is just entering the field of data science out of college, I look forward to their podcast each week.
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jimmy booger
Hilarious and incredibly interesting
Love it!
Gregorioooov s
Entertaining and Enlightening
As a person that's new to the data science field, I find this podcast to be insightful as well as fun. The banter between the hosts is quick and playful with equal parts science, geekery, and current events. I've been binge listening for days and now can't wait for each new episode. Thanks!
Lazarus Xero
A great source for news
Partially Derivative is a great lighthearted show offering an accessible discussion of interesting headlines in and around data science. I love when I hear a good story here first, and also getting good conversation around items I’ve already been following.
This is a wonderful podcast! its fun and filled with a lot of resources!
Informative and jovial
These two clearly enjoy the subject matter, each other's company, and good brew. Their article selections are fun yet informative, their perspectives well communicated and positive. It feels like I'm spending quality time with two intelligent and hilarious friends at the bar, just catching up. Anyone who cares about data science will appreciate this, so long as they don't mind laughing along with the hosts.
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Informative and entertaining
Wonderful combination of a news roundup of data stories and the two guys talking podcast format. Give it a listen and you won't regret it!
Entertaining and Useful!
I love this podcast because it manages to make me better at what I do and entertain me!
Hysterical and informative
These guys crack me up. Data science podcasts are usually pretty dry, but these guys manage to keep it light and entertaining. Awesome!
Mama great mix of news and entertainment
This podcast is truly a gem if you are interested in anything related to data science! A mix of news, fun and interesting new projects, and also some educational words of wisdom!
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